Habs Fire Blanks Against Preds

I say we give thanks to the Nashville Predators for whitewashing the Habs 3-0.

As greedy as we are, the Canadiens aren’t going to win every game. Sometimes they have to lose, which was the case tonight. And maybe, after a four-game winning streak, the team needed their bubble burst. They weren’t world-beaters against the feisty Preds by any stretch of the imagination, they deserved to lose, and I hope their wives make them sleep on the couch tonight.

It’s an empty feeling to see Montreal not score even once after they’ve been slowly-but-surely breaking out of an offensive drought lately. Now it’s almost as if it’s back to square one. Are they in or out of their tiresome slumps?

If they’re going to lose, it might as well be tonight before they take on the Leafs on Saturday and the Flyers Monday. I just would’ve preferred if it was another five or six games before they fell flat.

Now they have to regroup, work harder than tonight, play with more jump, and last but not least, score some goals for goodness sakes.

They had their chances to be sure. Pouliot, Gionta, Gomez, and especially Jaroslav Spacek all could have buried it. Spacek was sent in completely alone in the second period, and why couldn’t it have been a Plekanec or Gionta and not the less-than-nimble Spacek?

But it’s hockey, where the unexpected is expected, and sometimes it can make us want to take up cricket.

Carey Price, for much of the game looked reasonally solid, although the third goal from far out might remind a few of the Price of the past. But he’s not to blame for this loss. No way. Every player must own up to this disappointment.

And although Price isn’t to blame, tonight would have a been an excellent time for Alex Auld to see action. Price can probably use a slight break and Auld played great in his one start of the year, a 3-1 win in Long Island. And losing to Toronto and Philadephia isn’t an option, so we need a fresh and sharp goalie on these upcoming nights.

It was just an evening at the Bell when things weren’t exactly clicking, even with some good chances, and when the Predators, with a man in the penalty box, came down on a three-on-one rush, a long night could be expected for Habs fans. Not to mention shortly after the one-sided rush that Nashville had two men in the box and Montreal still couldn’t get the job done.

This is the kind of game we move on from and not dwell. Shit happens.

But we need a much better Habs team now that they were taught a good lesson by the Nashville Predators.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – 30 apiece.

Lars Eller seemed to have picked it up a little but I must say, management has been extremely patient with this fellow who has managed just one assist in 18 games thus far.

Next up – Toronto pays a visit Saturday.

21 thoughts on “Habs Fire Blanks Against Preds”

  1. Dennis, we are all the extra player on the team. Can’t get too high or too low. Coach Savickas’ orders for the day. 🙂

  2. Last weekend was the Lord Mayor’s Show here in old London town. You will be familiar, I think, with the phrase “After the Lord Mayor’s Show”?

    It describes the depression that follows an occasion of great excitement. The kind of sensation that leaves you feeling flatter than Flat Stanley when he himself is feeling particularly flat.

    Thus after the Flyers we had last night.

    I don’t think I’m alone in having had a sneaking suspicion that the required intensity might be missing and this was one they might lose. Having kept an eye on the first 2 periods while doing a “ghoster”, as they say in the world of work, I took to my slumbers with a sense that a one goal deficit was a mountain they might not climb.

    That’s the 3rd time the Habs have gone down 3-0. And in all the other defeats they’ve also conceded 3 goals in regulation time.

    What’s with the 3 goals? Whats with the nil?

    They’re 2-2-1 south of the Mason-Dixon so given they’ll be up for whacking the Leafs, the Flyers and the Kings in a 3 game streak, were I a betting man I’d to put the life savings on losing to the Thrashers and conceding 3.

    I thought the third and fourth lines are showing signs of giving a bit more depth offensively. As you point out Dennis, there were chances and that might have shifted momentum but then Price had to make a couple of great saves early on as well, so the Preds were getting good opportunities too.

    Sadlly, the highlight of the night was flicking over during the ad breaks to watch the Flyers realise that they’d left their defense circulating on a carousel down at the airport. And, though it is a bit mean-spirited, the sight of Powe getting a check from Roy that put him on a bus to Groggsville, did make me wonder about the existence of a being who, while seeming not to care about inequality generally, likes to see things evened up on the ice.

    What’s worse losing 3-0 or 8-7 when you’ve had the lead a millionty one times?

  3. Dennis I don’t even understand cricket, but it looks as boring as baseball to me. I’m not losing sleep over this loss. Better a Western conference team get the 2 points off our backs than the Leafs or the Filthy Flyers.

    Still, would like Habs to stop playing to their opponent’s perceived inferior levels and instead crush the teams they can and should crush. I dunno if it’s a mental block or what, but I hope the Habs can get over it sooner rather than later. After a season and a half or so of it, it’s getting downright irritating.

  4. Looking forward to Saturday… Leafs – Habs ….

    Always big for us suffering Leaf fans… With no post season to look too…

    Two wins in a row for Leafs … I am almost giddy with excitement …

    Will be tough to get goals past best goalie in hockey .. King Price

  5. Someone on the radio today suggested that teams like the Preds bore the Habs. Could be true. I think it was Gionta that admitted last week that they do get fired up for certain teams, others not so much. It’s not exclusive to the Habs however, I’ve seen the same complaint written about the Pens & Caps by their fans.

