Habs Finish Trip On A Good Note

The Canadiens ended their three games in California with a nice 2-1 win in LA, and this solid road game takes some sting out of the last two efforts in the Golden State, and also ends a four game losing skid.

Five games would have really sucked.

The afternoon didn’t begin all that great, with Pierre Gauthier announcing that Andrei Markov will undergo arthroscopic surgery to clean up his knee, and the word now is another three or four weeks or so. It just goes on and on, like the Ever Ready bunny, the news of Andrei Markov and how his first game back is today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next Christmas, next millennium.

Maybe he’ll never be back.

Montreal gave us a feisty, patient, hard-working, hard-skating effort, didn’t scramble or panic after falling behind 9-1 in shots on goal, had a power play goal scored by Tomas Plekanec on a nice set-up from Andrei Kostitysn, and Kostitsyn, who was named first star on Hockey Night in Canada, made it two-nothing after converting a lovely tic tac toe play with Lars Eller that must have dazzled those Hollywood starlets in the crowd.

They must have cheered, those folks from Malibu and the Hollywood Hills.. And to quote John Lennon, “Would the people in the cheaper seats clap your hands. And the rest of you, if you’ll just rattle your jewelry.”

As good as Montreal was on this fine Saturday afternoon, they’re still in the disturbing habit of having to march all too often to the penalty box at inopportune times, such as Mike Cammalleri’s hooking penalty with just over three minutes to go and the Canadiens holding on. The team had six infractions in all, including Erik Cole’s for slashing after his breaking of a King player’s stick, which led to Hobo’s astute observation that you can break a man’s neck and get nothing but if you break a man’s stick you get a penalty.

Random Notes:

After the game, Mike Milbury went on a rant about how disgraceful it was of PK Subban to embellish a hit into the boards. I have this to say about that – I don’t know if it was an embellishment or not, but I do know that with PK’s skating style, he can be put off balance easier than say, some fire hydrant of a player. And if Mike Milbury firmly believes PK was out of line here, that’s fine. Because Mike Milbury’s an idiot.

I was mad at PK once in this game, when he iced the puck with just 40 seconds left. There’s nothing worse than a Habs lead late in the game and the faceoff is in their end. We’ve seen this picture before and it’s not pretty. But they got away with it, and because they did, I forgive our future superstar.

Shots on goal – 27 each.

Carey Price was solid, and Alexei Emelin continues to thump and bruise and look good. He shows how valuable a hard-hitter can be, and I wish we had several like him.

Next game – Tuesday, when a swarm of Blue Jackets invade the Bell Centre. Now that the boys have that precious losing streak win under their belts, I’m expecting some sort of winning streak to commence.

22 thoughts on “Habs Finish Trip On A Good Note”

  1. Pacioretty will be back for Tuesday’s game. I hope we keep Louis Leblanc. That goal he set up with Eller to Kostitsyn was a real beauty.

  2. The Habs are temporarily in 8th place now. Temporarily, because the Sens are playing the Caps and one of them will get two points and move ahead of us in the standings. We’re also only seven points out of first place, believe it or not…

  3. Glad to be eating my hat tonight. Price won the team the game as he has before and no doubt will again.

  4. It was, Danno. I should have mentioned Leblanc but let it slip. His first point. May he have 999 more.

  5. David, Price was great but his team picked it up a notch and looked much better. It would’ve been a dismal time if they had stunk again. Maybe they can put a little something together now.

  6. I’ve just gotten into the whole twitter thing but I was glad I was following modano to see that he thinks that Milbury is as big of an idiot as I do

  7. PJ got in a nice crack at Milbury’s expense. They were all laughing about Dipietro’s injury and PJ said something like “who drafted that guy”? Bet Milbury gave him an earful during commericals.

    I’m glad we won but sadly it’s getting to the point where I’m stunned when we win.

    Speaking of ladies in the crowd, the Andre K goal had a nice replay. There was a girl in the crowd who looked stunned when the goal went in. I laughed like hell when I saw it.

    Another thing that gets me is that on this road trip there were so many Habs jerseys in the stands. Amazing.

  8. How often do we get to see the Habs actually convert on a nice passing play? That Tic-Tac-Toe play between Kostitsyn and Leblanc was done to perfection.
    Looks like Louis Leblanc is aiming to stay in the big leagues immediately and that’s pretty ballsy and impressive, I like it.
    Hopefully those two’ll get some much needed offensive chemistry going.

    Pretty disappointing news about Markov, but what can you do, rather wait for a bit till he’s fully healed, then risking it and heightening his chances of hurting himself again.

  9. Phil, I was sure it was tic tac toe between Eller and Kostitsyn, with Leblanc starting things off, but I could be wrong.

  10. Darth, I’ve seen the Habs in Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, Washington, and Vancouver, and I think Vancouver has more Habs sweaters than anywhere. it was unreal.

  11. The replay is on the Canadiens.com site and it’s so nice it’s worth watching again.

    It’s Leblanc who carries the puck up the left side and over the blue line and makes the pass to Kostitsyn on the far side. Kostitsyn then passes to Eller in the middle who passes it back to Kostitsyn who fires it in the net.


    I love the big smile on PK’s face when the boys get together to celebrate.

    We want more of this!

  12. an awesome game. so many highlite plays. I hope Leblanc stays. will be tough with mx pac and gomez likely due back soon. doesn’t even feel like gomez has been hurt at all. there must be someone the habs can send down so leblanc stays. Obviously the kids has hockey sense and talent. stopping at the blue line immediately surprised me the most. And AK$& has been amazing. Knowing and being prepped for leblanc’s pass shows how good he really is. This guy will get over 80 points. The news about Markov was good. If he rushed back he wouldna been no good. Now we know what to do and when he will be back. He may not be 100% but his leadership will pay huge dividends. Gill is something on the powerplay. All he does is practically lie on the ice but it is effective. Hilarious to watch. We have the best goalie in the world.Period.

  13. Mayo, Palushaj has been sent down which makes room for Leblanc. And about Markov, they say a month or less but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  14. Do Bob Cole and Garry Galley hate the Kings even more than they do the Canadiens? I thought they cid a better job than usual calling the game. For once they didn’t down-play everything Montreal did.

    Leblanc may be sticking with the team for now, but will he be playing? I see three possibilities for who may be replacing healthy Palushaj in the press box. If not Leblanc the Weber experiment as forward may be over and either Weber or St-Denis will sit. Weber barely had 3 minutes of ice-time yesterday with most of them at the point on the power-play.

  15. i have give jm credit for not playing weber much after his soft play led to at least a couple of goals the other night……….. now i will take the credit back and ask, why play him on the power play if he isn’t good enough to play 5 on 5? it’s not like there is no one else on the team that can play on the PP. thx for filling in weber, see ya later.

  16. Hobo, I agree. Weber isn’t the answer at all. If they’re going to decide between him and Emelin, then for me it’s a no brainer. Give me the thumper.

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