Habs Find Their Legs Late And Take Out The Blue Jackets

It only took about 36 minutes before the Canadiens awoke from their slumber, but from then on, they battled and finally bested the Columbus Blue Jackets 5-3 on a night where once again Carey Price was stellar, and Marc-Andre Bergeron came to the forefront, played a forceful game, and scored two huge goals.

It was a night where I began to drift off as the Jackets led 2-1 and then 3-2, but I perked right up when Carey Price let his teammates know he was getting a little sick and tired of keeping it a game, and the boys rallied and beat Mathieu Garon, who had several cups of coffee with the Habs. and players throughout the lineup contributed which is a nice little change.

Mike Cammalleri, Bergeron with two, Glen Metropolit, and finally, Maxim Lapierre, with Sergei Kostitsyn earning a heart-warming assist. 

And although TSN’s Gord Miller and Pierre McGuite were quick to point out that the Blue Jackets were tired from playing the night before, the Canadiens aren’t exactly fresh and healthy either. And these announcers also couldn’t get over the fact that Montreal has been quite badly outshot in the last handful of games, but what do they expect? The team is experiencing a gaggle of injuries, for gawd’s sakes. 

The 1958-59 Habs would be outshot too if Doug Harvey, Maurice Richard and Jean Beliveau were on the shelf and half the Hull-Ottawa Canadiens were called up. Sometimes I need to mute Miller, and I’d also like to give McGuire scalp burns with my knuckles.

Geez I miss Danny Gallivan.

Random Notes:

Canadiens visit Pittsburgh tomorrow night. They beat Washington and almost beat Detroit. They can do it against Pittsburgh too.

For the first time this season, I heard rumblings that Carey Price is almost ready to be mentioned as a possible Olympian. Has he ever come a long way since the Vancouver 7-1 implosion. I hope his mom and dad are really happy campers right now.

27 thoughts on “Habs Find Their Legs Late And Take Out The Blue Jackets”

  1. Hey Dennis;Yes you are right,the first half of the game was not very much to my likeing either,but then they started the roll.Carey played another game being outshot by a fair margin,and came out on top.The game in the second half was fast and exciting,the forth and back action was very intnese and really had me jumping off my seat.Good to see Metropolit and Laperre come through.I think they all know that steppingn up isn’t an option but a necesity to succeed this season ,with all the injuries they have taken.Rick Nash is a force to be reackoned with, but if you take him out of the picture the B.J’S didnt show a whole lot of offense.
    In closing I would like to see Pierre Maguire hit with a puck everytime he asks dumb question or bothers peole on the bench,kinda like a shock collar for dogs who chase cars

  2. They seem to make a habit of coming on late, Derry. I wish they wouldn’t. I think we’d all prefer them jumping out into a four-nothing lead. But they don’t. They have to make it dramatic almost every night. But it was a good win and lots of guys contributed. Pretty good for so many good players out.

  3. Tired or not, Rick Nash is a machine. He could destroy every team singlehandedly. Also Umberger hates us (HAHA HE DIDN’T SCORE WOO!)

    Sorry, I hate Umberger.

    Of all the young Canadian goalies, it boggles my mind why Price wasn’t even invited to the camp. Whatever. I just want him here with the Habs.

  4. Yeah, 31, Remember a couple of years ago in the playoffs when Umberger was with Philadelphia and it was he who almost single-handidly did us in? And Nash – three years ago when he was with Team Canada in the World Championships, he was the best player in the tournament. And Carey in the Olympics? That’s right, we just want him here with the team.

  5. Just happy with the 2 points. Nice to be positive for a bit. Will enjoy this. Woo hoo we play tomorrow. It sure is fun to watch when we’re winning. I know its just a game but what a game. Everyone contributed. Interesting to see Price show his frustration, hopefully the D wake up a little. Good to see the energy going. Would be good if we had more possession of the puck, may help price and shots on goal. Slow start but great ending. Hope they take advantage and put some points on the board. Yay, we’re over .500.

  6. Yeah Mayo, it seems like they do this often, kind of dozy in the beginning and then they snap out of it. I wonder why that is. But a good win and Bergeron was good. And Price was pissed.

