Habs Get It Done In Toronto

Rene Bourque, Raphael Diaz, and Lars Eller tallied for the Canadiens in Toronto, the team skates away with a 3-1 victory, and like CBC’s Jim Hughson said when it was over, the Habs are still alive.

Wounded but alive.

The Habs have to be satisfied with their effort on this night. Although outshot 33-23 by the Leafs, they didn’t need Carey Price to perform miracles, and instead, they worked hard, created chances, and buried three when they had to. A huge win, and it feels good.

Everyone did their job in workmanlike-fashion, and PK Subban had a fine and smart game, which was just great to see. Alexei Emelin played it tough once again, and one of these days I like to see an interview with him, even through a translator. He makes such big noise on the ice and has been so quiet off. Maybe you folks in Montreal have seen such a thing, but I haven’t. Not yet.

And regardless of where Montreal and Toronto sit in the standings, it’s always a special night for me to see the Habs in Toronto, winning the game, and looking splendid in their whites against the classic blue of the Leafs. It reminds me of my childhood, when my dad would take me to see the Canadiens at Maple Leaf Gardens, and I still feel an emotional pull, even now. I always seem to pay a little extra attention to things when Montreal plays in Toronto.

A huge two points, but rarely have we been able to put together any kind of streak to really climb back into things. Only three times have the boys managed a modest two-game win streak – once in November, once in December, and once in January, along with a lovely 4-game stretch in late October.

So now it’s time to put together something big. We start with this nice result in Toronto, add two more points on Wednesday against the Red Wings, then we go for three in a row on the 31st against Buffalo.

This is what has to happen. Win, win again, and then win some more. It could end up a beautiful thing. We gotta have hope.



21 thoughts on “Habs Get It Done In Toronto”

  1. Red Wings are on top.

    Could you do me a favor, Dennis? Could you update your win/loss games scoresheet? You know…the one with (all) the yellow highlight? I need a visual update…!

  2. Quite The CBC Maple Leafs Lovefest tonight at times in the game one would get the impression the The Leafs were one of the top teams in The NHL instead of a team who has not made the playoffs since the lockout…..

  3. Hey Dennis, I enjoyed the game tonite,was worried there for a bit when it was close but you know,Carey Prce was in his zone tonite.He was in a world of his own where he commands the show.Erik Cole has impresed me for along time now,he travels hard and drives for the net any chance he gets,Emilin was a crasher tonite and Josh Georges was great blocking anything that would make it his way.I just hope they can stick to this formula and win more games.

  4. I think I am going to puke ….

    Montreal’s dump chase hack and whack hockey in front of the leagues best in Price whipped my pussy pansy Leafs … God they need some jam…Gomez even looked pretty good ….And the Habs played the night before same as Leafs lose to Senators last week … Burky do something my Leafs a falling from the tree’s once again ………

  5. It’s always been that way, Martin. In central and lower Ontario it’s Leafs, Leafs, Leafs. Newspapers, TV, radio. Since the late ’50’s. My dad got sick of it and I did too. It’s one of the reasons I’m a Habs fan.

  6. Derry, I enjoyed it too. In my mind, Cole is for sure their best player. He comes to play every night, skates, gets his goals and assists, and works hard. He’s a great addition. I’m a big fan.

  7. Leaf Fan, is it possible your team won’t make the post-season again? They started so well. I’m just glad the Habs showed up. I love a Montreal-Toronto hockey game. As long as Montreal wins. It’s definitely Canadiana at its finest, at least in my eyes. One thing about games in Toronto – the cameras are closer to the ice. I like that.

  8. Someone on local radio said wouldn’t it be something if we did actually make the playoffs and Toronto didn’t? Ouch. If it were only the Bruins…nice thing that Ference did eh? Love Milbury’s excuse for it. Jerk.

    Gauthier is really doing some travelling. So a trade is coming but who knows who it’ll be. He was in Anaheim tonight. Steve Yzerman was at the game tonight scouting us as well. Hmm.

    I can’t believe the bias the CBC has against us. I can understand when it’s Toronto, but they even do it with the Bruins! A US team!

    Nice to see a win, but I won’t get my hopes up too high. I just hope they win the next one. I’m going to it and I want to see a win.

  9. The Leaf fans are singing the blues after getting raked by the Habs last night…


    I’m not getting too excited though. The Habs have to put a decent W streak together if they are serious about making the playoffs. Beating Detroit on Wednesday might change my mind about their chances. Stay tuned.

    Dennis, as the future stick boy for the Habs you need to watch this….


  10. Excellent Danno. Now I’m having a hard time deciding which lady I need to make more comfortable. I’m thinking that Price’s and Darche’s women might need more attention for some reason. I can’t explain it. Just a feeling. All I know is, I must sacrifice my time to make the women more comfortable and I’m willing to take this on for the good of the team.
    And if I can get a plug in for myself, if I was stick boy, I would have made sure Kostitsyn’s stick wouldn’t have broken in half during the shootout in Pittsburgh the other night.

  11. Darth, I saw Milbury say that about Ference and it’s such a joke. That Jon Stewart video you sent the other day says all we have to know about the Bruins. CBC lowers and embarrasses themselves by having Milbury as one of their talking heads.

  12. It had the makings of a disaster Dennis. There I was forced to watch the game at my in-laws with my leaf loving father-in-law, and he was all decked out in a vintage leaf jersey. Ha there is a god and he does not work for the CBC!
    Short post eh?

  13. I like the mocking comment Healey made about Habs 2004 draft year saying there were only three players who made The NHL (bad drafting ?)without bringing up The Leafs draft in 2004 which yield only 2 NHL players Justin Pogge (3) who Toronto kept instead of Rask & Robbie Earl (6). Leafs had traded their 1 & 2 round picks that year.Montreal in 2004 had six players who have/had made The NHL – Kyle Chipchura, Alexie Yemelin, JT Wyman, Mikail Grabovski, Gregory Stewart & Mark Streit. Guess Healey & his crack research staff had an off day…..

  14. Dishonest, it’s not right that you have to watch with a Leafs fan. That’s cruel and unusual punishment, but it worked out. God doesn’t work for the CBC, Mike Milbury does. Imagine.

  15. Martin, Healy’s remarks stood out for me too and your examples of that draft year are excellent. This guy comes off like the world’s greatest hockey guy all the time and he’s just an old goalie hack who plays the bagpipes. CBC sure hires some beauties – Milbury, Healy, Stock. And then there’s that old guy and his sidekick.

  16. Flipped the CBC televised game on last night at start of third period. First time I have turned them on since 3 minutes to start of season – which was first time in a year.

    The pro-Toronto bias is really shameful. Turned it off within 3 minutes and back to RDS feed on internet. Sure feels good to turn it off – don’t have to listen to any of the crap many of you are describing above. Apart from the camera converage, it is one of the worst professional sportscasts I can think of.

  17. V, you point out one very important thing. The camera locations in Toronto are great. Much closer view of things. I wrote a letter to the Canadiens about 10 years ago complaining that the cameras are too high but never heard back.
    But back to the CBC, these folks are terrible. If I had a better handle on the French languagbe, I would never watch CBC. I enjoy Pierre Houde at RDS very much but I miss too much of what is said.

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