Habs Fall Flat

Not even an army of shrinks could come close to explaining the Montreal Canadiens in their pathetic 3-0 loss to the Washington Capitals, in a game they needed, coming after one of their best performances of the year against the NY Rangers.

There can be absolutely no excuse for what the Habs gave us on this chilly Wednesday night. No drive, no passion, no push, in such a crucial game. It makes no sense. In fact, I’m sure there’s not a soul on the planet who could explain this. Freud and Frasier would be baffled.

It might have been the most disappointing game of the year for me. I’m beyond angry. This team should take out a full-page ad in a couple of newspapers, apologizing for what they gave us after we had built up such hope. And yet they won’t have to sneak out of the Bell Centre in shame after showering and dressing. Folks will be waiting patiently, and clamour for these multi-millionaires’ autographs and handshakes. It makes me nauseous.

How can a team come out and accomplish so little against a Washington Capitals squad that impresses no one, a mediocre bunch that managed just 16 shots on Carey Price, three of which went in? It’s such an inexplicable mind-blower. It’s unforgivable for these Montrealers to be flat when they needed to be sharp.

How about those folks who paid a bushel of dollars for their tickets, especially the ones who came from out of town and got hotel rooms and were excited to see the Canadiens in living colour, some for the first time. Then they see this garbage. The team should be sued for ticket price rip-off. No way was this thing worth more than a buck fifty. Fans came out expecting a hockey game and they got a muzak concert.

The power play was once again a supreme disaster, failing to score on 14 minutes of extra advantage. The team as a whole, and as they have been on so many nights this season, were out of sync and disorganized. And I’ll just bet if the camera had panned the Habs bench late in the game, we would’ve seen Scott Gomez laughing. Maybe I just missed it as I walked from room to room, muttering.

This team, after playing so well just three days ago, should have had bounce, new-found killer instinct, a feeling that they could actually get things going. Instead they played like they had massive hangovers. I just can’t get over it.

Random Notes:

Habs in Pittsburgh Friday and Toronto on Saturday.

Rene Bourque hit the post on a breakaway.


13 thoughts on “Habs Fall Flat”

  1. That’s it, I’m done. Cooked. Fried. Deflated. Depressed.

    I’ll be back if and when THEY”RE back. Honestly, it’s a waste of time.

  2. I almost went to this game! Before the season began, my source for tickets asked me which ones I wanted. I picked the Boston pre-season one (a loss), the Detroit one next week and the Leafs in March. He then got back to me and said tonight’s game was available. I passed and thank god I did! If I had been at tonight’s game I would be so pissed off.

    I’d say this and the St. Louis game are easily the two worst games this year that I can think of. I am not sure which feed you watched this on but I watched it on TSN and the place sounded like a tomb. Scott Gomez actually was cheered tonight! He was also caught laughing on the bench of course. It’s incredible how inconsistent this team is.

    The power play is absolutely awful. Don’t even bother giving us one because it’s for nothing!

    Kaberle is awful. Really awful. We have him for two more years. Great.

    I am so tired of this. They keep giving us this little bit of hope every now and then, just enough to raise all our spirits and then they pull games like this. I have some real doubts for the next few games but with this team who knows what to expect. We could win the next two then lose 5 in a row.

    I’m not even kidding myself, I know we won’t make the playoffs. There is just no way. So I have to figure out who to cheer for now when they start. Go Hawks go!

    What a disgrace of a season. I hope and pray that McGuire becomes out new GM. Get Gauthier out of here on the biggest catapult we can find and let’s move on.

  3. You said it so well Dennis and fans should be outraged.

    Something is not right. The players must be on strike again.

  4. i doubt we have a chance. I like bourque though. At least he has some pride. The rest can kiss my A$$. They arent worth watching anymore. A 6 minute PP??? Looking a friggin gifthorse in the mouth and they refuse. Jackassess!!

  5. I would take McGuire as a GM because first of all he’s a fan of the team, he’s from here, he’s bilingual, he’s got a lot of hockey knowledge, he knows the minor leagues like the back of his hand and he’s also a calm intelligent guy who wouldn’t be any worse than Pierre Friggin’ Gauthier is.

  6. You’ll hate me:

    Shouldn’t have traded Halak.
    Randy is not working.
    PG’s not working (think we all agree on this one).

  7. Marjo – another issue: Randy is in charge of the power play and has been since the season began. Look where it is. I hate to kick the guy because he’s certainly had a hell of a time lately but our power play is lousy and has been lousy all year.

  8. DK, you mentioned in your post about fans coming from staying in a hotel because they had travelled a great distance. That was me last year and they lost two zip to the Capitals & yes I was pissed spending good money to watch CRAP!!!

  9. I hate report that on TSN last night that … hold your hat … Jacques Martin is a strong candidate for GM of the Habs…..Apparently the Habs still own him 3 million and it would be economical to hire him….

  10. Leaf Fan, don’t buy into it. If they do, then this organization is really stupid. We’re a laughingstock as it is already. I sincerly hope that Molson isn’t that crazy.

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