Habs Flunk Against Flames

As bad as the Habs played, they came close. How’s that for lavishing thick praise on the team.

It became a 5-4 Calgary victory, and for those who went to bed early, all I can say is, you lucky bastards. The two and a half hours I could’ve spent picking my toenails or dreaming about 72 vestal virgins, and instead I see a comedy of errors in a game where both goalies were far from wonderful, all of the Canadiens were far from wonderful, and although the boys scored four times, it wasn’t enough. It’s never enough.

The Canadiens stunk in the first period, outshot 18-9, and fell behind 2-0 before Tomas Plekanec scored a power play marker with 4 seconds left in the period. Okay, I thought, they got out of the period down by one, and they’ll talk it over in the room and feel guilty and try harder in the second.

Didn’t happen, even though Max Pacioretty tied it when his weak shot handcuffed Miikka Kiprusoff. The Flames would make it 3-2, then 4-2 when Lars Eller took a late goalie interference penalty when the whistle was about to blow on a Flames penalty. The camera zoomed in on Randy Cunneyworth, and I could read his lips. “&^#^$ stupid,” he said, and he wasn’t talking about the referee.

The lousy night at the Saddledome continued when Carey Price put the puck on a Flames stick and it became 5-2, and I was so envious of folks who were blissfully sleeping at this point.

Eventually, the Canadiens, as I said, would make it close. Lars Eller bulged the twine, and Max got another, but that was that. Goodnight Irene.

Another loss in Calgary – Montreal hasn’t won there since 2002, and I’m not sad or angry or feel much of anything. Just jealous of those who didn’t see it, that’s all.

Random Notes:

Jerome Iginla is such a great player. Would’ve made a fine Montreal Canadien.

Shots on goal Calgary 34, visitors 28.

Next game – Thursday in Edmonton. Oh, if only Scott Gomez was here to help us.

7 thoughts on “Habs Flunk Against Flames”

  1. Price looked pissed off at one point and later in the game I think he got injured. Don’t know how bad it is but it didn’t look all that great.

    I’d be interested to see what your son felt about the game.

    Overall it was a rotten mess but at this stage what should expect. They’re not even phoning it in now, they’re mailing it in.

    I know this is off-topic, but look at this big hit:


    Too bad about Scott. Our champion has left us.

  2. Hope that Price does not get to pee’d off at the direction of the Habs…

    He is a UFA next year…

  3. I’m looking for something positive to say, but it isn’t easy.

    Oh I know!

    The season from Hell is drawing to a close.

  4. Darth, my son phoned me and said thank God for pretty girls and strong Saddledome beer. He said the boys were terrible, a shell of the team that was. He also said the atmosphere was different than it used to be. Not as much Habs noise, only a few go Habs go chants, and it was all just not that great. Very disappointing. What a freakin year.

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