Habs Don’t Get It Done

In the “glass is half full, not half empty” department, there were several nice things to see regarding this second-from-last pre-season game for the Canadiens that ended with, yecch, a loss once again to that team from down the eastern seaboard.

Patrice Brisebois accepting the Jean Beliveau trophy for for going above and beyond in the community; seeing Jean Beliveau on the ice, an image that never gets old; and Gregory Stewart finally showing some life by duking it out with a big left-handed lug named Guillaume Lefebvre.

And something else that’s nice to see;  Sergei Kostitsyn, who appears to be Jacques Martin’s special project judging from what’s been reported from practices,  finally getting a goal, something that will keep the hounds at bay for another little while.

And then there’s stellar work by Jaroslav Halak, Scott Gomez, and a few others.

Of course, for every good comes bad, and that would be the Bruins not only ruining Halak’s shutout but also winning 2-1 in the shootout. Then there was Halak getting run over by Vladimir Sobotka, and most disturbing, Andrei Kostitsyn taking a penalty with two minutes left in the game and Matt D’Agostini taking another in overtime. These ill-timed penalties, whether deserved or not, have been a Habs’ curse for a few seasons now, and absolutely have to stop. These are killers.

And almost as disturbing is the camera work. I don’t know if it’s new camermen this year, but I didn’t see one good shot of a beautiful woman in the stands. RDS used to be good at this. What’s going on?

Random Notes:

This has to stop. Tonight was the eleventh straight game, including pre-season and playoffs, that the Habs have lost to Boston.

Saturday night closes off the pre-season with the Sabres invading the Bell Centre. We need more goals and less ill-timed penalties, please.

3 thoughts on “Habs Don’t Get It Done”

  1. Ill Timed Penalties. When I hear that, it reminds me of a certain traitor…. hmm… oh wait, I remember now, Mike Komisarek.
    I can go on and on about him, but this isn’t the subject.

    I wouldn’t count the Habs out yet. As i said before, it’s the preseason, give the boys a break.

    On the other hand last year’s underachieving players have stepped up, Gionta and Plekanec have built some chemistry, Sergei Kostitsyn is looking pretty confident, and Gomez and Cammalleri are doing great.

    I’ll be paying attention to Saturday’s match carefully though.
    It’s the last game, everybody, more specifically, the prospects, are gonna give it their all and prove what they’re worth and try to join our roster

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