Habs Harpooned On Island

It’s never good when a team falls behind 3-0, as the Habs did in the second period in Long Island.

And yes it’s good when they begin to scratch and claw and come close, as they did when it became 3-2 and 4-3 Islanders leads. But in the end, it’s not good at all that the Canadiens lose and fail to gain ground in their bid to climb up another rung of the standings ladder.

The Islanders, to their credit, played well, they buried their chances, and even when Montreal put pressure on in the third period and had us on the edge of our seats, New York still managed to outshoot the Canadiens 13-8.

It seemed like it might be one of those nights even from the beginning. Early on, the Islanders hit the post with Montreal on the power play, and not long after rang one off the crossbar. In fact, in the first seven minutes, New York had about five breathtaking chances, and Montreal, especially the young defence, just couldn’t tighten it up as John Tavares and company were allowed often to move in open spaces in Montreal’s end.

But the Habs were in it anyway, until one play in particular.

I hate to lay any blame on Peter Budaj, who was in nets on this night, and who has looked to be a solid backup so far this season. But the ball got rolling for the other team when Badaj, in playing a puck coming around the boards behind his net, was way too nonchalant in handling it, the puck came off his stick to an Islander in front, and it was the beginning of New York’s three-goal lead.

The loss isn’t Budaj’s fault, even though he was slightly weak on a couple. All I’m saying is, he wasn’t sharp on handling this puck and the Habs played catch up after that. Often, one play will dictate a game, and the first goal was a killer.

There were a couple of good things in this loss. Montreal’s third goal, by Brian Gionta, was a power play marker, and that’s two odd-man advantage markers in two games now. Max Pacioretty and Erik Cole, the team’s most dangerous duo, also scored, and Lars Eller had another assist, which he greatly needed as he only has five points.

Scott Gomez remains one point ahead of Carey Price in the Price/Gomez Prez Cup point race.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Islanders 33, Habs 29

Mathieu Darche has just one point so far. Yes, I know he’s important in his own way, but for me that’s not good enough. He’s not been dangerous and we need the odd point from this plumber.

Saturday it’s back to the friendly confines of the Bell Centre to meet and greet the New York Rangers. For the 20th time this year, I’m saying we need this game badly.





14 thoughts on “Habs Harpooned On Island”

  1. not only is gomez only one point ahead of price but check out the minutes he got tonite, especially on the pp. more than cole’s game total…… this is getting really stupid

  2. Hobo, I had a look and he did have slightly more than Cole. That’s just wrong. They had him on in the last minute too. If I read it right, Gomez had 19 shifts for 16:38, Cole had 22 shifts for 16:24.

  3. Well this year’s edition of the Habs have become fairly easy to predict.

    When we play against teams we should kill, we’ll lose. When we play against teams that will kill us, we’ll somehow win. If anyone needs to reach a milestone, it won’t happen the first game it is mentioned or be on the game it should be reached.

    So what this means for the next few games is this:

    1. We are going to lose against the Rangers on Saturday.

    2. We’ll win in Boston.

    3. We’ll lose against Carolina.

    4. We’ll win in Philly.

    5. We’ll win at home against the Penguins.

    Three wins out of five. Just enough to keep our hopes high.

    I just hope it’s us ending Boston’s winning streak.

  4. Of course I should have mentioned that since I wrote that I have probably jinxed them and since they do the opposite of what they should, that may mean 2 wins out of five.

  5. Your Habs are doing well ..
    Price will break the the Bruins and Rangers 7-0 win streak …


    Insanity from Leaf Land

    Quote from Leaf coach Ron Wilson on last nights 4-1 loss to Nashville

    ” This could very well be our best played game of the year ”

    Excuse me while I order another bottle of Valium

  6. He actually said that? Are you kidding me? That almost as bad as Martin saying “a good offence is the best defence” this week. Could it be that Reimer is that good and he’s the reason the Leafs did so well at the beginning or is it just the whole team collapsing?

  7. Darth, I hate this up and down business. It’s so hard on fans.One minute we’re happy, the next, we’re pissed. There are so many holes to fill yet on this team but it’s all about injuries and getting some of them scoring. When I’m stick boy/owner, I’ll be working personally with the guys about this. There were a couple of years with the Byer’s Bulldozers Bantam and Midget teams when I was second in scoring. So I have the resume.

  8. Leaf Fan. I see your team is slowly moving back from whence they came. I feel your pain, though. You remember the Leaf glory days and I remember the Habs glory days. It hurts.

  9. Yes DarthAlexander Toronto’s coach Wilson said as per The Globe and Mail

    Exact quote :

    “That might be the best game we’ve played all season,” Maple Leafs coach Ron Wilson said. “To be honest with you, start to finish, their goalie came up huge.

    In a 4-1 loss

    Yes Reimer is quite good in my opinion, but the Leafs defense was a sieve as usual ….

    It was all about Reimer and “Phil the thrill” Kessel in the season beginning

    Yes Denis they are falling back to a struggle to make a playoff team …

    The glory days of my Leafs a blurry through my cataracts

  10. Leaf Fan, Major League Baseball blocked the link because they didn’t give approval. Yes, it’s all about the fans. HAH!

  11. Yes, 92-93 was a very good year.

    I remember being at one of the first Senators game where almost everyone was ignoring the action on the ice and instead looking up at small TVs to see how the Blue Jays were doing.

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