Habs Strike First In Beantown

So much for those who predicted a Bruins sweep. And a bit of a difference from March 24th when Montreal was clobbered 7-0 in Boston, as Thursday night the Canadiens played a tough, tight, smart game and skated away with a tremendous 2-0 win to open their 2011 playoffs.

Carey Price was unshakeable, stopping all 31 shots and making it look like a Sunday picnic all the while. He looked poised and confident throughout, and even tossed in the odd smile and wink along the way.

Brian Gionta opened the scoring early in the first, and closed it late in the third, with both goals coming from great work by Scott Gomez. Don Cherry said afterward that Gomez was outstanding and I agree. Gomez was a force, made smart plays, and if he keeps this up, Habs fans everywhere, including myself, will forget in many ways the dismal regular season he had. Keep it up, Scott. Make us eat our words. I’ll have no problem embracing Gomez if he contributes in a big way now.

Forgiving and forgetting gets me into heaven, doesn’t it? 

Speaking of forces, Tomas Plekanec played his best game in maybe months as he skated miles, enjoyed several great scoring chances, checked hard, and maybe most impressive of all, threw his body in front of a Zdeno Chara blast on an extremely dangerous looking play, looking like Guy Carbonneau while doing so, and taking his life in his hands. Anyone willing to sacrifice like that for the team is a special player.

All this is what the Habs need to send Boston packing in the end. The skill guys rising to the top like tonight, scoring, creating chances, and hurtling themselves in front of cannon shots for the good of the team. And of course, Price imitating a brick wall.

So many guys had fine nights, and who can ask for anything more? Subban, Wiz, Kostitsyn – maybe everyone. What a night to put it together. Although there were several occasions when Boston poured it on. But that was when Price came to the rescue. 

I mentioned to a couple of people today who sort of looked interested in a faraway sort of way that it would be excellent if Montreal could get that first goal. And Gionta came through. And in a some brief daydreaming while at work, I tried to imagine a win on this night. What a great feeling that would be if it happened.

 It did happen. And it is a great feeling.

Now we need more of the same on Saturday.

And one last special mention goes out to Zdeno Charo, who, with his team down 2-0 and Boston looking to turn up the heat, took a silly penalty for mugging Pleks, therefore ruining his teams plans for a comeback for all intents and purposes. Thank you, Zdeno. Habs fans everywhere salute you.

Randon Notes:

I said the other day that it would be nice if a few of Chara’s shots would break ankles of his teammates standing in front of the net. I take it back. The irony gods got me as both Kostitysn and Travis Moen got smacked by the big guy’s shot. Lesson learned.

17 thoughts on “Habs Strike First In Beantown”

  1. Awesome game. Gomez took one step closer to redeeming himself. Gomer, just 15 more steps and you’re aces in my books.

    Price is in the head of Thomas. He looked ordinary. Bruins didn’t play their usual intimdating style which helped. We have home ice. Mission accompished. We needed just one in Boston and we got it. Saturday could be gravy the way our boys are playing. It will be tough to stop them going forward. Boston is in a hole and have to win 4 of 6 which isn’t going to happen. We have at least 3 home games. What an awesome sport. Can hardly speak.

    Don Cherry is an old goat who needs to retire. At least he praised PK. But chastised MacLean for putting PK with some greats like Orr. I though the old shithead was going to smack Ron.

  2. Mayo, is that perfect timing or what? The boys played one of their finest at exactly the right time. What a big night for the team and all Habs fans!

  3. The heaven I want to be admitted into is the heaven of basking in the vision of a 25th Stanley Cup banner hanging in Bell Centre.

    Too bad Gionta couldn’t get that 2nd goal much earlier. I wasn’t enjoying watching us barely hang on through the 2nd period. Throughout the period they seemed to back away from loose pucks to go into a defensive shell. Thankfully they played a bit more aggressively in the third period. By the time he finally scored his second, I was confidently enjoying the lead.

  4. And Chris, thank goodness for Carey Price for holding the fort when the going got rough. But that’s what playoffs are. Hot goaltending. Great game on a great night.

  5. While you’re all sleeping the sleep of the righteous it’s breakfast time here in London.

    What to have?

    I go to the fridge and there are some nice looking medium brown eggs laid by happy free range Columbian Blacktails, fed on organic grain, somewhere in lovely rural Norfolk.

    But ya know what, I’ll have that extra large white one laid by a miserable Bruin, force fed on humble pie, somewhere in Boston.

    And I understand AK was slow getting back in the game because the Canadien’s medical staff didn’t want to send him out without Dr Recchi giving it the OK (and he’s was occupied on the ice ‘til the end of period 1)

    (yes I know it’s only game 1 but we have to take our small pleasures where we find them)

  6. Dennis, exciting game! The better team won. No cheating, just good hockey. Ole Ole. (I’ll see Carey Price up close at tomorrow’s game. Sitting 11 rows behind the goalie!!)

  7. Blue Bayou, the key was having so many guys going at the same time. Rarely did we see that this year. Isn’t it a beautiful thing when Bruins fans in the arena are depressed and boo their own team. It kind of makes me well up.

  8. Diane, bring a sign or something. Or tell us what you’ll be wearing so we can look for you. Hope you have great fun and the Canadiens win again.

  9. i watched last nights game for a change. i have two things to say.
    first, thank god we have price.
    second, all don cherry had to say was how shitty boston played. they out shot the habs by quit a margin and had the puck a good deal of the time. it’s as if price played no part and montreal didn’t limit the quality of a lot of the chances by playing a disciplined system to do just that…….. it’s all about don and the bruins. instead of giving credit where credit is due, it’s all about don and the bruins………… if i’m going to watch anymore games i need to find another site.

  10. Wow wow wow wow

    I’ll tell you if Montreal plays like they did last night I could see them coming out of the east. They’ve got to keep it up.

    Even though Price was indeed the first star, this was a team victory.

    Keep it up habs

  11. Frank, for the first time in so long we saw most of the guys playing like they can. If they can do this every night, I’m with you – they can come out of the east.

  12. Hobo, I think I’d have a heart attack if Cherry began to rave about the Habs. I guess it’s just not in him. It was a team win, and Price saw most of the shots clearly. What a great win!

  13. I think if we can do the same thing again in the first period Saturday night, the Bruins will be very demoralized and just give up like they did last year against Philadelphia.

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