Habs Drenched By Hurricanes


I think it takes a special talent for a team sitting at the top of the heap to lose to a team at the very bottom and look tremendously mediocre while doing so.

Yes, those wild and crazy Montreal Canadiens, bowing to the lowly Carolina Hurricanes 3-2 in Raleigh, a team 20-some points behind them.

They can’t be feeling good about this. If Jean Beliveau was captaining this team, he’d politely and respectfully give them all a mighty fine and gentlemanly dressing room tune up.

But the Canadiens have that special talent to play down, having also lost to the 28th place Oilers, the 25th place Avs, and the 22nd place Canucks (and were bombed 6-1 by the Avs and 5-1 by the Oilers in the process).

The only good that came from this night was Daniel Carr, called up from St. John’s in place of Devante Smith-Pelly, who notched a wraparound goal in his very first shift of his first NHL game. That’s the kind of thing I’ve dreamed about doing off and on for about five decades or more.

It’s with great pride to announce that Carr played the 2009-10 season here in Powell River, at the barn not far from my house. However, I didn’t go to one game in 2009-10, so that’s the end of this feel-good story.

But I would like to say one thing. The BCHL is an underrated league, with lots of talent like Carr winding up in the NHL. You’d be surprised by some of the names, like Brett Hull, Paul Kariya, and even Carey Price for a season before heading to the WHL.

There’s been a whack of them. Even Scott Gomez for those three Gomez fans out there.

Carr’s goal in the first period got things rolling, but the Canes would even it up on the power play on a smooth finish by Jeff Skinner who simply flipped it over a sprawling Mike Condon.

In the second, Sven Andrighetto would give Montreal the lead after converting a nice pass by Jeff Petry, but two minutes later Joakim Nordstrom tied things up again, and into the third we went.

Carolina would take the lead briefly, but Michel Therrien’s coach’s challenge saw the goal ruled no-goal because of goalie interference. Whew, we thought. But it made no difference, because the Canes would score another anyway.

Later on, with Tom Gilbert in the box for tripping, Skinner, with his second of the night, won it for the home team.

It’s not the first time Gilbert watched a nightmare unfold from the sinbin. There was that fathers trip recently when he did the same sort of thing. Now, whenever Gilbert goes home during the off season, he’s grounded.

The Canadiens lose their second straight, or 3 of 4 if you want to go that route. And they sleek off into the night, hoping they don’t get beer pored on them by drunken and disgruntled Habs fans because they couldn’t play well enough to beat the team tied with Calgary and Edmonton as league’s worst.

Random Notes:

Eric Staal hit several posts, missed several open nets, and scored the goal that was called back. This is the guy who’s the subject of trade rumours, with Montreal being a possible destination.

Staal would be a nice addition, although we already have plenty of guys who can’t hit wide open nets.

And speaking of Staal. he was sent to the box with just over three minutes remaining for flipping the puck over the glass, but the Canadiens, with Condon pulled and enjoying a two-man advantage, still couldn’t get it done.

And because of that very thing, they didn’t deserve to win this thing.

Shots on goal – Habs 38, Canes 29. The previous game against Washington, which was also a 3-2 loss, they had 35 shots to the Caps 19.

Next up – Wednesday, when the Bruins show up at the Bell.




10 thoughts on “Habs Drenched By Hurricanes”

  1. Cheers, that last power play was dreadful. Christ why didn’t they just charge the net? they had enough men to do it. But no, pass here pass there go nowhere. Sorry, they reverted tonight to last year’s crappy end game trying to catch up n getting nowhere & Max trying to be Gallagher (you know when he went flying for the net I mean it was nice he was ripping n trying to fight off two Hurricanes but he needed Gallagher at that moment) doesn’t work. It’s not new Habs do consistently revert to shitty games with inferior teams. And with Price and Gally missing till what early January it’s going to be getting worse and or tougher sooner than you can blink an eye. Teams out there know Price and Gally is out and so they’re going to be busting up the lines cutting us around like … well add the expletive here. Meanwhile, I love them, but YO! get it together team and I am no one to harp on how bad the coach is cause I don’t buy that argument. He’s not the one playing out there it’s them. And yes yer right Beliveau would have captained them into a better game all round no matter the outcome. I love Patches and wear his sweater but really he’s not the “One!” to lead this team. The whole idea of a captain these days in my opinion begs the question. The other night when they lost to Caps I had two friends there they loved every minute even though Habs lost, but Christ I’d feel like a real bum had I been down in Carolina watching this fiasco. And god bless Daniel Carr and Andrighetto. There’s something in this team that’s been working till the loss of Gally (and Price too it goes without saying)and it’s not my place to figure what the solutions are but on a human level,it’s just motivation and having a fire under yr arse, and wanting to win badly each night and to bloody well do it, and not think about it, and come with excuses each you blow it. In the interim my research into goalies goes on! hahah have a lovely Sunday!

  2. The three words that best describe this hockey game are as follows, and I quote, “Stink, stank, stunk”!

    (With apologies to Mr. Grinch.)

    And as I predicted, the CH won tonight. But not the CH we love. It was the Carolina Hurricanes.

  3. Danno…i totally agree with your three little word assessment of the game…couldn’t help but notice all the empty seats at the PNC…about 7,000 plus short of a sold out house….lowest attendance in the NHL…average house per game at 58% of capacity.

  4. HaBby, good stuff. I think they throw the puck around too much too. Blast it on net, good things happen. Their power play was going great and now seems to have regressed a bit. Maybe because they might have changed their style because Price isn’t behind them, I don’t know. I’m sure they don’t play the same game when Condon’s there. It’s more of a conservative approach. With the injuries, MT is moving guys around and it’s unsettling I think. And Max needs to show a more forceful image. He’s the captain and their best scorer, and he has to come to the forefront.

  5. Danno, sometimes our team truly lets us down. Bastards. And I’m beginning to wonder if Condon has burst his bubble again, like he did during his first bunch of games. It’s like he gets worn out, and his rebound control needs work.

  6. Ed, as living proof that I only have twelve brain cells left, I had planned on going on and on about the ridiculous amount of empty seats in Raleigh, but I got sidetracked and completely forgot. So thanks for pointing it out. It’s unbelievable that the Montreal Canadiens come to town and people can basically sit anywhere they want. Why does the NHL insist on having these types of franchises?

  7. An NHL player is usually suspended for spearing another in the balls. Prust was slapped on the wrist for his actions.

    What’s the explanation
    a) he deserved it
    b) he’s not a real NHL player
    c) nothing down there
    d) all of the above

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