Habs Handled

Canadiens lose 4-1 to the visiting Boston Bruins and maybe the right thing for Marc Bergevin to do is hold a seminar for the boys and invite Mike Bossy, Steve Shutt, Marcel Dionne, Phil Esposito and as many others that can be rounded up on short notice to explain how to get the puck over the goal line.

Seven goals scored in five games. Joe Malone once scored seven himself in one game.

And no matter that Peter Budaj didn’t stand on his head and happened to allow a couple of weak ones. The fact remains that he’s getting absolutely no help from his guys at the other end.

That’s four losses in five games. You’re trying our patience, team. You can stop the nonsense any time now.

The Canadiens dominated the first period, outshooting the Bruins 13-6, with breakaways by Max and Alex Galchenyuk and lots of good chances on two power plays.

But alas, no goals.

And the beginning of the end came in the second period when Jarred Tinordi got tangled up with the puck at the side of the net, and the Bruins popped their first of four on the night.

Of course the Canadiens had a chance to regroup when yet another breakaway cropped up, this one by Plekanec, but once again, a good chance squandered.

And suddenly, before you could say #*&%@#, it was 3-0 when the middle frame came to a close.

Not much else to mention. The third period saw another Bruins goal, and then DD banged one home during a scramble in the crease and all that meant was that Thomas Vanek, who was given an assist, finally got a point for his new team.

Random Notes:

Canadiens outshot the Bruins 36-32.

Next up – Saturday, when the Senators pay a visit. Hopefully that goal-scoring seminar can be arranged before then.


9 thoughts on “Habs Handled”

  1. For the record I didn’t say #*&%@# I said &***^%^& and a whole lot of questioning about Lucic’s paternity.

    I hate this. A lot.

  2. “THOSE” Habs are back it seems. It’s easy to coach from the easychair at home— maybe we should buy one for Thornbush so he can watch his ineptitude at use of players and put somezip into the boys hearts. Haven’t much positive to say! Hope they don’t break Budaj’s confidence with their lack of scoring—no goalie deserves that lack of results.

  3. The refrain to this same ol’ song is “Fire Therrien, Bourque to Hamilton, and Eller Wheeling, Fa La La La lah, better turn it around fast…”

  4. Danno, we need to ask PJ Stock. The Maharishi of HNIC. He’ll know how it’ll all turn out.

  5. I was traveling all day and was only able to offer my comments on last night’s game. The Habs played a very good first period, but the Bruins showed which was the better team in the second and third periods. Yes, Price would have helped……….somewhat. He doesn’t score goals, though. Then again, neither do the rest of the players on the team. Let’s look at this team’s play since the Olympic Break:
    1) 2-1 loss at home to the Red Wings. Offensive impotence.
    2) 6-5 shootout win over the Penguins because, well, Andre Fleury is awful.
    3) 4-3 overtime win over the Maple Loafs. Toronto’s “D” is abysmal.
    4) 2-1 loss at Los Angeles. That means that the Habs scored a total of one goal in two games against the Kings.
    5) 4-3 shootout win over the Ducks. The Ducks dominated territorially, but Tokarski stole the game for Montreal.
    6) 5-2 loss at Phoenix. More offensive ineptitude against a team that hadn’t beaten the Habs at home in over a decade.
    7) 4-0 loss at San Jose: The Habs scored zero goals this season against the Sharks. Not one. They were completely outclassed in this game.
    8) 4-1 loss at home to the Bruins. Men against boys.

    So, the Habs have three wins in eight games since the Olympic Break, none of them in regulation. If anyone feels good about the team right now, please, explain to me why.

  6. I agree with everything you say, Ian, except about the Ducks game. The Canadiens had lots of jump that night, they dominated the first period, and momentum changed slightly later on after that fluke goal that went in past Tokarski when it hit a glass support. I was proud of the guys that night. Anaheim had the most points in the league at that time. and not only did the Habs give them all sorts of trouble, they also won in the shootout. But the other games, yes, not very impressive. I’m just glad Bourque sat last night, and I hope he sits till the season ends. He’s had almost the entire season to show some passion and it hasn’t happened.

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