Habs Get The Win With A Classic Move

Benoit Pouliot, whom I accused of being an underachiever just hours ago, scored the tying goal and then the sparkling shootout winner as the Habs edge the Pittsburgh Penguins 2-1 and grab two big points.

They won the game, but they took the gravel road instead of the smooth and freshly paved one, and it appeared they were also going to make Pens goalie Brent Johnson look like every other goalie who plays the Habs. Full of shit.

The Canadiens had several ideal chances throughout and couldn’t finish, and they blew a big chance when Pittsburgh ran into a rash of penalties in the third, creating an extended two-man advantage for the Habs. But Mike Cammalleri especially couldn’t hit the net, no one found the fortitude to bury it, and it took Pouliot’s shootout stylings later on to ice it.

And what a shootout goal it was. Reminiscent of Peter Forsberg against Canada’s Corey Hirsch in the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics. A puck that just sort of crept in. They put the image of the ’94 goal on a Swedish stamp and we have the image of Pouliot winning a big game for us.

Thank you, Pouliot. Sorry I said you were an underchiever and you’re officially off the hook until Saturday when you and the boys play Boston.

Random Notes:

Pittsburgh outshot the Canadiens 32-23 and Carey Price came up big several times.

It looked for a few minutes that Jaroslav Spacek had hurt his hand but he was back out shortly after. Imagine if we lost Spacek? Maybe Chris Chelios is available.

With Markov, Gorges, and Hamrlik out, PK Subban has moved way up in seniority, with Picard, Weber and Wiz coming after.

Here’s the videos of Forsberg fooling Hirsch in 1994, and Pouliot doing the same against Brent Johnson Thursday night.

15 thoughts on “Habs Get The Win With A Classic Move”

  1. That was an amazing goal! But did you see Grabovski’s move? I hate to admit it, but he definitely wins against Pouliot

  2. Nice comparison Dennis. I think Pouliot’s is the prettiest of the two.

    Here’s the Grabovski goal on Blues backup goalie Ty Conklin that Phil mentioned. Halak started but had a tough night letting in four goals on 19 shots which is why Conklin took over.

  3. Here’s a special moment.

    Carey Price strikes a pose after stopping Chris Kunitz for the final save of the shootout to give Montreal the win…

  4. Hi Phil. Grabovski’s was good, there’s no doubt. I read that his father was in the stands from the old country and he wanted to make an impression.

  5. It was a good goal, the Grabovski one, but for us Habs fans, we needed someone to step up and get it done, which Pouliot did in fine fashion, and so I’m awarding him a Kane’s Beer for his big goal.

  6. Danno, I loved that pose! Beautiful! Take that you Kunitz Penguins Flightless Birds Bastards.

  7. Brabs goal was good but could care less. Just frickin glad we got 2. Any goal would work. Of the 6, 7 or most shots Habs took, most were crap (esp. Subban and Cammy’s shootouts). Thank god for Carey bailing the guys out.

  8. Believe it or not, the Montreal media are having a big debate about the pose Dennis. Some are saying it was too arrogant and it shows a lack of maturity. I think these fuddy duddies and stuffed shirts should learn to relax and give the kid a break. If you look at some of the celebrations in the NFL it pales in comparison. Price earned his moment – he stoned the Pens in the shootout – and it wasn’t too over the top in my opinion.
    It says “I’m back in the saddle again.”
    And good for him I say.

  9. Good game anytime we win however I wish we could win by scoring more than two goals. On a positive note the young guys played well and we have a fair number of them on the team at this point. On a slightly irritating note I find myself getting tired of reading of the Crosbyless Pens losing to Montreal. What about the Markov,Gorges, Hamerlik less Habs beat the Pens for a change. Pouliot is one player that I would be afraid to get rid of as he seems capable of so much more and playing with a couple of hard working line-mates has seemed to really help his growth. I think he is still a year or two from reaching his potential. Watching a number of Habs over the years (Ribero and Lapierre come to mind) and it wasn’t talent that doomed them in Montreal it was work ethic on a consistent basis.

  10. Hey Don, good point about the Crosby thing. I heard several times on TV today about how lucky the Habs were that Crosby wasn’t playing. You’re right, what about our guys not playing? And yes, we’re still not scoring, although it might help if they hit the net, and it might help if Cammalleri started playing like he did last year. He’s been quite a disappointment for sure. Pouliot concerns me because he can go for long stretches without looking interested, like Kostitsyn. So for me, the jury’s still out about him.

  11. Danno, these stuffed shirts can take a hike. I thought it was a tremendously funny moment. They won the game and only allowed one goal with a depleted defence. I’m proud of them and proud of Price for his pose.

  12. That’s an alarming observation Dennis, rookie Subban is 3nd among active defencemen in games played with the Canadiens. Another oddity is that Weber who is 5th in games played is 1st in time with the team.

  13. Don’t care Crosby or Fleury weren’t playing. They’re historically bad at the Bell Center anyway (or in Fleury’s case, against the Habs in general).

  14. Yeah, 31. This thing about the Habs being lucky that Crosby and Fleury weren’t there drives me nuts. I heard it right after the game on TSN and then I heard it later somewhere else. This is definitely a team that gets no respect.

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