Habs Girl On Her Big Day

Taken in St. Petersburg, Russia, the little girl in front is none other than my step-granddaughter, Anastasia, daughter of Denis and Natasha. Denis’ mother is my wife.

It’s a big deal in Russia when kids enter grade one, quite an occasion with speeches and meals and big parties, and Anastasia and her new classmates are probably both excited and slightly terrified. 

If you’re asking just what the heck am I doing putting something like this on a Hab site, I can only say that Anastasia’s dad likes the Habs (and Pittsburgh), her grandfather in Russia belonged to the now-defunct St. Petersburg Montreal Canadiens Fan Club, and then there’s me, related through marriage, who also likes the Habs somewhat.

So it’s a sort of a Habs post after all.       

And I just think these are classic Russian photos.

9 thoughts on “Habs Girl On Her Big Day”

  1. Het Dennis, You may be russian this just a bit.These girls are a little young to be getting maried,I would think.

  2. Dennis, great addition to your various columns. Anastasia is adorable and looking very serious embarking on her educational path.

    Nice to see schooling appreciated.

  3. Diane, it sure is different than here. Here, mom or dad takes us to grade one for the first time and we go to our desk and that’s it. There it’s a whole celebration.

  4. What a beautiful little girl Anastasia is! Denis and Natasha must be proud!

    It’s nice the way they make such a fuss over starting grade one in Russia. Here, the experience is not at all festive for the kids. At least so far as I can remember. But maybe that’s changed a little…

    Great pictures Dennis and Denis!

  5. Thanks, Danno. If there’s one thing people should know about Russians, it’s how important children and families are to them. Russians are a very loving and lovely people and in many ways we could learn from them.

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