Habs Edged By Blue Jackets


The Stanley Cup champion Columbus Blue Jackets edged the Montreal Canadiens on Friday night.

A nail biter.  A heart stopper, a thriller, and a barnburner.

Oh, that was game 7 of the World Series.

This game? 10-0.

And the Blue Jackets aren’t Stanley Cup champions?

Oh again.


And thus, the magical ride smashes full speed into a brick wall, and now we must consider something:

One loss is a baby slump. Two losses is a teenage slump. Three losses is a full-fledged adult slump.

Four or more straight losses is your grandma and grandpa and dead relatives slump.

And a slump creeps up like next month’s Visa bill. So the next game, which is also creeping up quickly, will be interesting.

Simply pathetic in Columbus, against a team 8 points behind our bunch. Inexcusable. I need to talk to the wives about this.

It’s just one loss, but they’ve sucked for several games now. Just as they did last year when they opened the season with nine straight wins.

Cracks in the armour lately. Turnovers. Laziness. Sloppiness. Two guys who score less than the Pope – David Desharnais on the power tonight and Tomas Plekanec on the PP against the Canucks.

I think that’s how it went. I wasn’t really paying a lot of attention as the night wore on.

Picture this: You’re a lifelong Habs fan living near Columbus, and you somehow nailed down a couple of great tickets to finally see your team when they come to town. You couldn’t sleep last night, you waited all day to finally head to the rink, and you wore beloved your Habs sweater with ‘Lafleur’ or ‘Beliveau’ on the back.

You watch your heroes warm up, and you think how much you love seeing that crest in person.

You’re in heaven. It’s so great.

And then your team gets demolished 10-0 and you want to stuff your sweater in the team bus exhaust pipe.

Random Notes:

Of course, if you’re a glass half full kind of person, you can always say that Stanley Cup-winning Habs teams have had a few pathetic nights.

The Canadiens, in their third year of five straight Cups, 1957-58, lost 7-1 to Chicago, on January 12th, 1958.

On Oct. 13, 1985, many months before they’d hoist the trophy, they were handed a 7-2 spanking by Boston.

When they won the Cup in 1993, they were bombed 8-2 by Buffalo on Oct. 11, 1992.

And who can forget Dec. 2, 1995, a non-Cup year but with Patrick Roy in nets, and the team was pasted 11-1 by Detroit.

But on this Friday night, they were embarrassed almost like never before. Snuffed out by the mediocre Columbus Blue Jackets 10-0.

Snuffed. Like this guy.


Al Montoya was in nets for all 10 goals.

Shots on goal – Columbus 40, Montreal 30.

Habs power play was 0/1, while the Jackets went 4/5.

Next up – Saturday night, when Philly pays a visit. Will the boys get their shit together?

Or will it become a teenage slump?




22 thoughts on “Habs Edged By Blue Jackets”

  1. Should’ve happened after the third goal, Marjo. Humiliating for sure. And a change in goaltenders can often change things. But nope, Therrien left him in to be ridiculed by the fans in the building, and he gave up any hope for a comeback.

  2. Weren’t these prolonged periods of being outplayed supposed to end with the new leadership? It didn’t take long to learn the culture of hanging back and letting the world’s best goaltender handle everything. Unfortunately he didn’t turn around to check who was in net tonight.

    Does this mean Montoya will demand to be traded? If Roy got us a bag of pucks and a couple used jocks, imagine what we’ll get this time. Or will our GM learn from past GM mistakes, put friendship aside, do his job and fire the coach instead?

  3. MB and MT are in bed together, Christopher, and until MB decides to have an affair, he and MT will remain together and it’s the children who will suffer.

  4. My report from Mars! something happened down there … on earth ? yeps… weird shite.. yeah that manic depressive Habs team flying ‘high’ did it agin! what colis de tabernacle esti! colis! did those guys do? they lost 10 to zero tabernacle! hahahah une gang de petards! hahhahah

    I was busy doing something important this evening Dennis checked the score when I got in and did a double take. 10 to 1. I said , can’t be , i Double checked. Okay. so it happened. Bealieu said Wednesday post game it was a Wake up Call well, they dint wake up , so they got kicked in the head while dreaming of winning only to finally wake up to the real nightmae of Losing big time.

    About Poor Montoya: here is what I just read :
    ‘Therrien said a group decision was made not to relieve Momtoya, even after he fell behind 8-0 after two periods.

    “We talked about it as a group and (goaltending coach Stéphane Waite) talked to Al between the second and third periods,” said Therrien.

    The game took a huge bite out of Montoya’s excellent numbers to start the season. His goals-against average jumped from 1.47 to 3.15 while his save percentage dipped from .955 to .908.’

    I guess the idea was to make the players, not Monti suffer, and learn their lesson, let’s hope they did.

    And from

    One player whose stats didn’t take a hit in this game was defenceman Shea Weber, who was even on the night along with defence partner Alexei Emelin. Andrei Markov and Jeff Petry were each minus-4.

    “But ten straight goals? We have to go back 75 years for the last time a Canadiens team suffered the kind of beatdown the likes of the one handed them by Columbus Friday night. On January 4th 1942 at the Olympia in Detroit, the Red Wings beat the Canadiens 10-0. The Rocket was still playing senior hockey at the time and the team was only starting to build to it’s later success.
    This version of the Canadiens is thought to be close to championship calibre.

    Maybe in the dressing room they’re starting to think that you don’t have to work to be a winner.”

    Reusch got it nailed.

    That last line says it all.

