Habs Dull And Sloppy Against The Blue-Jacketed Ones

There goes the winning streak.

It ended at one.

Canadiens lose 3-2 to Columbus in a shootout, and the beat goes on.

For the umpteenth time this year, the Canadiens were out of sorts for most of the game, and although they got a point out of the deal, they didn’t deserve it. The team with the least points in the league deserved it instead. Come to think of it, a lot of teams, whether they’re good or not, seem to look good when they play the Habs.

For the first five minutes of the game, the Habs barely touched the puck, and after that, for the most part, when they did touch it, they gave it away or tripped on it. PK Subban found himself in trouble on numerous occasions, and all in all, Montreal was way too ordinary against a very ordinary Blue Jackets team.

Assistant coach Randy Ladouceur admitted that they’re their own worst enemy, and they are. I also think Henri Richard needs to give them a good talking to.

It’s remarkable that the Canadiens still hover near a playoff spot. The way they’ve played for much of this season, they should have been buried by now. I suppose all that says is that there are a number of teams in the Eastern Conference as mediocre as Montreal.

There were some good things to be found on this night though:

Carey Price made some outstanding saves, and kept his team in it throughout.

Alexei Emelin dished out a handful of bone-rattling checks and is moving up the charts with a bullet. He even had an assist.

Andrei Kostitsyn tied the game at one in the first period with just 1.5 seconds to go, so we had something to cheer about for a short while at least. And late in the game, with 1:21 minutes left, Brian Gionta lit the lamp to send it into overtime, giving the team an unexpected chance to win.

After a scoreless overtime, neither David Desharnais, nor Max Pacioretty, nor Brian Gionta could get it done in the shootout, and that’s all she wrote.

The win streak had to end sometime.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Columbus – 28, the home team – 20.

Next game – Thursday when the Canucks come to town. A deckhand at work asked me if I wanted to bet on the game and I declined.

16 thoughts on “Habs Dull And Sloppy Against The Blue-Jacketed Ones”

  1. watched the second period last night and thought to myself, F^% this. so i went back to doing what i was doing before i began to watch, nothing. a much more beneficial endeavor……………. is it just me or do the habs only look great when the other team is off.

  2. This team has sadly become a joke. Just terrible. Management and coaching are killing this team and we will be 500 club all year long. We probably won’t make the playoffs. If we do, we’ll have to consider ourselves very lucky because at this rate it’ll be a miracle if we do it. Campoli is coming back sooner than thought (as is White). Those guys may help a little but it won’t solve our problems.

    We’re flat, boring, unmotivated, passionless and lost.

    I watched the Chicago vs Phoenix game on Monday and that was an exciting game to watch. Last night was just like watching paint dry, a thing we’ve come to expect more often than not this season. Viewership is down 20% now!

    This is a rumor, so of course take it with a grain of salt, but apparently Gomez isn’t even injured and they’re leaving him out because they have no idea what to do with him. If this true and Molson said what he did yesterday? Scary.

    I love this team but it’s hard to see it get murdered these last few years.

  3. In the spirit of the holiday season I send this lovely Christmas carol out to the players on the Montreal Canadiens hockey team.

    Note – not all of them deserve this, but many of them do.

    They know who they are…

  4. Hobo, I felt like I was wasting precious time too. I’m so sick of the lousy effort that comes out of them. Man, when I’m owner………..

  5. They were so flat, Darth. For about the 20th time this season. And boring. Wow! Are they boring. Lost? They’re scrambling around like they’re playing in a beer league. This has got to end or I’m going to start a cricket blog.

  6. I forgot to mention.

    The above video is an MGM production:

    Molson, Gauthier and Martin.

    No wonder it stinks.

  7. I too felt like I was wasting my time, especially as the holidays are right around the corner and so much to do.

    I hate to say this but I really can’t stand watching them these days. They’re boring. It’s not even about winning anymore (well, ok, it is…) but d’you know what I mean? When was the last time we watched three, four or five consecutive games of GOOD, fast hockey? By the end of the 2nd period my eyes are half-closed.

    What will it take Molson to see that we are loosing patience and interest?

  8. I’m glad I watched it in fast foreward at least at that speed you could really see how fast they could screw up!! Once again PATHETIC!!

  9. I’m with you, Marjo. It’s so boring, with so much sloppiness. And the last time we saw consecutive games of good, fast hockey? I honestly can’t remember. Maybe the playoffs two years ago. It’s very sad.

  10. It has been over 15 years now that we have not seen any significant growth from this team. Year after year we are seeing the same kind of team iced. Small, fast skating, no superstars. Yes they skate fast but nothing happens. They look more like ballerina’s then hockey players. Their work ethic stinks.
    A 6th to eighth place team for all those years and nothing is done to improve this team. NOTHING!!!!!!! They keep fooling themselves that they have arrived…..a1st place finish (a few years ago)…….but they didn’t build on it. They kept the same team. Two years ago they surprised Waahington and Pittsburgh and last badly to Philly. In those series HALAK was the reason they won. Last year it was Price. Apart from those two successes NOTHING.
    I live near Winnipeg and I watch the Jets play. I turn channels to watch Montreal and its like night and day. The Jets are really exciting to watch. Turn to the Montreal game and its like the New Jersey Devils without passion.
    The other day I got home from somewhere and Montreal was up 2-0 early in the second period. I told my son Montreal is not going to score another goal….and they didn’t….they lost in OT. Very predictable.
    It doesn’t matter if a couple of players come back and they just barely make the playoffs. It isn’t goood enough. They’ve got to start making some deals for bigger players and players who can put the puck in the net.
    Finally Subban will never become the player he can be as long as Martin is there. He seems confused and aafraid to make mistakes.
    I’ll tell you haw bad its gotten. The other day I couldn’t watch the game. I said to my son “tape the game for me.” He said “Montreal?” I said “NO” Winnipeg, Montreal is too boring.”

  11. Good comments, Frank. It’s sad what it’s become. I agree with you – a borderline team for far too long and nothing’s been done about it. The last big upheaval was bringing in Scott Gomez, Cammalleri, and Gionta, and we know we’ll never win with this group. The worst part for me is the lack of passion. If we saw these guys playing their hearts out we would stand behind them, but like you say, it’s become boring with a very strange work ethic. It also makes me sad to hear that Winnipeg is playing a much more exciting brand of hockey. I suppose 29 teams are playing more exciting hockey than Montreal now. Toronto is and that stings a lot.
    PK is stuck in neutral. We’ve been expecting a budding superstar and he’s not showing as many signs as he was. Who knows, maybe he’ll never be a true star. Maybe we were wrong, and maybe Martin ruined him.
    Columbus not only beat Montreal but if it wasn’t for Price, it would have been about 6-2.
    I don’t know how old you are Frank, but I’ve been around for 18 of Montreal’s 24 Cups, and I can’t handle what I’m seeing now. I believe Martin has to go, and I heard not long ago that interest in the Habs is down 20%. If Geoff Molson is a good businessman, he’ll start to fix this mess.

  12. I’m getting sick of these over-time and shoot-out losses. I would prefer losing the game and going home with no points than earning the loser point. This point only serves to delude ourselves into thinking we’re a mediocre .500 team and can put off making the real changes necessary.

  13. Thanks Hobo, I was thinking of you as I shamelessly stole your “loser point” description. I’ve always hated the bonus 3-point games, but before it was because of the unfairness to the other teams and because the points don’t easily add up. Now I see how it suckers the losers to continue losing.

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