Habs Have Avs

It’s only the second game of preseason and I don’t see a lot of passion, drive, speed, and execution just yet.

From me, not them.

Early on like this, as it is every year, I find myself daydreaming a lot during games. It takes me awhile to gear up. I guess I’m a bad Habs fan.

Here’s the half-assed skinny:

Canadiens win 3-2 in overtime on a nice goal from Alex Galchenyuk when he walked in from the right side, cut into the middle, and fired one home. A beautiful goal.

How many moves can a good Chucky chuck? Maybe plenty this year.

Max and PK scored the other goals, both on power plays.

Christian Thomas played well once again, was chosen third star, and isn’t about to get sent to Hamilton just yet. Maybe he’ll latch on and go for a big league ride.

Much better tonight as far as seeing regulars play. Only Scherbak, Hudon, Pateryn, and Thomas were the prospects on this night, with fourteen regulars if you include Malhotra, Beaulieu, and Drewiske, and why wouldn’t you?

Shots on goal, Montreal 36, Colorado 27, with Carey Price and Peter Budaj donning the pads for the good guys.

Next up, Friday night in Quebec City when the same two teams do it again. Will the passion, fire, and execution be there? I don’t know. Depends on how I feel.


11 thoughts on “Habs Have Avs”

  1. Hi there Kane! Long time no see! I guess we’re all getting ready and revved up for the season! Eh! bing bang go go go Habby Habs go! hahahah Summer’s pretty much gone and it’s just about here again, eh. Hockey and Habs, with all its hate and glory, hope and highs and lows. And you’ve been back awhile. As for me I took some time away to rest my little Habs fan brain and heart. And now we got 4 assistant captains or two for part of the season and switch back and forth is it? I don’t mind, they’re all stranges choices made by the ‘masters’ behind the ‘scene’ right? hahahh New players and old , new rivals and older ones. I will be checking and reading and blasting off my own remarks, comments, rants,raves, or sheer good hopes and momentary despairs. Let the games begin~ and hello to all you other fellow commentators. and of course, we all know the Habs are hoping for the best, and gonna do their damn best to get there.

    Cheers, as they say! hahah

  2. It will come Dennis—-your passion, that is. A few hits by Emelin, some more nifty [shifty] goals by Gal-chuck, couple rockets from P.K. and hopefully not to many oh-oh’s from Coach. The blue mountain speckled warbler will be at your window!! Happy anniversary—’93.

  3. Hey Dennis – To be honest, I don’t pay too much attention to preseason games. It is when the puck drops in October that I start watching the games on RDS, etc.

  4. I’ve got it, too… but it preseason. If it still persists in two weeks, we’ll see a doctor or turn on Jack Edwards (that usually enough to piss me off and start the fires)…

  5. Unless there are injuries, there’s not a lot of openings on the team for these prospects. Sekac, Thomas, Scherbak, Hudon are all fighting for the final forward spot (two spots if Bournival’s isn’t assumed). While Pateryn would have to oust one of Beaulieu or Tinordi to make the roster.

    Most interesting is who will be the backup, Budaj or Tokarski? If Tokarski isn’t the backup, I think we’ll lose him in waivers.

  6. Sure can’t see them going with 3 goalies, Mike. The thing is, Tokarski was solid tonight and I think it’ll be a tough decision. But adding some grit up front from a team that needs a netminder would be good.

  7. Sekac has been so impressive, Christopher. Right from rookie camp till now. I think he’ll stick and be a real asset.

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