Habs Go For Another

Woke up to read that Peter Budaj will be in nets for the Habs tonight in Ottawa. How great would it be if he was sensational and helped keep the ball rolling.

I was thinking about something late last night. I said yesterday that with VCRs and PVRs, I’ve spent years avoiding the scores while at work and recording games, and those who would tell me the outcomes because they thought they were being funny should be sent to a Russian Gulag.

Approximately 30 minutes before the drop of the puck last night, all emails and comments stopped. But I wasn’t talking about you. I don’t even turn on the computer until after the game. And if it’s a Russian Gulag with the mosquitoes and 60-below you’re worried about, don’t. I think they’re all closed now. Dissidents and undesirables are now sent to Boston.

I still haven’t forgiven those long-time Canadiens fans who decided to become Sens fans when their city was awarded the team in the early 90s, so a Habs win in Ottawa is always special. Kind of an extra flavour, like onions in a grilled cheese.



10 thoughts on “Habs Go For Another”

  1. Ottawa is an odd-ball NHL town.

    The pie is split basically four ways.

    Sens, Habs, Leafs and others.

    I like the Habs slice.

    It’s extremely yummy and satisfying.

    And getting tastier with every bite.

  2. Danno, Don Cherry once said that a person should cheer for the team in the city he lives. I don’t see why, and I disagree completely. I’ve never understood my old friends in Ottawa who dropped the Habs, the team they loved all their lives, and became Sens fans. I don’t know how they could do it.

  3. Cherry is full of beans. He’s just doing his usual promo work on behalf of Bettman and the owners. Habs loyalty and pride is strong and has survived many lean years. The pride is back and it’s here to stay.

  4. Out of curiosity, what about if a team moves, should you still follow them? As a teenager, it was a big deal when the RedWings (no memory of them, but I had a puck) / Fincups (vaguely remember) franchise came back to Hamilton as the Steelhawks. I followed them for a bit as the Niagara Thunder when they left Hamilton shortly after I did, but have no idea where they are now. I don’t think they are related to the current Mississauga Steelheads who have ripped off the name from the Power Play TV show about a NHL team in Hamilton. Should I find my Steelhawks, or can I remain an occasional fan of the 67s and the Olympiques?

  5. yes Ottawa is a funny town sports wise as it is a very transient town with people from all over Canada…Myself I am brainwashed with youthful visions of Keon,Horton and Armstrong…yes I am old Habby fans and there is no hope for me now….but I think I might drop my support for my Argonauts for the new CFL team in Ottawa in 2014…

    The other popular team in Ottawa is the ugly Boston Bruins

  6. Yes, Leaf Fan, dump the Argo-Nots, to a Ti-Cat fan that’s even worse than being a Leaf fan. I’ll buy tickets to the Red-Blacks, eugh what a name, when the Ti-Cats come to town, but never become their fan.

    I too forgot about the Bruin fans in Ottawa and southern Ontario too, way too many and I don’t understand why.

  7. I am going to reluctantly switch to the new Ottawa CFL team due to my son and 2 grandsons are born in Ottawa….it will be tough especially with Toronto Argos being Grey Cup champs…Then again my I will say I support Ottawa and silently cheer for the Argos…sneaky

  8. I think they should call the new CFL team the Ottawa Lumbejacks only because I think it would be cool to sing “I’m a Lumberjack and I’m okay” as the team’s song

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