Habs Fall Flat

It was going so well too. The crowd was pumped and happy. There was a friendly, robust cheer for new coach Michel Therrien. The torch was passed from past captains, from Yvan Cournoyer to the Pocket, from Vincent Damphousse to Serge Savard, and then Jean Beliveau handed it to present-day captain Brian Gionta.

The torch then made its way from player to player, Alex Galchenyuk heard a nice welcome from the faithful, as did Francis Bouillon and the others. It was all very nice, because that’s what happens in Montreal – nice pre-game ceremonies. If these things won Stanley Cups, the Montreal Canadiens would never lose. Every year the bleu, blanc et rouge would hoist the hardware. It’d be a hundred in a row.

Unfortunately, once the puck was dropped on this Hockey Night in Canada affair at the Bell Centre, the Habs couldn’t get untracked. The torch thing had worn them out, I suppose.

Brandon Prust scrapped with the Leafs Mike Brown, and did a fine job. But more sandpaper is required from Prust, not just the odd fight. We’d need him to be a menace to society from start to finish.

Carey Price was good in goal, and if the Habs had decided to show some zip and pressure in the first two periods, Price might have racked up a well-earned win. But the boys in front of him were flat as a pancake, and all it does is be a reminder of days gone by.

Young Alex Galchenyuk, in his first game in the bigs, had several shots on goal, but he has to remember, these aren’t junior goalies. His wrist shots from thirty feet out will be stopped pretty well every time.

The third period was slightly better. The Canadiens showed some jump, had some chances, and finally Brian Gionta found the back of the Leafs net to close the gap to one and wake the nodding crowd up somewhat. But it wasn’t enough as the Leafs held on to claim bragging rights, at least until the next time these two meet, on Feb. 9.

Montreal’s special teams leaved a lot to be desired. The Leafs scored both of their goals on power plays, while the Canadiens went one for five on their chances. But worse than the power plays, for most of the night they didn’t storm the net and cause havoc and commotion, or show much of anything. It was like a team of Scott Gomez’ out there. And P.K. Subban was certainly missed for his passion, his fire, his shot, his skating, and his larger-than-life presence. This guy has to get signed.

Habs bow to the Leafs. I miss the lockout.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – 26-22 Leafs.

The Desharnais, Pacioretty, Cole line has seen better nights. They were a B in my book, when we need an A every night. There’s only 47 games left for goodness sakes.

Alexei Emelin has picked up where he left off last year, with good, clean, bone-crunching hits that makes people keep their heads up. Emelin was a bright light in a dark and less-than-stormy opening night.

Just a dismal start. Hopefully the Canadiens can show some jump on Tuesday when Alex Kovalev and the Florida Panthers come a-callin’. They showed some in the third on this night, and maybe they liked how it felt.





14 thoughts on “Habs Fall Flat”

  1. Well, that was really the broken down outhouse of games wasn’t it?

    I think the red in the jerseys tonight stood for rust. Their timing was off, no one seemed to be able to keep the puck in the offensive zone (pucks zipping by, bouncing off sticks, etc).

    According to Dave Stubbs, Beliveau left after 20 minutes. I don’t blame him.

    It’s only one game and it’ll take a while to get into gear but I just hope we don’t click when we’re already way behind and out of the race. If not, hello Nathan Mackinnon.

  2. Wasn’t good, Darth, but like you say, it’s just one game. But they can’t lose too many. They need to win on Tuesday against Kovalev’s team.

  3. Last year Carey Price told us to CHILL OUT– it’s only an exibition game. I passed on a supper out w/my wife to watch MY BOYS. LIFE SUCKS !!!!! The pre-game brought tears—as usual [I know how to live in the past] the game brought frustration. ALL teams are rusty etc—BUT AT LEAST PUT SOME PRIDE ON YOUR CHEST. T hey will give us some good nites I’m sure. Sorry to take your time but they took mine

  4. From 1st place to last place in no time flat.

    No intensity or passion at all.

    What does it take to make these millionaires care?

    The sky isn’t falling yet but the boys better pull up their socks, and soon.

    We need P.K.

  5. Boy the Habs need a guy name PK…..Last night may have been the battle between the 14th & 15th place teams …Who do you want Seth Jones or Nathan McKinnon…

  6. Dear Dennis

    Leaf fans are acting cocky and making fun of me and my Habs friends.

    It makes me mad because the Leafs are the suckiest sucks that ever sucked.

    This isn’t good for my morale.

    Can you please give me some advice?


    Habby McHabsalot

  7. Dear Habby McHabsalot,
    For these Leaf fans you must do two important things, buy extra sharp steel-toed boots, and then kick’em in the nuts. But not Leaf Fan in Ottawa because he’s a regular here.
    Dear Flabby

  8. Leaf Fan, that wasn’t the way things were supposed to happen. A quite pathetic effort on our part. I don’t know why. Now I suppose Leaf fans are happy, Habs fans are ready to throw up.

  9. Danno, how many times last year did they come out flat and dead like that? Way too often. It was deja vu. The same old song. I don’t get it. Is it the Bell Centre that does it to them. Is it cursed?

  10. Peter Hab, that’s right, the pre-game was nice, and the game was pathetic. I wish I knew why sometimes these guys can play so uninspired. I shake my head.

  11. Thank you Dennis for protecting my family jewels (sharp steel toed boots ..yikes) . Its going to a 48 game dash to the finish….

  12. Once again the Canadiens showed that when it comes to honours, we’re by far the best. Our pre-game ceremony was even better than the Kings who had the Stanley Cup.

    I was a bit disappointed in Bouillon who looked very scruffy for the occasion and Price too who looked silly chewing gum. And I hope those weren’t boos coming from the fans when the Leafs were announced, we should have more class than that. Boo them during the game, not during the ceremony.

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