  7. It’s odd how Price and the team just can’t get in sync.
    We won the first 2 games on Price’s back. Then there was a bunch of games where we outshot the opposition but couldn’t score while Price was mediocre. Now we’re back to winning while being carried by Carey.

    Price didn’t deserve to be invited to the Olympic camp. Not the way last season ended or his last 2 playoff series. If he wants on the team, all he needs to do is keep playing like he has been the last 6-8 games. I hope he makes it.

    It might be a coincidence but Price has been a wall ever since Halak’s agent showed his twit.

  8. That was a good game, but i agree with what you guys have said, about them always needing to catch up. I’m not liking it.
    Maybe they’re lacking motivation, since there’s no captain.
    But that’s just me.

  9. Yeah, Chris. There’s no way Price should have been considered at all until just a little while ago. Heck, we weren’t sure if the number one was him or Halak. So I guess he’s got a month to stand on his head and convince Yzerman and brass that he’s good enough. But I’m sure it’s too late already.

  10. A lot of garbage calls by the refs, but the Habs – or should I say the Bulldogs – played never-say-die hockey and took it.
    This team will be awesome once the injuries are all healed.
    Dennis, I miss Danny Gallivan and Dick Irvin too. Those were the days my friend…

  11. You’re right, Danno. When this team is 100%, they’re going to be a force to be reckoned with. They’re already showing character. I just wonder why they take awhile to wake up sometimes. Dick and Danny. I can hear them now.

  12. I miss the Forum. And I miss seeing the big CH’s at centre ice at the Bell Centre. And I miss the Habs winning the Stanley Cup. I also miss the east sometimes.

  13. Dennis, I think the big CH will be back (at least I hope) after December 4th which will be officially mark the 100th anniversary date of the team. The Habs play Boston at the Bell Centre on that night.

    Just to make sure, maybe we should petition the Molsons to return things to their former glory (at least the big CH) and begin their new era of excellence.

    Also me and David Suzuki are starting a campaign to bring back stubby. The stubby was the most eco-friendly beer vessel ever made. Efficient in its design, universal and not needing any sortation at the beer store. it required far less energy to produce and was much lighter than the long necks.

    I watched this and now it’s so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye…

  14. Thanks for that, Danno. The good old stubby. Brings back a lot of memories of being really stupid at a young age. (with hangovers thrown in).

  15. Thanks Dennis. That’s a handsome beer bottle. I hope you still have it.

    I have an idea for Molson’s.

    Since the Habs have won 24 cups, why don’t they put out a commemorative two-four with each (bottle or can) featuring pictures and facts of each of their Stanley Cup victories. I’ll drink to that!

    Molson people, I ask in exchange for my fabulous idea that you grant Dennis Kane his worthy demand to replace the 100th anniversary logo at centre ice with the original big CH. Money and free beer for both me and Dennis would also be greatly appreciated.

  16. You’re a genius, Danno. That 24 pack is a perfect idea. And free beer for you and me! And we need the CH’s back so your idea is absolutely perfect.

  17. Thanks Dennis.

    The above postings shall serve as evidence should any dispute arise over copyrights over the Habs Stanley Cup two-four beer case. Cheers!

  18. That’s right. The comments are dated so no one can pull a fast one. You’re going to be rich, Danno!

  19. Sent this to Molson’s tonight –

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing to you because I have developed an interesting marketing proposal which will enable Molsons to enhance its product profile and increase sales. I am quite excited about this concept and I am confident if Molson accepts my proposal, it will result in an extremely succesful campaign.
    If you would kindly inform me of the process for presenting your company with my proposal I will be pleased to provide you with the details.

  20. Danno, you’re really on to something. And it’s not just beer drinkers. Collectors would want this too! I’m in both categories so I’d need at least two.

  21. If you miss the stubbies, try to find the classic Red Cap ale sold by Brick Brewery from Waterloo. Besides being good beer, it’s a discount line, at least in Ontario.

  22. Great idea Danno. The only problem I see is that I won’t be learning much from the 24th bottle. I guess I’ll have to buy a second case and try again the next weekend.

  23. Dennis, I hope the Molson brothers realize how much of your liver you sacrifice just for the love of the Habs.

  24. They should know this, Chris. And they could make it up to me. There’s several ways I can think of.

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