Habs Global Warming

Dennis Bacalhau is a big Habs fan in Sydney, Australia, and once again has sent a nice piece of artwork he’s created.

It was almost exactly a year ago, July 16, 2010, that Dennis introduced himself and included a sketch of Saku Koivu – Habs Fan Down Under. Now he’s back and not only has he sent his great artwork of Carey Price, but he also included a way to animate it which of course I’m not able to do here because I’m not smart enough.

Before the internet, imagine how hard it must have been for a fan in Australia to follow his team. Back then, it was a late-arriving copy of The Hockey News that those so far away had to rely on, or a USA Today newspaper at a hotel or airport. Now, through the wonders of science and technology, folks around the world can read or hear the drivel that comes out of Mike Milbury’s mouth as soon as he says it.

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