Habs Don’t Do Enough. Me Too

The Canadiens lost 4-3 in a shootout with the New York Islanders.

Alex Auld was in nets and he’s not to blame, I guess.

That’s it. I’m showing as much effort today in this blog as a couple of our millionaire players show on almost a nightly basis now.

And one last thing. I’m all for more fighting, and except for the score against Boston on Wednesday, I could watch and enjoy a game like that again with no problem whatsoever. 

Random Notes:

The Leafs come to town on Saturday.

33 thoughts on “Habs Don’t Do Enough. Me Too”

  1. I don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said before. The young guys continue to impress and gives me hope. I don’t look forward to playing the Leafs as they always seem to play hard against Montreal. Maybe we will have a new D-man in town by then to help the older guys cause the wear and tear is starting to show on them.

  2. The young guys are good, Don. It’s almost like seeing the Hamilton Bulldogs. And yes, Hamrlik and Spacek are playing with smarts only at this point. Wouldn’t mind seeing Kaberle wear the sweater as he’s a skater and gets points. Right now I’m disappointed – one point out of a possible six, and we’ve lost the last three games. And at this time I can barely stand to see Gomez and his much-too-confident swagger. He said “it all starts with me.” No it doesn’t Scott. You’re not the best player on the team. Far from it.

  3. Hey Dennis, I ask you,what is Kostitsyin doing now that mimes in Montreal are outlawed? This guy didnt make a whisper in the past six games,someone must have cut hie tongue out,or his ability to play the game that we all call hockey.Holy shit what has happened to the guy that was once renouned as a good sniper?This guy still has a helluva a shot ,but his play is like an erection short on viagra.

  4. Hi Derry. I just think Kostitsyn doesn’t have the drive. Like you say, he’s got some skill, but there’s no spark. I’d trade him if I could. Gomez too. These two guys aren’t earning their combined 12 million this year, that’s for sure. But now I’m sounding like a broken record. I hate it when guys underachieve.

  5. Hey Dennis, You know ,if Marios Lemieux had the drive of Wayne Gretzky and Rocket Richard ,he would have eclipsed all of the scoring records known to everyone.Drive is what it takes to come out every nite and compete,drive is what makes you come from behind when you are down in a Stanley cup playoff and win,and most off all,Drive is what Canadians have when tey represet their country in the championships they they take part in.

  6. Two lines for Habs are working (Pleks, Gio, Max Pac and Desharnais, Pouiliot lines). I hate seeing Gomer on the ice. Gomez, AK tits and Eller are pathetic together. A line of underacheivers but like Dennis says, Eller does have potential. Gomez is bringing him down. I hate Gomez as well. Kinda hope he gets the flu or something. Too bad Georges and Markov got the knee injuries instead of …. This is the first time I have wished for an injury to a Hab, ever. Auld played ok. He is scarey to watch tho. At least one millionaire should have scored.

  7. The Habs need to pull up their socks Dennis.

    I see you’ve started giving them heck and naming names.

    And Moey’s right. I would much prefer to have Gomez out for the season than Gorges or Markov. What a difference that would make.

    What bugs me about Gomez is the same thing that bugs you Dennis. He just doesn’t take anything seiously and brushes everything off as if it’s all a joke. Did you notice him and Kostitsyn while the fights were going on in Boston. They were both laughing at what was going on.

    Note to Gomez. This isn’t Yuk Yuk’s and you’re not a comedian. Start playing hockey or get out of town.

  8. I’ve wanted AK46 gone for at least two years now. People keep saying we need a power forward, we already have one, he’s got size and loads of skill. He frustrates me to no end. I hope he’s gone by the trade deadline. As far as Gomez, that’s a tough one. Who would take him off our hands? What pisses me the most is he essentially replaced Koivu. Koivu is making 3.25 mil over two years for the Ducks and still brings it every night. I still think Gainey made a mistake with that one.

  9. I agree Moey. Gainey made a bunch of mistakes. Gomez the biggest and Koivu a close second. AK is a tough one. I do like his shot but he isn’t a power forward. He gives the odd hit but not enough. He is lazy and usually not in position to give a hit. But look at Sergei. He has 15 or 19 goals, and Grabovski – well over 20 goals??? WTF is it with these Euro players? It must be the pressure in Mtl. I too hope AK is gone by trade deadline. We’ve waited long enough. We need someone with Desharnais’s spunk. Now he delivers!!Dynamic.

  10. I think Kostitsyn’s problems all started when he was taken of Pleky’s line and put with Gomez. Remember the great start to the year Andrei had? I think his confidence in himself is pretty fragile and he should have been left alone on Pek’s line. What to do with Gomez? Bury him in the minors? Would Molson swallow that sallary? You can’t trade him, not with that salary. Settle his contract and let him walk? That last one is what I’d do. Then look for a centre that has some jam like an Arnott. Lastly I didn’t get a good look and I’m surpised no one has mentioned it but wasn’t Auld’s mask a throw back to Dryden’s?

  11. Derry, Kostitsyn is going through the motions. I believe he doesn’t get it, what it takes to ber an NHLer. I believe it’s just a job for him and nothing else. Out of an 82 gane season, I think he gives a good performance in about six of them.

  12. Mayo, I can’t stand a guy not helping his team. Gomez takes soft swipes at the puck, stays away from the rough-going, has his soft passes intercepted, and yet still feels he’s one of the straws that stirs the drink. To me he should go away and not come back.

