Habs Fall Short Against Caps

The Canadiens gain just a point in losing 5-4 to the the visiting Washington Capitals after the seesaw battle went to a shootout where our guys shot blanks while one of their guys, Troy Brouwer, didn’t.

A good but not great game by the Canadiens, although they allowed just two shots by the Caps in the first period and had the fine art of throwing a blanket over the opposition down pat.

They looked good in the beginning and showed solid spurts throughout 60 minutes. But stopping big number 8 didn’t happen, which is always the key to handling Washington, and Carey Price allowed 4 goals on his first 16 shots, which isn’t exactly normal.

And although Washington could only manage two shots in that first period, the boys could only dredge up six shots themselves, so it wasn’t exactly a moment in time that they can brag to friends and family about either.

Back and forth the scoring went, beginning in the second period when Jeff Petry kicked things off, but the game soon became tied when the Caps found themselves on a two-on-one after P.K. was out of the play after being held and interfered with. (No penalty of course, because sadly, P.K. has made his bed).

Alex Ovechkin would put his team in the lead with Max in the box for holding, but just 39 seconds later, Tom Gilbert would take a nice pass from Parenteau and even things up.

Nice to see a couple of Habs blueliners, Petry and Gilbert, light the lamp.

Not quite four minutes after Gilbert’s goal, Lars Eller would convert a nice pass from Dale Weise, who had taken a rebounding puck off the backboards, and fed it back in slick fashion.

Eller, it seems, is now getting nice and primed for another big postseason. Hopefully Weise too.

In the third period, a couple of Caps’ power play goals put the Canadiens in a mess of trouble, but P.K. Subban, on a power play, blasted a blueline bomb and sent the game to overtime, which remained scoreless.

In the end, not the greatest shootout display from Les Glorieux, with Galchenyuk, Desharnais, Parenteau, and Max failing miserably, while Brower didn’t.

Now it’s down to four Habs games left in the 2014-15 regular season. A long season. But one that’s shown the Montreal Canadiens way up there, all the way through. Even though they often disappoint us.

Random Notes:

Canadiens outshot the Caps 27-19.

Ovechkin, now with 52 goals, is poised to win his third straight Rocket Richard Trophy. Now there’s some hardware that could use a Montreal Canadiens name on it for a change.

Montreal went 1/4 on the power play, which is better than most nights, while Washington was 3/4.

P.K. Subban collected a goal and 2 assists, while Galchenyuk had 2 assists as well.

Next Up – Friday night in New Jersey.


9 thoughts on “Habs Fall Short Against Caps”

  1. Has securing a playoff spot made the boys in red, white and blue blasé about the balance of the season? Saving the “good
    stuff” for post season? I hope the latter part is right.
    Something is not right at the moment….maybe I’ll be spending the postseason watching Netflîx….and not the net behind Carey Price.

  2. They’ve lost 4 of their last 5, Ed, so your point is well taken. But I believe we’ll see a different team in the playoffs, and the regular season will become a distant memory. I’m trying to force optimism into my little brain. They’re going to Come Together, as the lads once warbled.

  3. Could it be the Habs are making sure they don’t rack up too many points so they can still jockey for position and decide who they will meet in the first round?

    Stranger things have happened.

  4. Good thoughts guys, but THE MASTER of “jockeying” -in various ways- has passed on. NO ONE has come close to his manegerial AND player evaluation skills/insights —AKA Mr. Sam Pollock!!!! He was 5 trades ahead of everyone who thought they “fleeced” him. He’d know how to manage the schedule.
    It’s a long grueling season, with players having personal issues—like us—-and cushy pay stubs–unlike us—-and jet lag etc. We can hope the boys are fine tuning the fuel injectors for the “real” season which begins soon. I have my fears—YES!! BUT; Petry really thumped a few guys last night—HARD into the boards. There were a few others also. Prust seems healthy and hungry—hopefully getting ornery too, hello Dale#22. Eller coming alive.
    On Gilbert’s goal, a guy came up the boards with the puck, TWICE bulldozing thru a small gap between boards and Capital guys to pass the puck onwards. Are we seeing some grit in it’s early stages??? Speed Grit AND Carey could carry us to a good spring! I only hope I’m seeing something develop and not just wishing it did
    And Mr. Mike , those thots gave me a better sleep than my initial take on the game–it wasn’t fit for the electric media!! [happy face here]
    So Dennis , thanks again for your “page” where I can find solace for my ” hockey world”
    This Good Friday and Easter provide solace and thankfullness for my Spiritual life.,one of deep faith in the Risen Saviour. Had to say that.
    Whatever this weekend means to you readers and writers— may you enjoy it much!!!

  5. P.S.My last paragraph may have offended some folks. So as to not interfere with the purpose of this site—HABS— your comments can be sent to me at peterrhe@hotmail.com I’ll absorb your thoughts there rather then this site. Sorry for any ruffled feathers. Peter

  6. Don’t worry about that, Peter. I’ll absorb any thoughts regarding that. I probably have similar beliefs, and I have no qualms saying “Merry Christmas” on Dec. 25. Last night I thought Petry and Galchenyuk played well, and the team as a whole looked fine. But they couldn’t stop the other team’s power play and the big Russian. They need to beat NJ tonight. A mediocre team, and the last thing we need is a slump before playoffs. Happy Easter to you.

  7. Danno, I think Price needs that 42nd win.It would also be nice to see a finely tuned machine heading into the playoffs, and I feel they did look good last night. Just not great, which they’re going to have to be very soon.

  8. I’d say play Tokarski tonight for the second of back-to-back, and if Price wins on Sunday, shut him down for the last two games. Even if he doesn’t win, giving him the extra rest is probably best anyways. No point risking injury.

  9. Agree 100% Christopher. Maybe rest a few others too. The problem is, resting for several games might make them rusty for the key first playoff game.

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