Habs Edged In L.A.

I was up slightly earlier today so I could see on the scoreboard and PVR how the Habs did in L.A., after a 10:30 pm ET start that was way past my bedtime.

I see that the boys dropped a 2-1 decision to the Kings after Jeff Carter scored the go-ahead goal with Ryan White in the box for holding.

I was curious to see if it was a dumb penalty so I had a quick look. White hauled down Trevor Lewis in a race to the puck and it could’ve been avoided, as most White penalties can.

P.K. Subban’s goal in the first period that evened things at one wasn’t a hard blast, just a wrist shot from the point that banked in off Jarret Stoll’s skate.

Random Notes:

The Kings outshot the Canadiens 22-18.

You probably didn’t miss much if you were sleeping, although I watched the third period and there were some close calls at both ends. But when you look at the shots, you’ll see –
1st. Habs 5  Kings 5
2nd. Habs 5  Kings 8
3rd. Habs 8  Kings 9

So not a barnburner to say the least.

Now it’s slightly east on a dreadful freeway to take on the Anaheim Ducks on Wednesday at 10:00 pm ET.

The Ducks, featuring Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Teemu Selanne, Saku Koivu etc. The number one team in the NHL with 91 points. (Montreal has 75).

Toronto lost 2-1 to Columbus.




7 thoughts on “Habs Edged In L.A.”

  1. From what I read during one of my insomnia bouts overnight, it was a snoozer………..

  2. It did give me time to play “what if…”

    I think that was Markov’s last game as a Canadien. Markov wants a longer deal and Montreal isn’t going to give anything beyond two years. I don’t see Bergevin allowing Markov to walk without something in return. Beaulieu will be back in Montreal and on the playoff roster (not counting chickens, just making a prediction). Markov is expendable. There are three team we play on this trip that need help on defense. I see Markov going for a relatively young forward with medium size, a banger-type…

  3. Mike, I’d like to see Markov back for just one year but that’s not going to happen, so I feel it’s time to say goodbye too. Two or three years is too much in my opinion. One year would buy some time for Tinordi and Beaulieu to get some added experience.Markov wants three years and I don’t think he’d be much help three years from now. Now’s the time to get something of value in return.So I agree with you completely.

  4. I don’t agree that Markov will be traded, given where the team is in the standings. Will that mean that the team is risking him walking away for nothing (which is what I think that he will do if he insists on three years)? Yes, but they won’t trade him if it means giving up their third-place position.

  5. As long as Markov’s salary demands drop appropriately for each additional year I don’t mind a 3 year contract. Yes he’ll be very old and slow, but so are Bouillon and Murray now. Coaches love experience. One designated, experienced old man on a team may even be a good thing, the problem is when there’s too many of them. And if he can lace them up, I I think he’ll still be able to quarterback a power-play.

  6. Chris, for me, Markov’s biggest quality is his short passes out of his end. It’s a small thing but a huge thing.

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