Habs Have Hands Full

Excellent! Excellent wake up call.

This is the power of positive thinking hard at work.

Maybe the Canadiens were beginning to believe their press clippings. Cinderella team, a team of destiny, Mike Cammalleri the new Guy Lafleur, PK Subban the new Guy Lapointe, Jaro Halak a combination of Patrick Roy, Ken Dryden, and Jacques Plante.  

Forget all that. It’s way too soon. We’re only half way through the playoffs. The Philadelphia Flyers are going to cause as much trouble as the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins and for the Canadiens, getting by the first two giants doesn’t mean it’s a free and easy pass to the finals. 

A 6-0 doesn’t call for panic. It means a little bit of tweaking needs to be done. Jaroslav Halak, pulled after the fourth goal and replaced by Carey Price, wasn’t outstanding but isn’t to blame for this debacle. The team just wasn’t sharp by any stretch. There was no desperation, much confusion with the puck, and I’m sure anyone on the team would freely admit they were off their game and can play a whole lot better.

The Philadelphia Flyers, however, had spark and played a tough, smart game. Their goalie, Michael Leighton, was solid, but the Habs made it easy for him for much of the night with shots from the outside and with shots he could see clearly. We didn’t have this guy flipping and flopping around at all, and the Canadiens must find a way to make this guy work harder for his money.

PK Subban can be forgiven because he’s so new to this kind of stage, but he definitely had his poorest night in an NHL uniform. He and the puck didn’t see eye to eye all night, and he was fanning and swiping at the puck and being caught out of position and was, all in all, not great. So it’s a wake up call for him too. A green rookie must learn by making mistakes, whether he likes it or not, and this was simply growing pains for the young buck. I’m sure we’ll see a much better PK Subban on Tuesday.

We’re not mad at you, PK. You’re doing great. Just not tonight.

I’m also sure we’ll see a better Montreal Canadiens team as a whole on Tuesday. They’ve adapted before. They were flat as flat can be in game one of the Pittsburgh series, and Carey Price replaced Halak in that one too. This is where the coaches really earn their money, when they show the players how to adjust.

Use your skill and speed more, boys. Make the goalie work harder. Stay out of the box.

You’ve had your wake up call, now get at it.

21 thoughts on “Habs Have Hands Full”

  1. MAB makes our PP weaker. He let three pucks by him. He’s horrific. I think Martin needs to sit him and put in O’byrne to help clear the front of the net. MAB doens’t bring anything to the table. He’s a huge liability. They’ll be better Tuesday.

  2. Too many days off the ice. They weren’t the boys they should be last night. But, now they’re back at work. Tuesday is a whole new game and game 1 doesn’t mean a thing when the puck drops.

  3. The problem with Bergeron, Mayo, is he’s not using his biggest asset – his big shot. That’s his baby, and we need him blasting away.

  4. That’s right, David. Too many days off. They were way too flat. And they’ll be better.

  5. I don’t think Bergeron played badly, but I still think O’Byrne will be in the line-up Tuesday. We need some more size.
    I agree it’s a major wake up call for Subban, but it’s not as if he was making bad plays, it’s more that he wasn’t paying attention. He seemed fixated on the puck rather than the player and was tripping himself to get to it. He’ll be much better next game.
    Finally I didn’t understand the penalty to Lapierre. How did getting shoved into the bench merit him a roughing call?

  6. No silver lining in to be found in game one. It was a game where just about everything went wrong at the same time.
    You would have thought it was the Flyers who were rested and had the extra days off the way they played last night.
    It was the Habs that looked fatigued, disoriented, disinterested.
    It was the Flyers who played more disciplined hockey and took advantage of their opponent’s needless penalties. Scott Gomez started it off and was guilty of a couple.
    It was the Flyers who had the hot goaltender.
    The Flyers had the Habs figured out and outcoached them throughout 60 minutes. They played simple, smart hockey. The Habs, not so much. The absence of Markov was felt on several occasions last night. Bergeron could not keep the puck in the offensive zone and lost possession frequently.
    Our forwards were ineffective and did not capitalize on the juicy rebounds that Leighton gave up. And Leighton, was sounding a bit cocky after the shutout saying: “They didn’t have the same presence as the Bruins. I could see over some of the guys.”
    The best that can be said about game one is that it’s over.
    Hopefully all of the suck has been fully and completely drained out of the Habs and in game two we will see a return of the team that beat the defending Stanley Cup Champions and the President’s Cup Champions.
    We want to see a lot more of Doctor Jekyll and lot less of Mister Hyde.

  7. habs took their stupid pills last night and got undisciplined, unnecessary penalties which put them behind and out. they were not prepared for this game. they came on strong in the 1st. but forgot all the simple basics that got them where they are…….. habs are a smart team, they just do too many stupid things.

  8. Tough loss. Ouch. Better to get that stinker out of the way and play a tight, focused, fast game.

    Everyone will step up now.

  9. Hey Dennis, To many shots from the outside,Leighton had no problem stopping these ones.The Habs just didnt have it,the flyers didnt play overly aggressive like they were supposed to.I think that the Habs weere figuring that they would and made some adjustments.Things will be better tommorow for sure.

  10. I did notice the flyers weren’t as aggressive as usual. But then again they didn’t have to be. This is a much different team than the other two. Use their speed, get some shots and people to the front of the net. We’ll see a different team.

  11. We need to be more aggressive in the slot and crash the crease. Leighton had an easy night and that has to change.

    I don’t mind losing the first game of this series all that much. Just as long as we don’t lose the last.

    I hope we shook off all the rust so we can put this stinker behind us and come out like lions tomorrow night.

  12. CheG – The Flyers are about to see a different Habs team. Regroup, adjust, skate like the wind, and score the odd goal.

  13. e’ve seen it before many times, Hobo. From time to time they’re as flat as a pancake. But they can fix this.

  14. Good stuff, Danno. Well put. I’d also like to add that Subban was pretty bad but that’s okay. He’ll learn from this, hopefully. He’s now found out that he won’t be the second coming of Bobby Orr at least for another few years. I think this was a great thing for PK, and an important and valuable wake up call for everyone.

  15. Chris, I guess PK likes that long stick, says he’s been using one his whole life, but one of the problems with a long stick was seen last night when he fanned several times, one which led directly to a goal. I’ve always thought a long stick is a bad idea because it’s tougher to handle the puck, but what do I know? He likes it.

  16. Dennis you’re right, it’s surprising how well PK controls the puck with his long stick, especially his spinnerama moves. But so far he’s doing well with the puck. His problem in the last game was without the puck Did he miss on poke-checks and then couldn’t recover? He was floundering.

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