Habs Hang On For Huge Honkin’ Win

Up until the final three minutes of the Habs-Caps game on Friday night, when Montreal seemed to have things under control, it could have been described by Bob and Doug McKenzie, if they were Habs fans, as a “beauty game, eh.”

But those last three mintues. Whew! Bob and Doug would have been reaching for several Molson’s at this point.

Montreal were leading nicely at 3-1 when the Capitals scored to bring it within one with over two minutes to go. Then Max Lapierre took a penalty, Washington pulled their goalie, and all hell broke loose. It became the storming of the gates, a full blitzkrieg by the desperate Caps, but to no avail.

The good guys pulled off one of their most important games of the year, and definitely one of their better outings also. They shut down Alex Ovechkin, and when you do that, you shut down the biggest part of the Washington Capitals. Could a more obvious thing have been said?

Yes, there were imperfections. Montreal was hemmed in on several occasions and it sometimes took minutes to get out again. Time and time again, Carey Price, with big help from Jaroslav Spacek and Roman Hamrlik in particular (as pointed out often by Pierre McGuire), saved the day. And the forwards, as Jacques Martin is teaching them to do, did their jobs defensively as well as offensively. Travis Moen, Glen Metropolit, Tomas Plekanec really pitched in, and if they’re ever in Powell River I’ll take them fishing if I can borrow a boat and some fishing rods.

Unfortunately, there’s no time to celebrate and buy each other beers while breaking curfew. There’s a Detroit team showing up on time Saturday night.

This wasn’t just a huge road win. This was a huge win, period. Too many close encounters of the dreadful kind with lesser teams. This was the first-place Washington Capitals the Habs booted tonight.

Random Notes:

Washington had 34 shots to Montreal’s 22.

Scott Gomez may or may not be hurt. If he’s hurt, I’m looking on the bright side. I think there’s one. (To be announced later.)

Both Plekanec and Cammalleri had a goal and an assist.

Travis Moen tallied Montreal’s first.

Nice looking brunette behind Jacques Martin.

11 thoughts on “Habs Hang On For Huge Honkin’ Win”

  1. Any mention of Gomez? His ice-time was about 5 minutes less than usual tonight and 3 minutes less than his previous low.

  2. I love how these guys just roll up the sleeves and dive right in. Bodes well for crunch time. Assuming they stop getting injured! (Gomez now).

    It’s doubly great ’cause the local radio talking heads get to eat their words.

  3. I’m waiting to hear about Gomez. If he’s hurt, I have a powerful power of positive thinking attitude I’m going to use.

  4. I loved it too, 31. The way they chipped in, shut down Ovechkin, and held fast in the last two minutes. This was a big win.

  5. Hey Dennis;I got to watch a Habs game in Port Alice,and a win over the Caps to boot.I was very much impressed by the effort all the players showed,fast skating by both teams mind you but Montreal just seemed to want to win this game,although the shots on goal didnt reflect this to well.I really think that Mr.Price has returned ,he showed his slow motion style and was very effective in doing so.I hope Gomez isnt serious,we cant afford another loss in that department.

  6. the thing that amazed m was the players who stepped up. Hope Gomez is ok but really whether he is or not doesnt seem to matter cause he didnt do too much. MOEN is da man. Maybe captin. I love that kind of player. Mtl needs leaders. but other players stepped up, other lines stepped up. Mtl may of gelled tonight. God bless Price and Spacek and Hamrlik. I have een negative lately but tonight I seen a different team. Jeus Christ Bergeron is frightful. It was god to see a team effort. Moen was the star, Hamrlik, Spacek, Price were really good tonight. Detroit tomorrow, very optimistic. Detroit played today so will help. Awesome game.

  7. Dallas Moen for captain. He played like one tonight. A close second would be Hailey Wickenheiser. Would be nice to see Giuamme ‘Wears a Dress’ play with Hailey’s passion. great win though nonetheless

  8. This is what I want to write about once we hear whether Gomez is gone for awhile or not. Having the other lines realize their own importance helps them step it up, forces them to be better. So in the end, the injury could be sort of a blessing in disguise. And I agree, Gomez hasn’t been fantastic, certainly not in the Gionta, Cammalleri category.

  9. I’m just happy my poem’s fantasy came true – for the most part anyways (Michal Neuvirth ended up in nets for the Caps).
    I agree that Moen played great. He also played hurt after blocking a shot in the second. He, as well as Gomer are being checked out today.
    Positive thinking is the key Dennis keep it going!
    Tonight the Winged Wing will get a flat tire.
    Go Habs Go!

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