Habs Give Leafs And Grabovski The Boot

It was no contest tonight between the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs. No contest at all. In fact, it was almost like a Red-White scrimmage with the Red team coming out on top 6-2.


It could have been 10-2. Montreal had more chances to score than Casanova. And when you add the extra intigue of several donneybrooks and an obvious distaste of each other between Mikhail Grabovski and most of the Canadiens, you’ve got an old fashion Habs-Leafs war of days gone by. I almost expected John Ferguson and Eddy Shack to make an appearance and drop the gloves and ram each other with their heads.


The Habs are rolling. The Leafs aren’t.


Montreal, first and foremost, and received solid goaltending from Jaroslav Halak. And the scoring came from throughout the lineup. The brothers Kostitsyn, Guillaume Latendresse, Maxim Lapierre, Max Pacioretty, and Alex Kovalev did the damage. And many others came close.


These are good times if you’re a Habs fan.


Mikhail Grabovski was a Hab, but he did the unthinkable a year ago. He felt he wasn’t getting enough ice time from Guy Carbonneau, and on a Habs west-coast swing, he bolted the club into the arms of his agent. Not long after, he was sent packing.


This year, when asked how many friends he still had on the Canadiens, he said none.


And he has no friends because he quit on them. And now he’s with a loser while his old teammates are making noises in the Eastern Conference. Several Montreal players wanted a piece of him tonight, as they have previously this year. And they probably will again in the future.


 Bad feelings linger.


Game Notes:


Alex Kovalev came out of his funk when they gave him the ‘C’ after Koivu went down.


Yannick Weber played his first game NHL game. He was placed up front instead of on defence, but I’m sure the young fellow wasn’t complaining. 


Canadiens meet and greet the second-place Washington Capitals on Saturday night, and travel to Boston Tuesday. Two big games, four big points. That’s the plan.




Unfortunately, Boston beat Ottawa and Philadelphia beat Minnesota. That’s the bad news.


The good news is Atlanta won over New Jersey and Pittsburgh lost again, this time to Nashville. Looks like Malkin and Cindy Crosby aren’t enough in Pittsburgh.





11 thoughts on “Habs Give Leafs And Grabovski The Boot”

  1. Heeheehee, I love Sergei. He’s a tough kid with a mean hip check. But the refs won’t ever let him go with Grabs. Ah well.

    Now when fans chant “67” it’s all for Patches instead of the Leafs!

  2. Man those two young men do not like each other! Grabovski is still a puke and as much as I think it’s no class to point to the score board I seem to recall Grabovski did that to Sergei earlier in the season when we dropped a game to the leafs so I can sort of excuse Sergie doing it tonight. You have to like his spunk. It would also have been nice to have BGL out there tonight. Poor Tom does take a lickin’ for his team. Anyway it’s off to bed knowing that for tonight anyway things are unfolding as they should both in Montreal and in Toronto.

  3. Ah, okay, blog notes:

    “more chances to score than Casanova”–nice…I giggled, and jotted it down to use tomorrow in a sentence 🙂

    “he has no friends because he quit on them”–I hope that these days, some ‘fans’ out there will read something like this and feel as if they committed the same crime. Last month it was as if I was the only Habs fan around Philly, but yet when the season began, I had more around….STRANGE.

    “Kovalev came out of his funk”–well wait a second, he’s been awesome these past couple of games, but before that, as in, pre-Price-taking-a-boo-boo, wasn’t he a little shifty? He still had that C then…I don’t know…maybe he’s just now feeling the effect. And Koivu is on plan to come back Sat for Wash…so…uh…

    “Bad News, Philly beat Minnesota”–okay so I saw this coming, unfortunately. UNFORTUNATELY (I mean, the Wild has been kinda on the outs lately). Philly CANNOT win. If they do, I’m shipping out. I’ve got a price on my head ’round these parts already…PHILLY CANNOT WIN ANY MORE GAMES.

    “Pittsburgh lost again”– 🙁

  4. All I could think about right now is if the score in the next battle with the Leafs gets out of hand, there are plenty of players on both teams that have a chip on their shoulder after this game, and it’s gonna be real fun to watch.

  5. I think a post needs to be written about Guillaume Latendresse. Even though he doesn’t always score, his play has greatly improved this year, and is getting stronger defensively all the time. He’s proving he does belong in the lineup each night.

  6. The Toronto media doesn’t think Grabovski will get suspended for shoving the linesman. What do you guys think?
    After seeing what Mike Pecca was suspended for about 6 weeks ago, I thought the league would send a message to Grabs… we’ll see.

  7. I know think there is anything more satisfying for a Montreal Canadiens fan then to see them beat Toronto. I wish the linesmen would have just let Grabo and Kosty hug it out, that would have made for some good highlights.

  8. Let’s not forget that Grabo gave the ole 6-inch butt-end to Price’s jewels back in November. No one reacted back then, but I wish someone would get at him.
    And screw all this asking politely whether he wants to man up, because he never will (hell, even the linesman had a TKO over him last night), but just drop the gloves and physically remind him that certain ethics must be followed in the game and that, if he chooses not to respect them, than other ethics may also be thence ignored.
    Go cry to your agent, Mik; no one else cares.

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