Habs Fall To Bruins

The longer the game went on, with Montreal getting so many chances and not scoring, the more nervous I got. And even though P.K. Subban finally broke the ice on the power play at 10:53 of the middle frame, it seemed the Bruins were beginning to adjust, and sure enough, Boston would hold their ground, score two quick ones early in the third, and skate away with a 2-1 win at the Bell Centre.

There will be no first place for the Montreal Canadiens tonight. It must wait for another time. And there will be no “what ifs” from me after so many Habs chances in the first half, and a bunch scattered throughout. The Bruins won it, the Canadiens didn’t, and now it’s onward to Buffalo to shake it off, regroup, get the kids going again, and stay within reach of first in the east.

It was a simple enough loss. The Canadiens couldn’t score on numerous chances, managed just one power play goal in five chances, Boston reined the Habs in, (although it took awhile), and put Montreal off their freewheeling game just enough to give themselves a chance to win. Which they did. Now we wait until March 3, when the Habs meet these Bruins in Boston, when revenge should be the order of the day.

Random Notes:

Montreal had the Bruins outshot 7-0 for a while in the first, but in the end, when all was said and done, it was Boston 23, Montreal 21.

During the pre-game warmup, Lars Eller rang the puck off Carey Price’s family jewels. But Eller can’t be blamed. It seemed a perfectly manageable shot just a few feet off the ice. It’s the ones that come in hard at the face that goalies mostly get upset with. Price seemed angry, and no wonder. He’s engaged, and down the road he and she will probably want kids.

Next up – tomorrow (Thursday) in Buffalo.




9 thoughts on “Habs Fall To Bruins”

  1. ” IF IT’S AND BUTS WERE CANDY AND SPICE, WE’d ALL BE SWEET AND NICE—BUT WE LOST THE GAME SO WE’RE SOUR AND UGLY ” My friend, Big John Ferguson, said that after the Jets lost one with him as coach. IT was a good game but Boston IS gooder!!

  2. I watched the game on Canadiens Express and I swear it almost felt like watching last year’s team. So going to that annoying staff meeting wasn’t as painful after all.

    As much as it sucks to lose to them of all people, I still feel we’re doing a heck of a lot better than expected this year. You can’t win them all and sometimes they just lay a rotten egg of a game.

    If we lose against Toronto on Saturday then I’ll be royally pissed. (I have a feeling we’re losing tonight against Buffalo).

  3. Darth, they looked excellent in the first period but you could see things gradually turn. They missed way too many chances. The score could have been about 4-0 after the first but Rask was good. .

  4. Peter Hab, Boston wasn’t that much better. They were lucky Rask was on his game. I think the Bruins just sort of figured out how to slow things down and showed some patience. Montreal’s gotta start burying those chances.

  5. re DarthAlexander

    Now now don’t be letting my Leafs get under your skin when they come to town on Saturday….We have lost Lupul to a broken arm (snapped by a Phaneuf 4 foot high point shot) and Kessel has not scored a goal yet.

    p.s Kessel trade rumours are heating up…Hab’s want to chat trade ?

  6. Leaf Fan: I might be willing to give Kessel a shot (I think his contract is up this year isn’t it?) but we’re loaded with RW guys as far as I can remember.

    Please please take back Kaberle. 🙁

  7. It seems when Boston comes across the blueline the puck goes to one of their guys–when we goe across the blueline the puck goes anywhere. Guess 50 pluss years of rooting I have high standards!!

  8. Kessel has one year to go before free agency…Leafs have to trade him because Burke blew it trying to do a fast rebuild with a very weak team.
    Also Burke was unable to find a top playmaking centreman to feed him.
    Unless they get a top end centre (Bozak his buddy is a 3rd liner) he can be shut down easily by a team like the Bruins…

    Kessel is a good fit on a contending team as a powerplay triggerman

    Kaberle in his prime was actually a good PP quarterback but always was soft defensively in front of the net ….

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