Habs Finally Win Big

I’m not going to gush about the Canadiens big 6-3 win over the Atlanta Thrashers Tuesday. But I’m adamant that the Stanley Cup parade route should make its way down Ste. Catherines past what’s left of the old Forum. I feel it’s only right.

It didn’t start out well for the Habs. Atlanta had more three-on-ones than Hugh Hefner. And when the Thrashers tied the score at two after Koivu took a penalty for holding the stick, I thought it was all going to fall apart. There were an assortment of bad passes, (but I’m not naming names, Patrice Brisebois.) There were the usual too many penalties. And as far as Koivu’s penalty goes, I can understand most infraction – high sticking, elbowing, you name it. But I can’t understand holding the stick. You never get away with it. It’s called every time. It’s something that can and must be avoided. But I forgive you, Saku. You came through in a big way. Just don’t do it again.

The big line erupted.

Alex Tanguay netted two goals and three assists, Saku Koivu had one goal and two assists, and Alex Kovalev finished with two goals and one assist. It felt great for the fans. Imagine how it must have felt for these three? And Kovalev getting a couple was almost a given because my wife went and got her lucky Grand Canyon rock and made a wish on it that Kovy would score a couple and he did. I don’t know why she hasn’t been utilizing her rock more often.

Glen Metropolit scored the other, which is nice. The poor bugger gets picked up by Montreal and sees all the nonsense going on around him and probably wishes he was back in the low-income, inner-city projects in Toronto where he grew up.

Such a big win, which is an understatement to end all understatements. They were an absolutely different team than the one that skated against Toronto. Now they wait for Tampa Bay to show up for Thursday’s tilt and you can bet the farm you’ll see Koivu, Tanguay and Kovalev together again. It’s going to really interesting to see what they do then.

Random Notes:

Andrei Markov had three big assists, and Carey Price played great sometimes and not-so-great other times. But that’s fine.

4 thoughts on “Habs Finally Win Big”

  1. Koivu took the holding the stick penalty because he was knocked down and stuck out his hand, trying to grab on to anything that would help him catch his balance. It wasn’t a stupid play, he just got outmuscled. I guess we could forgive him for that also.

  2. It sounds like a game that could have gone the other way early on. But it didn’t and lets hope this gives everybody a little confidence going forward. That was truly a number 1 line and if they can produce even a little of that each night it will be huge and allow our number 2 line of 1 plecky and 2 tities time to come together. You have to wonder what Dandenault did to piss someone off. It seems every time he plays he has a decent game but then sits. Very odd and why does Breezer get to play so much? Does he have pictures on someone? Just asking.

  3. Congrats on the big win tonight all you habers, you guys definitely earned that win and its about time the habs had an outburst in scoring, they were over due for that. Hopefully you guys can build some momentum off this win and put the playoff doubts aside.

  4. Dishonest John- I often wonder the same about Breezer… Once again he had an atrocious game last night.
    I could understand playing him to his 1000th, it’s symbolic and all that – out of the goodness of our collective hearts, I think he deserved to play that 1000th game.
    BUT! Why oh why does he have to keep on playing? Every game counts. Every goal against counts.
    They take forever to rebuild confidence when they get scored on (If they rebuild confidence at all!) and Breezer is good for 1-2 goals against per game, guaranteed.
    I just don’t get it…

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