Habs Fall To Leafs In OT

The Canadiens fell 4-3 in overtime to the visiting Toronto Maple Leafs, and the hockey world is in utter disbelief that Montreal would give…

…a run for their money.

Yes, Montreal would take the lead just 2:19 into the first period when Jeff Petry blasted one from the point after a nice set up by Jonathan Drouin, they were outplaying the blue and white by a nice margin, the Bell crowd was happy, life was as it should be, but two goals in 44 seconds by the Leafs, who are…

in the history of the world…and the Habs looked to be in big trouble because the Torontonians can score and the Montrealers can’t, so we waited for the Bell Centre roof to cave in. But lo and behold, Alex Galchenyuk, with his first goal (and point) of the season while on the power play, the team’s first PP goal of the season, and it was hard to believe for all concerned.

How could the lowly Montreal Canadiens hang tough like this? Against a team that Central Canada hockey broadcasters, writers, analysts, hanger-ons, groupies, Don Cherry, Richard Simmons, Kim Jong-un, 5000 Syrian refugees, and many more, all consider to be…

Donald Trump can’t wait to invite them to Washington where he’ll have blue trim painted around the White House windows in honour of this juggernaut. Although he’s undecided about Nazem Kadri.

Montreal took the lead in the second period when Jonathan Drouin redirected a Karl Alzner hard pass from the blueline, but just 1:10 later, Patrick Marleau inched the puck just over the line, the teams were tied at three, and would remain so for the rest of the middle frame and all of the third.

Sadly in overtime, Auston Mathews notched the winner, Leaf fans rejoiced, and Sportsnet’s Daren Millard, who compares the Leafs to  Gretzky’s Oilers, had to be excused to go to the bathroom.

All in all, it was Montreal’s best outing of this young season, and now have 1 win, 3 losses, and 1 overtime loss/point racked up. Most importantly, three guys who had yet to score – Petry, Galchenyuk, and Drouin, did so, and maybe it’ll get them rolling. Rome wasn’t built in a day, a few others need to step up, and Max needs to stop shooting from far out at goalies who stop these type of shots while gawking at lovely ladies in the stands.

Another concern lingers, the sometimes mediocre backstopping of Carey Price. With this lineup we need Price at his best most of the time, but it hasn’t happened yet. We’ve seen some sensational stops from the guy, but because he’s Price, we need more than just some.

They fought valiantly but couldn’t get it done against the…

Random Notes:

The Canadiens now jet to California for games in San Jose on Tuesday, L.A. Wednesday, and Anaheim on Friday.  What a shitty October schedule for this team. Not that there should be any excuses I suppose.

Time now for…


6 thoughts on “Habs Fall To Leafs In OT”

  1. Me thinks that Carey Price is not a happy camper with CH management…will history repeat itself “a la Patrick Roy”?
    I’m staying tuned.

    Beerburger… most be a typo…shouldn’t it be Bearburger?

  2. Price has been very average, eh Ed, but we’ve seen this before, usually on Western Canada swings. I’m not sure why he’d be upset, but if he is, he’d better adjust himself. It’s all about the team game. Or it should be anyway.

  3. I sort of agree with ed when CJ put more emphasis on defense last season to take a bit of pressure off him he was happy but now that MB has decimated our defense the pressure has returned and he has to be our savior once again. The opposition teams are getting far too many quality opportunities and he can’t be expected to stop all of them. I know he’s not tanking but he must be thinking what was management’s reasons for not receiving adequate replacements. I know because I still am wondering the same thoughts!

  4. I was afraid this might happen.
    10.5M for eight years was way too much for too long.
    After Price signed his huge contract I thought he might become the reverse-Gomez.

    Scotty couldn’t put it in.
    And now it looks like Carey can’t stop them from going in.

    Stay tuned…

  5. Agree, Danno. Price has been mediocre, and rolling in dough. Yep, stay tuned. It might get uglier.

  6. Hi Mike. The defence has been decimated and I’d like to know why. And all those Russians gone now. Russians who made a difference.

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