Habs Freebees

The Canadiens organization is extending an olive branch to those who can make it to the Bell Centre today (Thursday), by allowing fans to watch for free the Red vs. White game, along with free hot dogs, chips, and pop for everyone.

That’s fine if you’re not watching your weight. Or aren’t a vegetarian.

On Saturday morning fans will not only get to see the Habs skate, but the Leafs as well. Plus more free hot dogs, chips, and pop.

That’s fine if you’re not watching your weight and also want to see the Leafs in their morning skate.

Habs merchandise will be 50% off at the Habs Zone at the Bell Centre on both Thursday and Saturday.

This will be an excellent way of moving Gomez jerseys.

All this is fine and dandy, but what about me? I can’t be at the Bell. I’m a fan. I’ve supported the team since I was five years old, which makes it 57 years as a fan.

So Canadiens, please send to me in the mail a hot dog, chips, and pop. I’m watching my weight but I don’t care. I want my free stuff.








13 thoughts on “Habs Freebees”

  1. I’d be interested in the stuff that’s 50% off. Problem is the stuff might be last year’s stock so there may not be too many cool items yet. I’m holding off for a bit because I bet there will be some great stuff coming. Yeah, I’m full of protest ain’t I?

    The only problem is Dennis, if they sent you that stuff I bet it won’t be exactly fresh by the time you got it. It’d probably make a movie theater hot dog look like a delicacy in comparison.

  2. Chips, pop and hot dogs are all part of a balanced Olympic training diet.

    The 2014 Sochi Olympics are coming.

    You need to be in top form for the luge competition Dennis.

  3. Holy cow, I forgot about the Olympics coming up, Danno. That’s what happened with the London games and you’d think I’d learned a lesson. I’ll start training in another six or seven months. Lots of time. I mean, with luge all you do is sit there and hold on. How hard could it be?

  4. Two on a luge seems awkward, I think skeleton is more suitable when sharing a sled. Head first, face down feels more appropriate. And I think a better selection of Olympic calibre partners.

  5. No wonder that fella’s toes are curling!

    It’s about to snow in London just to build that big time hockey atmosphere.

    I feel guilty about the sense of anticipation after the stupidity of the lockout but hell the world seems greyer without it.

  6. I’m more than ready for it to start, Blue Bayou. Originally I hated the idea of a short season but now I think we’ll see some all-out hockey pretty well every night. I’ve got my couch all warmed up.

  7. A close call or bad news.

    Looks like Price injured himself in the shootout competition in today’s scrimmage match.

    He pulled a groin muscle when Max Pacioretti tried to deke him out.

    After the match he admitted to soreness, but said “You’ll see me on Saturday.”

    We’re screwed without Price.

  8. Imagine this scenario Danno. Price’s injury is serious, we go with Budaj, and the Leafs clobber us. This is why I drink. Or…….Budaj stands on his head and becomes the best back up in the league! Or…Price is fine and we all avoid ulcers.

  9. This subban thing is taking way too long. They had over 7 months to get it done and they didn’t. Subban’s agent should have been banging on MB’s door and vice versa. Strike against MB and strike against subban. We have nothing but idiots running the game and playing the game. The fans need to put subbans stupid ass in place his first game. He needs t be dragged down a notch. The bloody kid thinks hes a hall of famer already because he has a nice white smile and can talk into the camera. He’s far from doing 10% of the shit Markov has accomplished. Have lost a ton of respect for subban. every day that passes I hope we trade the bastard.

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