Habs Don’t Do It In Philly

For most of Friday’s game in Philadelphia, (there’s no way I’m calling it the City of Brotherly Love), the Canadiens ran around like kids at recess, with no pressure, no flow, and passes they should be ashamed of. And because of all that and more, they lost 3-2 to the unlikable Flyers.

Sure the team came back in the third period and made it close with two quick goals, one by newcomer Dominic Moore and the other by Glen Metropolit, but overall, it was painful to watch, at least for me. Maybe I’m just expecting too much. It’s such a roller coaster ride with this team, and tonight, the Habs made Philly look like world beaters, which is certainly not the case. They allowed Flyers goalie Michael Leighton to enjoy several extended coffee breaks. In fact, often enough, Leighton could’ve hustled out of the building, ran down the street for doughnuts, and made his way back before Montreal got near the net.

And they made Scott Hartnell look good even though he’s a homely son of a bitch.

However, one positive emerged from this sad state of affairs. I thought I was seeing Paul Coffey out there, going coast to coast at a mile-a-minute. Instead, it was young PK Subban, the Habs blue chipper, playing like he belonged. It’s a little ironic, isn’t it? We go all year with mostly slow, trudging defensemen, and we’ve got a jackrabbit down on the farm waiting patiently for his turn.

On this night, Subban was the only bright light I could find. Everyone else was reasonably mediocre. And Carey Price continues to make me nervous.

Hope you have a restless sleep, boys. Run it through your head how you were outworked and outperformed by the Flyers. Keep that anger you had at the end of the game. In fact, if you had shown emotion like that throughout, you could have won the thing. You’ve got a chance to redeem yourself in 24 hours.

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  1. As I said on the post from last game, they’re unpredictable. Some days they play with heart, some days they act like the the fat lazy kid in PE class. There’s no fire in them, unless they’re really desperate for a win, which should be all the time.

  2. Dennis, we didn’t have Markov, Mara, Cammalleri, A. Kostitsyn, Pouliot, Bergeron and I may have missed one or two other key players.
    After a shaky start. Carey Price came alive and played a solid, focused match after the third goal. You have to give him credit for battling it out and keeping us in the game.
    PK Subban is beautiful to watch. I loved how he did that spinnarama move at the Flyers’ blue line. When asked during the RDS interview if he was a bit nervous and wasn’t this move a bit risky he just laughed and said he’s been playing hockey since he’s four years old and there’s nothing to be nervous about. Hope Martin doesn’t beat that positive attitude out of him. And Price could use some of Subban’s confidence.
    And another thing. Those refs were just brutal last night.

  3. I don’t think price played very badly. The first goal should have been a no goal cause i was spun around like a revolving door. The second goals was a bit weak but he made so many key saves, including a couple of 2 on 1’s.

    As for the refs, it was ridiculous. I blame the refs a lot for a lot of things. I always call them bias as if I wasn’t bias myself. But last night was different, I actually felt that they were bias. Dominic Moore after the game in an interview said “We ran out of time”, maybe that has to do with the 11 minutes they spent shorthanded while recieving cheapshots. Also, did you see gorges’ “highstickking” penalty? It was a little tap on the back and Hartnell reacts by covering his face.

    Anyway, I’m going to the game tonight and booing the hell out of every single phlyer. Ten bucks says I won’t have a voice by the end of the night

  4. Danno, I know. But it’s been going on all season, regardless of who is in the lineup and who isn’t. They’re fighting for a playoff spot with the team they played, and even though there’s injuries, it shouldn’t affect the drive and passion that should be in place. It shouldn’t affect the way they pass the puck, or hit people, or storm the net. But rarely was there any of that. I know they’re hurting but I still want to see desire. And yes, Price played well later on, but we need him to play well for 60 minutes. Good goalies do that. And also yes, the refs were inept, but they don’t pass the puck or shoot the puck or storm the net. That’s the players’ job. I’m sorry – I’m very frustrated.

  5. Gillis, you have a great time tonight. I expect you to witness a win a win tonight. It’s up to you. Let us know what it was like, please.

  6. You’re right Dennis. Just playing devil’s advocate for a moment. Maybe the team that beat the Pens will come out to play tonight.

  7. All we want is a great team back, Danno. It’s hard for all of us to see the Canadiens not doing well, for so long now. I’m hoping for a big efford tonight. And I was really impressed with Subban.

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