    C’est la vie, I don’t even care about the Leafs that much, but the Flyers are going down, right?????? Right.

  6. Hi Moey. It really seems like some of Montreal’s biggest stinkers are against teams in the bottom half. Somehow, maybe with a few pep talks here and there, they can get a bit more fired up for these games. They’re all important. And yes, Moey. Flyers are going down and PK is going to lead the charge.

  7. Leaf Fan, You are the most civilized Leaf fan I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. (almost know). You give credit to the Habs constantly. In fact, you’re my most favourite Leaf fan and I think you’d be an incredible Habs fan.

  8. Tyg, they just didn’t seem to have their minds completely on the game. Was Pamela Anderson sitting behind the bench in a mini-skirt? Now it’s time, after this little wake-up call, to get it done against Toronto and Philly.

  9. Blue Bayou, you never cease to amaze me with your hockey intelligence. Are you sure your name isn’t Jacques and you live in Wawa or Moose Jaw? You really know how to watch a hockey game. You’re absolutely right. from early on in the game it looked as if they just might not score, let alone win. The Canadiens have a habit of doing this. Some nights, whether it was too much turkey the day before, or too much of this or that, they come out flat. Passes don’t click, shots miss the net, and they give up horrendous chances to the other side. They really have genuine off-days on some game nights. And I don’t think early morning practices or supreme kicks in the ass are going to change this. I think it comes within themselves to get up for these types. Aside from the obvious answer that it’s a long season, why can’t these guys get up for every single game and play like it’s the Stanley Cup final? There’s no real answer because teams from the beginning of time have been asleep at the wheel on occasion. Hopefully they’re fully awake for the next three games.

  10. Coach Savickas, please inform the players to be more awake on Saturday and Monday. And tell them this loss is unacceptable to Habs Universe.

  11. Dennis, I’ll rough them up and get them riled for Saturday and Monday. Not to worry. Anything less than a 110% and a huge win equals milk for adult beverage for the next month and no hankey pankey. I’m like the hanging judge-the hanging coach.

  12. Dennis, it was just one of those games where many bounces did not go in our favour. That combined with Pekka Rhinne standing on his head which resulted in the brakes being slammed on the Habs four-game winning streak.
    Coach Martin was not happy with the overall effort of his players and let it be known during the post-game interview.
    Let’s hope they kick it up a notch against the Leafs tommorow night and then the Flyers on Monday.

  13. Danno, I hope Martin really gave it to them but much of it has to come from within themselves. A good captain can stand up too and address things. A ferry sometimes has one of the four engines go down and things are out of whack a little until that particular engine gets fixed. Maybe of the Habs engines needs some tweaking. We need to see a fired-up bunch on Saturday and then Monday. All hands on deck, take no prisoners etc. etc. And make Mike Richards beg for mercy.

  14. Tyg,

    If Dennis doesn’t mind I’ll quickly run you through the mystery that is cricket. England are out in Australia and about to play a Test Series for the Ashes, which is only played between those two countries. Imagine the original six was only 2 and they burnt Lord Stanley and played for his ashes in an urn. You can see the intensity that might generate.

    Anyway it’s big for the English as they often lose to the Aussies and that’s clearly upsetting on many levels. Unlike Canadians, the Australians lack a bit of polish and sense of perspective and they tend to get lots of jobs in pubs over here replacing the Irish who knew how to serve beer properly rather than letting you stand there for an hour while they see to all the folks who arrived after you first. But I digress.

    Here are the rules, this should make it crystal clear and enable you to enjoy the upcoming Test series.

    “You have two sides, one out in the field and one in. Each man that’s in the side that’s in goes out, and when he’s out he comes in and the next man goes in until he’s out. When they are all out, the side that’s out comes in and the side that’s been in goes out and tries to get those coming in, out. Sometimes you get men still in and not out.

    When a man goes out to go in, the men who are out try to get him out, and when he is out he goes in and the next man in goes out and goes in. There are two men called umpires who stay all out all the time and they decide when the men who are in are out. When both sides have been in and all the men have been out, and both sides have been out twice after all the men have been in, including those who are not out, that is the end of the game!”

  15. Well Sir,

    You have several breaks for drinks, then lunch and then tea and you can see right there where it differs from baseball, ’cause no sport is going to catch on in the States where the crowd have to watch as the players eat more than they do.

    So time passes and before you know it five days have gone and still no result.

    Although I’m not a cricket lover, I do feel there has to be a place in the world for a game that can take 5 days to go nowhere. Sadly the short form of the game, one day and 20 overs (which takes only a few hours and doesn’t cater for major meal breaks) is taking over particularly in the Indian Sub Continent where the heartbeat of the game is really in terms of crowds and money.

  16. Blue Bayou, we all thank you for your explanation of cricket! Now we know. Simple. In and out and out and in and over and out and back in again and stop for tea and crumpets. The problem is, we can never get the games here. It’s always just hockey and those other sports. I wonder if Don Cherry is a cricket fan.

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