    I could quote the whole article, but it’s best to read Ron himself. For my money he says it all

    Cheers, and may the Habs on Saturday night,

    Signing off,

    from Mars!



  5. Hi Bill. The Habs played like they’re from Mars. That was unbelievable. It’s like that night Sittler got seven goals. Everything was going in. No one played well, they were just awful. But…..if they can rebound against Philly we’ll just rack it up as some kind of weird thing that happens, never to happen again. BUT…if this is the start of some kind of free fall and riding on the back of Carey Price every night, it could be a long season. It’s good that they have 19 points. A slump and they can withdraw points from the bank. I hate slumps, so we need a win on Sarurday night. Go Habs. Anything like last year and I’m moving to Mars.

  6. Max Pac been slippin’ ever since Eric Cole left town!!!Doesn’t hit, doesn’t nothing ‘cept cry to play with DD. And DD on the powerplay??? And Thorncrap back to his dump and chase the other team ??? We got character though. I know it’s only one game, but so many bad eggs in the thing. Bergeron don’t like players that laugh after a loss—-I don’t like players that leave their goalie out to hang. Still a Habs fan BUT…..Thorncrap gotta go to the California Seals——- EXTINCT!!!!!

  7. Hi Dennis boy that was a stinker of games. I was thinking based on the last two games they may come out better for this one…not better than they did but better than they did for the last 2 games where they were less than stellar. I felt they were really lucky to win those two but this was an epic let down. The team is still the same team it was last year. Montoya was great until last night and you know what he was good last night….definitely not great but the team didn’t play with any intensity. Personally I am questioning the toughness of this bunch with the captain being the most suspect. Him and his stupid cliche”s about the game. He is a broken record of tired excuses. I had some hopes for a much improved team this year but it looks like I was not thinking right. Shaw so far is not a factor in the games that I have watched and Radulov although I admit is exciting to watch it looks as if he needs some one on his line that can convert some of his stick handling magic into actual scoring shots. Weber I think is an improvement over PK big time. I am really disappointed in this team now after watching the past 3 games. It looks as if CP will have to drag them into a playoff position. Also what could management be thinking leaving Montoya i n for 10 freakin goals. That is kind of unprecedented…oh wait Patrick Roy…..yes now I remember.

    Bill thanks for the great link. Interesting article.

  8. Cliff you nailed it about Max’s cliches. I think the same thing every time I see him interviewed, and it reaffirms my thoughts about him being completely uncomfortable as captain. He seems awkward and rehearsed, like he practices his interviews at home with his wife. I don’t understand last night at all. There’s nothing I can say. It just blew my mind to see 10-0, and actually, if they had changed goalies after 3 or 4, they might have woken up and made a game of it. So discouraging to see what happened. Humiliating.

  9. I dunno Mike. Ridiculous. The question now becomes, what if they stink tonight and win only because Price saved the day? If they’re lousy, lazy, and not interested, I’ll lose a lot of respect for them, at least until they replace the coach.

  10. There’s no words, Ed. It’s one thing to lose big and maybe the goalie was the reason, but with these guys, they all reeked, and it’s not right. There’s us watching at home, but imagine the poor Habs fans in the seats. What a bummer it must have been for them. They’ll be thinking about it for years, and all because our guys looked like they rather be home sleeping. There was also no reason not to put Price in. Put him in and try to win the thing. He can have a day off next week instead.

  11. Peter, it didn’t take long for Thorncrap to piss us off. That was ridiculous from start to finish. And the Captsin sure knows how to rally the troops, eh? They had better nip this in the bud, because Price or no Price, fans and media will come down hard if we don’t get our money’s worth. And we know that Max can’t handle the captaincy when the pressure’s on. Tonight will be interesting. More shitty play, or an angry and effective bunch? Probably more shitty play but I hope not.

  12. They can’b blame PK and his dressing rooms antics anymore. This will be on MT. I believe that if it were to continue, MB will be given orders from the Molson gang about his buddy. Don’t believe the Molsons will sit around and wait for jerseys to be thrown on the ice.
    BTW… thanks for the follow on Twitter.

  13. For sure, Mona. Ownership won’t have a repeat of last year or anything close to it. The pressure’s on to at least make the playoffs, and it’s just wrong to wait for Price to have to save the game every night. The team last night hung Montoya out to dry and it’s just plain weird why that happened. I think it’s Therrien that’s the biggest problem but I don’t know for sure.

  14. Can you imagine if this game had beenplayed at the Bell Centre in Montreal?!…the fans would have called for a change in goalies after the third goal…hopefully that game was not a harbinger of games to come.

  15. So I read that Price got off the bench to stretch ect. to avail himself as Montoya’s replacement….on his own accord. Guess he saw the need for mercy. but Thorncrap didn’t—— aw crap why bother getting worked up, we have a system, a foxhole buddy, a wimp for captain, and no hope for a new approach from behind the bench. Can we trust Weber to kick some ass in the room, or has he been told to be a puppet to Thorncrap? I remember getting excited to see a game ————-seems so long ago!

  16. Dennis, great response. The children have suffered for over 18 years, when can they be emancipated from these controlling parents?

    I do agree with Therrien’s decision to leave Montoya to suffer. The game looked lost early on, no need to expose Price to that and risk exhaustion and injury especially with him starting tonight.

    I think I read somewhere that Price didn’t even practice yesterday. With this team noted for its secrecy and incompetent injury management, I hope he’s not suffering some ill affects of single-handed winning the preceding two games.

  17. Gawd, Christopher, if Price has some sort of problem, this year could go south in a hurry. My little question now is, after the 10-0 game, is Montoya better than Condon?

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