Habs Haters In Full Force

Driving home today I listened to TSN 690’s Tony Marinaro talk about how the Canadiens are THE story of the 2014 NHL playoffs but yet……

A team fighting for a place in the Stanley Cup Final, with a third-string goalie in nets, terrific young kids, P.K. Subban showing he’s captain material, the surprising Rene Bourque, the Bruins now watching from a distance.

But, Marinaro says, people everywhere continue to find fault and show no absolutely no respect for a team that’s doing what most feel couldn’t do. It’s a team everyone wants to lose.

I agree. No respect from anyone except the sensational, salt of the earth, good lookin’ Habs fans The rest are idiots.

A fine rant from Mr. Marinaro which also included the fact that Twitter folks have jumped on the “Habs embellishing” angle, embraced it, and have given it a life of its own.

Many of these folks live in Massachusetts of course.

A  Boston newspaper wrote a full-page story about the Habs embellishing, and now Puck Daddy and others are on about it too after Tomas Plekanec yanked his head back too violently the other night when he didn’t really have to.

A newspaper from the city of Boston. Where the saintly Bruins play their home games.

Not Tomas’ finest moment, but he needs some slack cut. He comes from soccer country. And he was trying to help his team win the game, which means he was trying to make us feel good.

I don’t know about you but I’m saying thanks for the effort, even though it was slightly poor judgement on his part.

The Habs won the game of course, but that’s not important it seems. If Toronto for example had come out of nowhere and won game five of the Eastern Conference, it would’ve been a frenzy of orgasmic euphoria that caused people to slobber and light up smokes.

Instead, the talk is about the cheating Habs and Tomas Plekanec snapping his head back. Lots of attention. The team actually winning the game is back on page 37 somewhere near the obituaries.

Forget about a third-string goalie, or the resilience of the team, or the sensational play of so many, or a team doing what no one expected. Instead it’s about Plekanec and others being naughty.

We know true respect will never come, even if they win it all. But it makes us stronger, Habs haters. You should know that. Keep it coming. Find others things wrong too.

What, you think we’re going to change teams?



17 thoughts on “Habs Haters In Full Force”

  1. Puck Daddy is out of Boston, written by true wanks for the most park. Folks are still mad about Lafleur not being a Golden Seal. And the Quebec rule. And Ken Dryden. And Don Cherry not being able to count beyond 5. And Larry Robinson. And the Big M coming to Montreal. And the language. And the Anglophones who love the Flying Frenchmen. And the loyalty and devotion shown by their fans.

    I BELIEVE 24/7/365! GHG!

  2. I don’t listen to Hab haters because I know they are jealous of Les Glorieux, plain and simple. Kinda ironic that Boston fans are going on about the Habs embellishing when they have one of the sneakiest little bastards and divers in the game in Marchand on their roster. Puck Daddy is nothing but horseshit, I don’t waste my time reading their drivel.

  3. To heck with Puckdaddy and all the Hab haters , no team has our history , not even close . Great piece by Marsh , thanks Danno .
    On toward more glory tonight GO HABS GO !

  4. At least Marsh grudgingly admits his hate stems from a deep admiration.

    That’s so weird when you think about it though.

    Marshy could have saved himself a lot of torment by just being a Habs fan! :mrgreen:

  5. I’m in my own happy bubble cause I only listen to Habs lovers.

    TV= RDS (HNIC maybe twice a year ).

    If you’re a Bruins fan with nasty remarks for my team, I give you no space in my head.

    Tonite is THE night. Let’s go boys, bring it back to Montreal. It has to be it has to be!!!!!!

  6. I liked Price’s comment during Boston series—“Hate is a pretty strong word, I’d {Price} say–competitive” But it’s okay folks, we don’t need flakey wa-hoo wagon riders. The Bell gives louder applause for “The Lady” singing the anthem than most teams fans for a game seven overtime goal!! And WE know who we cheer for and why. Enjoy the game folks.

  7. It took me about 20 minutes to recover.

    It was a fun ride, there is great promise, and the pieces we need to win are apparent. The future is bright! C’mon July 1! Sign Bourque…

    (I did pick the Kings in the NHL.com pool to win it all)

  8. Mike McKim, disappointing to hear Kelly Hrudey slam Bourque last night. He said it was arrogant of him to say Tokarski was playing as well as Lundqvist. I have no idea what was wrong with that statement.

  9. It was a great run, Marjo. Always sad when it comes up short but we have an excellent team that will only get better. Missing Weise and Emelin in game six didn’t help either. Kind of an empty feeling right now. No Habs games to look forward to.

  10. A couple of lousy goals, Danno. But the blanket was over them and couldn’t do anything about it. One of the key pieces missing was a quality stick boy.

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