Habs Flat As A Pancake And There’s No Excuse

There’ll be no gushing about the Montreal Canadiens today.

Not when you lose 3-0 and look outmatched while doing it.

Not when you manage only one shot in the second period.

Not when you’ve been shut out for the third time in four games.

Not when you don’t resemble one bit the team you were last game, when you dominated and clobbered the orangemen 5-1.

Not when you could have tied the series and are now down 3 games to 1 instead.

Not when Maxim Lapierre forgot how he’s suppose to play.

Not after Mike Richards had cried like a baby and we could have shoved it down his throat.

Not when guys like Gomez and Plekanec haven’t scored in a million years.

Not when I’ve given up all hope for Benoit Pouliot and feel he should give a portion of his salary back.

Not when we had expected so much more.

19 thoughts on “Habs Flat As A Pancake And There’s No Excuse”

  1. Dennis, this one was no fun at all.
    What we need is for the real Habs to start playing again. The team that always finds a way. The team that never quits. The team that stumps the experts.
    We can beat these punks. We’ve been down before to much better teams and showed them.
    This team thrives on adversity and now our backs are up against the wall.
    That is why I offer you my fearless prediction.
    Habs in seven.

  2. tough to watch is right. Where’d they go and why do they choose to do this to themselves. We’ve faced adversity before but to pass up the opportunity in front of their fans is not good. I think game 5 will be just as key. If we upset there, we bring it back home. You never know.

  3. I don’t understand how we can follow up our best game of the playoffs with our worst one. In the first 2 games, we had a strong first period then quit. Today we never even showed up. Leighton didn’t shut us out, we didn’t take any shots.

    The only good part today was Dryden in the 2nd intermission. Still the smartest person associated with hockey. You know, I think he’d make a great commissioner.

  4. why was pouliot out there during the last few minutes when we needed a goal? correct me if i’m wrong but i don’t remember him scoring in these playoffs or getting many assists.

  5. Well that was about as butt ugly as Hartnell is. That really was tough to watch after the first period but that’s the drama of sports, you never really know what’s going to happen. Of course none of us thought we’d crap the bed like that. I’m starting to think that with no way to move Gomez’s contract then we have to let Plekanecs go and look for a bigger centre. The 5 mil he’ll command could go to a free agent if there is one out there that could take his place. As for A. Kostitsin and Pouliot, I’d give them till the trade deadline next year to prove their worth and if their not playing well dump them both for whatever you can get.
    The only good thing about today’s game was not having to look at that puke Carcillo.

  6. Christopher – It’s your first sentence that drove me to the bar for some serious cold ones. How they go from fantastic to stinking is beyond me.

  7. Habs in 7, Jan. And by the way, when I buy the team, are you moving from the Canucks to Habs if I offer you a job?

  8. Danno – I find it unbelievable that we’re not showing more after taking out the previous two teams. And to play so fantastic in game three and pull this stinker? I need more beer.

  9. One more thing from Dishonest John’s comments – maybe we shouldn’t re-sign Plekanec. Maybe we can get a playoff performer instead.

  10. Christopher – Dryden would be perfect. Look at the difference between him and Bettman. Dryden’s just as smart, only he gets hockey, he understands all that goes with it, he understands the passion of Canadian fans and the importance of teams there. In my book, Dryden is a perfect fit for top dog.

  11. Dennis, drowning sorrows at 3 pm must take away some of the sting. Done right, you should have a different problem by closing.
    Based on the number of shots the Habs took which missed the net by a metre I’m wondering if they were seeing double.

  12. Ah, today we fell like Maple Leafs. But here’s hoping the boys come back and make us (and Dryden, Lafleur, Robinson, Belivéau and the other Habs great watching this series) proud. Like the song, don’t stop believing. Go Habs go!

    On another note, wouldn’t some people find Ken Dryden biased if he became the commissioner (since he played for the Habs his entire NHL career)? Though it would be nice to have him in that role. He’s a very intelligent and experienced (with the hockey world) person.

  13. Habby – You’re right, people would find Dryden biased I guess, especially if the Habs got a good schedule and things like that. He’s always such a good interview. And I had no idea he was such a Habs fan now. I was surprised when he said it was too hard to watch. And speaking of too hard to watch………

  14. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I wouldn’t be surprised if JM put O’Byrne or Gill in front of the next on the PP. That way for sure we’ll have someone in front. I hear he did this with Chara. We need a move like this as we are too small to get traffic.

  15. Professionals can get past their biases. Dryden was president of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Gainey, Robinson, Lemaire all won Stanley Cups for other teams. Countless players grew up idolizing the CH and now perform at their best against the Habs in Montreal.
    I’m hoping he keeps his bias that the NHL should be geared towards hockey fans and players and not those who don’t understand the game.

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