Habs Greet Flightless Birds

We saw just two days ago, against the Jets, how the Canadiens can get it done, how they can play when they perk up and show some jam. We saw intensity and emotion and cohesion, and that, along with Carey Price on top of his game, we realize that Montreal can be a fine team.

But what’s in store tonight against the Penguins? Will it be more of the good stuff, or will it be, as we’ve seen before, more of the lacklustre, non-effort as shown recently in dismal losses to Washington, New Jersey and Buffalo.

Scott Gomez says he and his teammates study the standings on the wall of their dressing room daily, and of course don’t like what they see. So why is it that they don’t always play like they’re in desperation mode?

C’mon Habs. Give us more of what we saw against Winnipeg. This up and down ride is driving us crazy.

3 thoughts on “Habs Greet Flightless Birds”

  1. Gomez is so full of shit they should nickname him diaper. Really – they look at the standings and don’t like where they are? Then why do they keep playing this way? Why is he always laughing when the team is losing if he’s so worried about his pride and the team? Bullshit. A complete and utter insult to the crest and the history of this team.

    There are too many floaters on this team. He is one of them. I blame them for this disaster of a season.

    If they really cared, there is no way in hell they’d play this way. None.

  2. Ah, fuck it, no comment here. Not worth the time to type this. MAYBE after a win tonight. Habs not worth it today.

  3. Dennis,

    “Hope springs eternal in the human breast”

    That was Alexander Pope (1688 – 1774) English poet and London man.

    He lived in the time before hockey.

    Otherwise he wouldn’t have written such a crock o’ shit.

    I don’t think he knew much about Penguins either, but I’d have to check on that.

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