Habs Fall In Game 4

The Canadiens lost a tight one in New York, falling 2-1 to a revitalized Rangers team, and now it’s gonna take six games instead of five to dispatch these NY bastards to the nearest golf course.

I want these guys gone. I’m tired of Zuccarello and Kreider and McDonagh and Nash and the lousy cop anthem singers. Tired of all things Rangers. Let me be the first to say good riddance after the Canadiens put the hammer down on Thursday and Saturday.

Nash ran Price, and how beautiful it would’ve been to see Weber send the big Rangers’ nose and several chiclets into the upper deck. Kreider’s been a bum but he remains despicable regardless. Zuccarello, waving his stick that would be too big for Mike McCarron, needs to be scalped by Steve Ott.

The little bugger might have the longest stick on his team. Maybe he’d be better if he cut a foot or so off it. Maybe he’s never thought of it.

Their goaltender, Henny Lunny, the one who embarrasses teammates for all to see after they make a mistake like not getting him a stick during the play, can’t always be so lucky to have a puck hit his stick that’s laying on the ice, and have the biscuit scoot safely away.

And of course there was that Shea Weber missile that clanged off the iron late in the game. Henny was full of it on this night.

The Canadiens will pull their pants up Thursday in Montreal, and finish it back on Broadway. Then the New Yorkers, including the anthem singers, can take in some Bronx and Queens baseball and not be back on my TV until next fall.

Turnovers played a role in the Habs falling short. Name a defenceman – he turned it over. All of them. Most flagrant was Andrei Markov letting a puck at the backboards carom off his skate and straight out to Jesper Fast, who banged it home.

But still in the first period, Torrey Michell converted a Radu to Mitchell to Weber to Mitchell, shortly after a Radu penalty was over, the game was suddenly tied, and visions of a 3-1 series lead danced in my head.

Sadly, not only did New York dominate the second period, a goal from that Nash fellow put the team ahead, and try as Montreal might in the third, especially in the dying moments, they weren’t able to light the lamp, and the series is again tied.

Playoff hockey isn’t for the faint of heart. Thunderous hits, chirping, bleeding faces, sore noses. And that’s just in my living room. The play on the ice was almost as bad.

And as exciting as this series has been, I want it over in six games. Speaking for myself, of course.

Maybe you want seven games. Maybe you’re not as sick of Zuccarella and Henny and Nash and those dudes as I am. But I think you are.

Big game on Thursday. Huge.



6 thoughts on “Habs Fall In Game 4”

  1. Rangers pretty much ran them out of the building in the 2nd period. They weathered the storm in the first, were still only a goal down after that 2nd period but had no puck luck during the game. Just didn’t generate enough chances and they have to do that in volume because they are hardly loaded with snipers. I am relatively happy with the effort given but agree with Dennis that they coughed the puck up too much.

    These are 2 evenly matched teams. The refs have put the whistles away so you aren’t going to get many clear cut chances and when you do…you have to bury them. The Habs didn’t do that and here we sit. Rangers had a very good bounce back game. Credit given. But now chop their heads off in MTL..lol

  2. For sure, Rob, the Rangers played well. Our guys came close, Weber’s post was a heartbreaker, and I love your comment – “now chop their heads off in Montreal”. Love that. Big game on Thursday and I just hope no one knocks on my door during game, because I won’t be answering.

  3. Give and they shall receive.
    Sloppy second did us in. It may be sacrilegious to say so, but Pricey looked weak on those two goals. I mean five hole on both?? It was nice to see 14 players on the ice when we scored and to see Henny deked out of his jock on that play. His reaction was typical. Weber’s shot was so hard you could see the crossbar move from the overhead. Yow! Thursday will be the decider in my opinion.

  4. Thanks Billy. Our guys need to goad them into penalties, bother Henny, flex some muscle, never stop skating, get the first goal. And with all the broken sticks flying around, they need a quality stick boy. Like me. Thursday should be a beauty.

  5. Weber’s post was a heart breaker for sure. We have to win big next game. Throw Lundquist off.

  6. Absolutely, Marjo. Throw him off his game. Throw the whole team off. Win big and then finish it in NY. Get on a roll and keep it going. I want to go back to Montreal for the parade.

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