Habs Experience Devil Of A Time

Canadiens fall 4-1 to the New Jersey Devils and it’s simply a reminder that no team wins every game.

This one would have been nice, though. They could’ve caught the Bruins.


The Habs played fine after they shook the mysterious cobwebs from their legs after the first period. They had their chances, and they were given the added bonus of playing two-thirds of the afternoon against Johan Hedberg in nets instead of Martin Brodeur, who left with some sort of pull or whatever.

They just couldn’t solve the blanket the Devils throw over teams once New Jersey gets the lead, as happened today when the visitors went up 3-0. Remind me never to fork out several hundred dollars to see this team play. Jacques Lemaire should be arrested for putting more people to sleep than Dr. Kevorkian.

Disappointing? Yes. The end of the world? No. Although it would be nice if our bleu, blance et rouge didn’t come out so flat and have to play catch-up all game.

Random Notes:

In Boston on Wednesday for a beauty. On such a night, we need 60 minutes, not 40, from the boys.

James Wisniewski remained out with the flu. If it doesn’t start getting better James, smoke a reefer.

Shots on goal – 30-26 Devils.

PK Subban banked one off Ilya Kovalchuk for the Habs lone goal.

 A light went on over my head today as I watched Charles Linton-Prevost sing the national anthems. Without really giving up on the stickboy/flag-carrying dream, maybe I should concentrate on becoming the anthem singer!

12 thoughts on “Habs Experience Devil Of A Time”

  1. It is definitely time to count our blessings. Averaging what amounts to scoring one goal per game ( excluding the empty netter on Saturday) the team managed to split the week-end games. Not bad (not good either) considering what is pretty much a pop gun offence. It’s not that there weren’t chances but most of these guys just cannot bury the puck in the net. My interest dissapeared after they were down 2-0 in the first and I began a day long of shoveling snow. Checked in during breaks but my faith that they could come back against these Devils at this time was lacking.

  2. Hey Dennis, I’m sorry buddy,to be a singer for the Habs you may need a snappy name Like Charles Prevost Linton,like Dennis Prevail Kane.Hey it may catch on.

  3. Disappointing all round. lots of mistakes on D. Eller played bad again. Too many giveaways and not enough scoring. Gomez I thought played with a little spunk but forwards just didn’t cut it today. Maybe they were fatigued which in an unacceptable excuse.

    Green’s injury is different and hope he is ok. That kind is life threatening. A little guilty I guess from malkin comments.

  4. You’re right, Don. No scoring. And no power play. It’s something that needs drastic improvement. Markov would’ve helped the offence just by starting plays, and he would’ve helped on the power play. When Cammalleri gets back, maybe then. But it is a concern to say the least.

  5. Mayo, Eller wasn’t good today. But they all got behind the 8-ball and couldn’t recover. Maybe they had hangovers.

  6. Not such a super Sunday for Habs fans. But they came very close several times including when the puck rolled across the line but not in. At least we don’t have to worry about meeting the Devils in the playoffs, thank god. But the team is doing pretty darn good so far this month even without Cammalleri and Wizniewski. Hopefully they’ll be back on Wednesday when we take on the Bruins so we can move up to third place.
    The goal production must increase. Once that does we’ll be fine.

  7. Geez, I thought that puck was in, Danno, until I saw the replay. Too bad. And you’re absolutely right – they’re doing well considering. There’s a lot of teams that would love to be where they are. Just more scoring please.

  8. Dennis, the Devils have come alive since Jacques Lemaire took over the coaching duties. Lemaire told Mario Tremblay that the team was out of shape when he took over and the first thing he did was to start training camp – in December.

    And it’s getting results. The Devils have been on a streak and have beaten all the big teams they’ve met lately. Since January 9th they’ve beaten the Lightning twice, the Penguins, the Flyers, the Rangers and us.

    The Devils do not look like a team that is trying to lose games for a better draft pick. We’ll get to play them one more time this year in New Jersey on April 2nd.

  9. Danno, the Devils looked good and it’s for sure they need Kovalchuk to do something as they don’t have a lot of offence. It’s funny yet frustrating to see them send in one guy and have the other four lined up across the ice. I’d be happy never to see them again for the rest of my life.

  10. I don’t think the Devil’s trap was working all that well. Like Saturday afternoon we had plenty of scoring chances. I thought we had the better break-out passes and more odd-man rushes.

    My conclusion from these 2 games is that we can’t score because we take crappy shots. They mostly seemed aimed at the goalies’ soft bellies. No rebounds with which to continue applying pressure. If we kept them lower, they’d be more likely to find the 5 hole or rebound off the hard stick. Tipping a shot at ice level is also a lot simpler than one in the air. This is where I thought Kostitsyn was best. His shots were low.

    Having a face-off in the opposing end didn’t help when they dominated us in the circle. Plekanec had 2 really bad days; a combined 12 for 34.

  11. Good stuff, Christopher. I agree with your point about shots hitting the goalie in the middle. Or missing the net. But however, we have to start scoring. It’ll come back to bite us if we don’t.

  12. Dennis, they certainly are the masters of the trap style game and they seem to have our number. Since the 2006-07 season to the present our record is a dismal 5 wins, 11 losses and 4 O/T losses against them.

    I think the league should do us a favour and move the Devils to the Western Conference.

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