Habs Grab Series Lead

No comeback tonight for the Gooins. And now they’re down 2-1  in the series.

Ain’t it grand?

The Canadiens stepped it up, skated hard, forechecked and thumped and came away with a great 4-2 win on home ice. And yes, they had their lapses, but all in all were solid and scored some beauties in the process.


A Tomas Plekanec goal in the first period on a sensational pass from Thomas Vanek.

A PK Subban breakaway goal after he’d stepped out of the sinbin, was fed a gorgeous pass from Lars Eller, and broke in alone and beat Tuukka Rask.

A sharp pass from Daniel Briere that sprung Dale Weise who fired it through Rask.

An empty-netter from Lars Eller, also in alone.

Yes the game was tense. A late goal by the Bruins in the second frame made it 3-1, and with 2:16 left in the third they scored again to narrow it to 3-2.

But the boys held on, Eller hit the empty net, and with a fine and outstanding series lead, what more can a poor Habs fan ask?

Thursday they go at it again. We ‘re not asking for much. Just a severe tightening of the noose, that’s all.

PK was once again a force. Carey Price held the fort. Vanek, Max, Eller, Plekanec, Weise, Bournival, Bourque, Gallagher, Weaver and all the guys wearing red gave a serious display of pride, guts, and passion.

The Canadiens were on the Bruins quicker tonight than in the previous two games. They skated harder, used their speed, and took no bull from the greasers.

Dougie Hamilton and Torie Krug forgot to shoot high. Price was great, Rask wasn’t. Douglas Murray and Alexei Emelin flexed muscles, Zdeno Chara and Milan Luci didn’t.

Brad Marchand continues to get away with murder.

Claude Julien will probably whine for the next day and a half.

Random Notes:

PK’s goal and assist gives him 11 points in the playoffs, good enough for second place overall behind the King’s Anze Kopitar, who has 14.

Ginette Reno got the party underway, the joint was rockin’ all evening, and for me in my living room, sometimes I sat, sometimes I stood.

Lucy’s in Russia right now, and because it’s the middle of the night there, she has no idea that the boys won huge.

Boston outshot Montreal 28-26.





43 thoughts on “Habs Grab Series Lead”

  1. Hey Dennis, Well I can’t say t much more then what you have done. Dale Weiss, the ex Canuck has mow scored two game winners this playoffs, kinda ironic eh. I’m hoping Marched gets a facefull of shit before this ones done,lucic as well a.The Hans looked very good as they did in game two, although I was in transit to the island at the time. Vive le Hanes.

  2. The supporting cast cast we have stepped up huge tonight , the Habs getting Weise and Weaver is looking like great moves and of course Price held the fort yet again . Way to go team !

  3. Woohoo! Now Dennis as much as everyone rags on CBC and their anti-hab broadcast I’d like to give Glen Healy his due. He must have had an isocamera on Brad the weasel Marchand. He pointed out the cartwheel dive against Desharnais, the slash on Subban after the Bergeron goal, the mugging on Gionta, and last but not least the little punch as he skated by Price after the whistle. Healy referred to Marchand as the most hated guy in 29 rinks. Just thought I’d pass that along to those who may have missed it watching RDS. Sweet dreams everyone!

  4. Murray may be a tad slower than some—but he was still moving when various fools weren’t after he stepped into them. Probably should trade P.K. for a more disciplined player who plays for the jersey!! I’m already lamenting the hot summer with no P.K.to watch—–! Weiss just comes to work to give!! I seen that footage on Marchand and I had to check my emotions—have to set an example for the boys—skate away after the whistle!! Our boys can practise some power-play moves in the semi-finals while the rat lays on the beach. I only left the room once last nite,Dennis, so THANK YOU for the pep talk you sent my way. [ one of your later replies to someone, gave the boost of confidence ] oh one more thing— seems our LADY get a louder reception then most Barns give the home-team’s game 7 overtime winner in the finals!!! Did you hear that T. Vaneck.

  5. Dennis, until tonight the Bruins have remained undefeated on game three for the last 12 consecutive playoff series. The Habs put a stop to that run.

