Habs Dump Devils

A fine game by the Canadien. Yes it was.

The boys handed the visiting New Jersey Devils a 5-2 spanking at the Bell after firing a season-high 48 shots on the Devils net, and getting goals from Philip Danault, Artturi Lehkonen, Max Pacioretty, and a pair from Torrey Mitchell.

My recently lost enthusiasm hasn’t come back yet, though. But I liked all the shots, and I was enthusiastic about seeing Carey Price pound a sprawling Kyle Palmieri several times on the back with his glove after Palmieri forgot to stop as he neared Price.

I was also enthusiastic about the boys crashing the Devils crease a bunch of times as payback. Price is his teammates’ bread and butter, of course. They have to discourage this Palmieri/Kreider type of behaviour. I’d be pissed if they sat back and did nothing.

But about this lack of enthusiasm. Maybe I’m too old now.  Not as old as Kirk Douglas, but old enough to have been second baseman on the Orillia Peewee all-star baseball team before Michel Therrien was born.

And it was during that peewee baseball summer that I smoked my first cigar. I smoked my first cigar before Michel Therrien was born.

C’mon enthusiasm. Get back. Get back to where you once belonged.


9 thoughts on “Habs Dump Devils”

  1. We beat them Devils
    Fair and square
    And for a few days
    I need not swear

    They tried and tried
    A few old tricks
    Now nasty horned ones
    Hit the bricks

    It’s only rock n roll but I like it !

  2. Dennis while certain frustrations remain regarding the habs it is nice to watch Radulov play with such enthusiasm, Price play, well like Price, and a kid like Lekhonen develop into a key player. Do I hate the way MT coaches and makes personnel decisions, do I want to lock away the idiots on l’antichambre, do I want to fire the coach of the Ice Caps, yes of course I do but this is my team like it’s been for over 40 years and while they may never be as great as they were in the seventies I do believe that there are enough players on this team that have pride in wearing the CH and give me all that I can ask for. They are the ones that help me keep the faith. So hang in there man, someone once said most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be which is another way of saying we sometimes fall into the habit of focusing on the negative and would be better off accentuating the positive in our lives. Hope that doesn’t sound too preachy but your site with your memories and your wit I like to count as a positive for many hab fans!

  3. Dennis I understand completely your unenthusiastic feelings for our team. I feel the same way. Probably for many of us that watched hockey in the olden days and especially the 70’s it is just hard to get excited about today’s hockey with the lack of physical play and also the lack of passion in general. I was a huge John Ferguson fan and will never forget his mean attitude for opposing players. I played that way in ball and hockey.
    You know Dennis…. Petry is a great example of the players of today. When Carey was being jostled and rammed into the net he just stood there. I will never be a fan of his. CP maybe won’t either. Anyhow it was good to see CP push back. Hang in there man we are depending on you to keep this very calm and professional site going.

  4. Ditto what dj & Cliff had to say! It’s just not the same kind of day when I check & your take on the previous nights activities are missing. The passion WILL return my friend!

  5. Thanks Cliff. I want them meaner too. But they’re too small. LA doesn’t have one player under six feet. We have seven.

  6. Thanks D-John. Nice words and I appreciate it. Just lookin’ waitin’, and hopin’ for another Cup but when they don’t look like the team that can do it, I guess I give up a bit. I want to see them at their best against some really good teams like Chicago. It’s a long season and I hope they can tweak a few things.

  7. it’s all good! they’re on a roll and next week it’s Boston to beat, the Sharks to wipe out __ revenge on Home ice, and then the Caps.

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