Habs Fan Tackles South America

A bicylist on a mission, showing his Habs colours for 12,000 kms. of the South American continent on the YouTube video below. And then Pierre Boivin, team prez, comes on with a ringing endorsement for all the good work this Habs fan, Ryan Stotland, is doing for charities.


I am a huge fan of the habs and your site.  Right now I write to you from a town called Los Lomas which is in Peru just before the border of Ecuador.  I will cycle for two more weeks before finishing a 4 and a half month bike journey which started in Rio de Janeiro in Ecuadors capital city of Quito. In the process of doing this bike trip I raised funds for 2 charities (climate change and skin cancer). The institutions benefiting are the David Suzuki Foundation and the Jewish General Hospital respectably. Recently my friend (Jack Lee) from Montreal helped compile some of the pics I had been sending him with me wearing my habs jersey around the continent and made a music video. Pierre Boivin is also in the video saying that he endorses the ride and charities. Anyways I invite you to watch the video
and check out my website www.12000km.org
So far I have raised roughly 104,000 dollars but have set my goal even higher. 
It would be great to share the story with other habs fans on your site and hopefully get some of them to support two great causes.
Best wishes,
Ryan Stotland 

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