    You know the saying – As goes game three, so goes the series.

  6. Some random thoughts about the game:

    They certainly gave us some nervous moments in the third period, and the NBC broadcast crew was so biased in favour of the Bruins, it was almost like they were working for the CBC………….ALMOST.

    It must drive Bruins fans nuts to see PK Subban thriving in the series so far. He loves playing against their team.

    Karl Soderberg should have received more than two minutes in the third period for his attempted decapitation of Carey Price. He clearly was going for the head.

    I didn’t like what Douglas Murray did (or didn’t do) out there. He was out of place constantly and unsurprisingly, looked slow and had trouble keeping up with the play. I didn’t disagree with Frankie Boo being benched, but I’d really much prefer to see Tinordi in there instead.

    Mike Weaver continues to play well. He’s a shot-blocking machine.

    Utterly bush league move by Claude Julien to send out his goon line after the Habs scored their fourth goal. Nothing came of it, thankfully, but if that play doesn’t sum up the Bruins, nothing does.

  7. Dennis,

    I once visited Martha’s Vineyard. Seemed nice. Didn’t get to meet herself though. But tell me, is it Martha who supplies the Bruins with all their whine? Given that there not likely to buy any French stuff……..

    One more question. During the playoffs we’re told that referees swallow their whistles a lot. Now this is delicate, but once they “pass” them sometime after the match do they just give ’em a wipe and use them next game, boil ’em up like they do with surgical instruments or get issued with new ones?

    Two more wins seems like a long way away.

    But then I tell myself the Ruins have to win three of the next four or they’re done.

    Blimey it’s nerve wracking stuff, particularly when I keep waking up to listen to TSN690 in the middle of the night. The sleep deprivation will kill me if the Habs keep going.

  8. Chris Rooney, the King of Waving Off Goals, from BOSTON, worked the game. Did Ron MacLean have anything to offer about that?

  9. For me, Ian, I liked Murray’s play. He thumped, he blocked shots, he was a presence. I think he provided something extra and was important to the team last night. Against other teams I might say not dress him, but in this series, I’m all for it.

  10. Donal, usually they get PJ Stock to lick the whistles clean.
    Nerve wracking. You said it. I’m just glad with today’s technology you in England are able to follow it. One of these springs you’re going to have to be in Canada for this tremendously cool stuff.

  11. Much of the talk on TSN690 this morning is about PK Subban’s inadvertent (or was it intentional?) knocking the net off the moorings near the end of the game, a play which was not called by the zebras.

    You know how I know that this is a big nothing? Even the Bruins, who would whine about the sun coming up in the morning if they thought that it somehow “hurt” their team, haven’t said word one about it.

  12. I watched that Subban/post play again this morning Ian and it seemed to me the type of thing that happens in the heat of the moment. Just a slightly shorter cut around the net knocked it off. Looked accidental to me but yes, the media was all over it. You’re absolutely right – if the Bruins aren’t crying about it, it must have been fine. I think it was. I sometimes bump into walls just walking around the house.

  13. PK has been awesome, Peter. I think he’s taken another step towards super-duper stardom. The next time the Olympics roll around, he’ll be leading the pack. Weise is a great addition. Just goes to show how a change in scenery can help. Torts in Vancouver didn’t get it. Huge night. Just wish a Bell Centre ticket would appear out of nowhere for me.

  14. Great point D-John. Healy talked about the weasel and the camera show his bullshit. When are the refs going to start calling his nonsense?

  15. Having everyone going is terrific, Joe. It was their problem often this year, but now they’re all on the same page. Awesome and nerve wracking evening.

  16. I’m with you, Derry. Marchand especially needs to be tuned in. I’d say rattle his brain but he doesn’t have one.

  17. I have a feeling the goon stuff displayed by the Bruins in the last seconds was Julien’s way of saying watch out, game 4 will be played the way the B’s are built to play. In which case we hope to see Murray play again. However, he is extremely slow (his skating and reactive play) I hate to complain seeing WE WON, but there’s always room for improvement. I’d like to see Beaulieu in.

