Habs Fall In Mountains

Things might have been different if Montreal didn’t allow Colorado to tie the game at one with just six seconds left in the first period.

That’s strictly hindsight of course.

And while I’m at it – If PK Subban would put some muscle into some of his clearing attempts, the other team might not intercept and score, as was the case with the Avalanche winning goal and has been the case with Subban several times in the past few games.

That’s four losses in five games. C’mon boys, Carey Price is doing his job. Now it’s your turn.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – 29-28 Habs.

Mike Cammalleri scored the opening goal on a nice set-up from Tomas Plekanec. Alexandre Picard also bulged the twine. Both goals came on the power play, although Habs penalty killers gave up two to the Avalanche.

Next up – In Dallas on Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “Habs Fall In Mountains”

  1. Dennis, someone wrote a piece about something a worrying trend which I have noticed about how the last minute of the first period is often key. They did a bit of research and confirmed what I suspected…


    From Habs Talk Radio…


    Since Nov 1st there has been a bad trend that I noticed:

    Nov 6th Vs Ottawa: 19:51 1st period Ott goal (Loss)
    Nov 26th Vs Atlanta: 19:41 1st period Atl goal (Loss)
    Dec 1st. Vs Edmonton: 18:45 1st period Edm goal. (Loss)
    Dec 7th. Vs Ottawa: 17:50 1st period Ott goal. (Win)
    Dec 10th. Vs Detroit: 19:58 1st period Det goal. (Loss)
    Dec 15th. Vs Flyers: 19:42 1st period Phi goal. (Loss)
    Dec 19th. Vs Colorado. 19:54 1st period Col goal. (Loss)

    Read more:


  2. Very interesting, Danno. Seven times in just over a month have they let this happen. This has to be fixed pronto. And is this another new Habs blog?

  3. Dennis, the article is written by someone named JD. It could be a new site. Anyways, it’s the first time I’ve seen it.

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