Habs Handle Caps

Old mitts. Maybe older than you.

The Canadiens held on and edged the Washington Capitals 2-1 on Caps ice, and displayed a fine rebound game after their pathetic effort Friday against the San Jose Sharks.

Artturi Lehkonen and Jeff Petry scored for Montreal, and Carey Price made his own personal statement.

After the Canadiens’ great start, especially in October when they racked up eight wins and a shootout loss, each win now makes their chances of making the post season even more secure.

It also means that although they have their down moments, like the Sharks game, or that 10-0 thing in Columbus, once the playoffs start you’ll forget completely about the regular season.

You say you won’t but you will.

And if you look at last year, the year of The Nightmare (also known as The Worst Habs Season Ever), you’ll see that the collapse to end all collapses began in December, when they won the first game of the month, then dropped the next four, won again in the middle of the month, then lost another six, and then won just once more before falling in their final game of December.

Three wins in December and three times in January. And the sky did fall.

But I’m now happy to report that the 2016-17 team has won four times already in December, with six games to go, and they remain top of the heap with Pittsburgh and a couple of other pretenders.

So they’ll make the playoffs (yes they will), we’ll forget about anything else, and then they’ll win the Stanley Cup because everyone will be healthy (Andrei Markov left early tonight) and Brendan Gallagher and Tomas Plekanec will see their luck change and light several lamps as the CH steamrolls everyone in their path..

Oh, you have your doubts? Well you obviously haven’t been talking to Sprague Cleghorn and Didier Pitre like I have.

5 thoughts on “Habs Handle Caps”

  1. Hey Dennis, Great to see the boys bounce back after landing on a chunk of concrete. What will happen Therein after the stare down from Price? Will we see Kirk Muller in charge soon? Would be nice to see.

  2. HI Derry. Seems like Therrien and Bergevin have some sort of pact so the coach might be secure. I’m just hoping for a trade soon. I’ve wanted this team to be bigger for years.

  3. Howie Morenz would agree with you as I do ” Les Canadiens sont la “.
    All I wanna do is rock , rock n” roll !

  4. I enjoyed the game last night, except for the part of the first period where the Caps ran a possession clinic in the hab’s end and then the last part of the third where the caps came a little too close to tieing the score. But that’s quibbleing, Price was Price and the team was very deserving of the win.

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