    And yeah, Mike McKim, the Bostonian Rooney…actually it’s a nice slap in the face to McLean from the NHL in that WE DONT CARE what you think, McLean. Let’s hope we see a French Canadian in game 3 or 4 just to nail the coffin in that drama.


  18. Dennis, can you or someone explain to me the rules of line changes? I’m clueless. If you want to make changes do you have to let the other team know before the game? How many times can you make switches during the game? As many as you like?

  19. Marjo, do you mean line-up changes? If so, the lineup is presented before the game, the officials and opposing coach checks it over, and that’s that. Set in stone. If you mean line changes, they can move dressed players around as much as they want during the game. But the lineup handed in before game time is set as is.

  20. Yup, that answers my question. But here’s another: if you’re Chara and are assigned to cover the 1st line, what do the B’s do if you move some ayers around? Especial if it’s a change on the fly. It just seems so confusing to me.

  21. They can get the players they want on while on the fly, but sometimes it’s too late, especially when it’s in deep and pressure is on. And they can’t change when their team ices the puck. One of the greatest coaches when it came to matching players and lines was Scotty Bowman who, when asked what a coach does, it was to “make sure you have the right players on at the right time.” Player changing is huge strategy. If you sit near the bench, it’s incredible to watch the business-like way they go about changing. And at times, players will be asked to shadow another, such as Claude provost, who was directed by Toe Blake to be on the ice whenever Bobby Hull was, no ifs, ands or buts, and jokingly added that he should follow him to the bathroom if necessary. Coaches can get their stars away from checkers, but only for short times. Unless it’s the classic shadowing style.

  22. WhooHOO! Good work the Habs one ahead the way it ought to be. I just listend to the press conferences of Michel Therrien versus Julien. Therrien win or lose, comports himself the better of the two. Julien, like most of his team squawk·ing like some over hyped hen about to lay bad eggs!chicken; ever notice he’s always pulling his head in like a pigeon or a turtle! I wish Aislin wld. do something with that! Squawk~ Squawk! (new email lost the password to the old! not a pc geek!) And of course
    Subban !charging out after that penalty Modest man! credits the whole team which is the wise thing to do. and inerestlinly enough he also said that after lookin at the video of it he agrees it was a penalty. Now there’s a man who knows how to measure his own game. Good on him and the Habs. Till tomorrow!

  23. Hi William. Yes, Julien is a true baby. Worse than most. Maybe worse than the other 29 in that department. Young PK is much more mature. What a playoffs our lad is having. He’s creating his legend as we watch.

  24. Thanks for the Fisher link, William. Interesting. I wonder what he does all day now. Dick Irvin too.

  25. DK, if only we hadn’t let up on the peddle Saturday it would now be 3 Zip! Great team effort last night, only two more games like that & we will represent our division. GO HABS GO1

  26. Mike, to have been up 3-0 would’ve been amazing. 2-1 is excellent but 3-0! Wow!Oh well. We’ll still do it. How’s the new computer?

  27. DK, the computors great really fast, but there is a down side . With the old one I had time to go down stairs grab a brew return just as your site came up!
    les Canadiens sont la!!!!!

  28. Dennis, you live here now. Your chances of becoming stick boy are that much better. I seriously think you should apply.

  29. I think the most famous failed attempt at line matching was when the Bruins tried to do so against a triple shifting Lafleur. He jumped on the ice, and was followed by 3 Bruins. The subsequent too many men on the ice penalty was key in our 1979 Stanley Cup championship.

    It’s good that Therrien has learned his lesson and is giving the opposition nothing to rally around. Last year against the Senators, he could stop putting his foot in his mouth.

  30. Now there’s a fond memory, Christopher, and with Danny calling it. Therrien’s been quite the diplomat so far. And I found from watching 24CH that he’s quite a speaker in the room. I don’t always agree with the way he handles guys, but I like his natural passion.

  31. Readers of this blog know that I am no Therrien fan, but credit should be given where it is due. To this point, he has pushed all the right buttons. Julien, on the other hand, looks befuddled and petty.

  32. Good comment Ian. Therrien has pushed the right buttons. And I love the word befuddled.

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