  13. Danno, I think Gomez is trying to create this persona of a character guy and a leader. But he falls flat. I doidn’t see him laughing in Boston but I’m not surprised. Moey was right all along about the Koivu thing. Gomez is no Koivu.

  14. Moey, you had it right all along. Koivu was the man. I thought originally that Gomez would be an upgrade offensively but look at his numbers. And as far as a leader goes, he’s no Koivu by a country mile. I agree totally – Gainey blew that one. (unless there was something behind the scene we don’t know about). Gawd I’d love to see these two switch places. I guess it’s too late now.

  15. Dennis, both Kostitsyn and Gomez were sitting down in the third period because Martin wasn’t happy with their play.

    I don’t think it’s the sign of a leader to be laughing it up while your teammates are having the crap kicked out of them. But I guess it comes naturally to him since he’s so used to laughing all the way to the bank.

    If I was going to the game on Saturday I’d pack a Snickers bar and try to give it to Gomez. Maybe he’d get the message if he’s seen the ad on TV. And if he still has a shred of self-respect he’d stop playing like Betty White and start earning his pay.

  16. Mayo, I know what it is about European players. Some get it and some don’t. That’s why you see so many begin their careers hot and cool down after only a few years. It’s just a job for them. They go from growing up in shitty apartments, dad probably didn’t own a car etc., and suddenly someone from North America wants to make them multi-millionaires. Of course not all of them – there are so many who have been wonderful – Koivu, Lidstrom, Datsyuk etc., but many just don’t tune in even though they have great skill level. Kostitsyn shows no desire to give all he can give. It’s like he has other things on his mind – like when is payday.

  17. DJ, Auld’s mask looked a lot like Dryden’s but I think Dryden’s was more a crest whereas Auld’s is just lines. But they’re close for sure. I’d let Gomez walk too. It wouldn’t be the first time a team had to lose some money because of a bad deal. Look at the Dipietro contract on Long Island. A zillion dollars and the guy’s been on the sidelines almost from day one. The bottom line is – I think all of us are fed up with the play of both Gomez and Kostitysn. Hell, Montreal doesn’t even have a playoff spot guaranteed yet. We need these guys to give all they can, and when they don’t, we’re allowed to take it personally.

  18. Nice mask. These goalies spend too much time attracting attention to themselves. I would prefer a totally blank mask and a Vezina and Stanley Cup to a beautiful piece of artwork that means nothing if the guy cannot play. Roys blank mask means a heck of a lot more than this piece of art. But I like Auld. And hope he does well. Steal us 10-15 points a year and he’ll be gold.

  19. I completely agree with Mayo. It’s not what’s on the mask that matters. It’s what’s behind it. I would take a plain Jane Jacques Plante mask over any fancy graphic job if the man behind it had the balls and the skills needed to win the cup. Still, the fancy masks of today offer an opportunity for goalies to express themselves and be individuals unlike anyone in any other sport.

    One of my favourites is the minimalist style sported by Anaheim Ducks’ netminder Jonas Hiller. Here is a look at the basic-black beauty…


    It certainly makes a statement. And that statement is “I mean business”.

  20. Yeah that works, it’s similar to Luongo’s but they’re different enough to still be unique. I like the new masks and how it does give the goalie a chance to be original. I also like it when they honour past goalies. There is something to be said with the masks that had animals on them too. Dennis mentioned how the players wearing helmets have lost their identity a bit so maybe the league should allow players to paint their helmets like the goalies do. That could be cool.

  21. Dennis,

    I could cry just thinking about what an awesome team we would have if we switched Gomez for Koivu. And let’s pretend Gorges and Markov weren’t injured and just think of all the extra cap space we’d have to pick and chose a missing piece or two. CRAP.

  22. Moey, I didn’t really agree with you in the beginning but over the months I realized you were right. There’s no comparing the two players.

  23. “Gawden Bennet” as we cockney types say, I go away for a few days and all hell breaks loose.

    (any correlation between my disappearance off the radar and regime change in parts of the Middle East are purely co-incidental…..)

    Little to add really.

    We’ve only won one of the second games in back to back series in 6 sets since form picked up after Christmas with the Bruins/Islanders being the only double loss. We usually win the first one. Make that of what you will.

    Do you think Diddy Dave has realised that we lose every time he scores? I hope he hasn’t. I’ve been impressed with him and he needs to remove that particular minkey from his back.

    Oh and de fightin’.

    Watched it. Don’t care too much for it if I’m honest.

    In the end it’s just cobblers really. The Bruins chief tactic was to jump someone who’s preoccupied with someone else. Chara and Lucic wander round trying to kick off and then their sad fans complain that Pouliot lands one in the kisser of a smaller but irritating eejit who insisted on jumping on his back in the time honoured fashion of his team mates.

    And they go after guys who’re not fighters.

    If the League wants fighting well and good. But what happened to the idea of encouraging a game of skill and speed? Sure it’s a physical game and there’s plenty of scope within the rules for tough hard stuff.

    Fighting on skates? I dunno. When boxing started out I suppose they considered it but went for boards and canvas in the end

    It’s up to the Canadiens management really. Sound out the top brass and the officials. What do they want? Are they going to stop the gooning? If they don’t commit then let them know that any attempt to throw the book when it blows will not be tolerated. Then pick the moment and pile in on one of these mobs.

    Sod this pretence of some sort of code. It’s always invoked by the goons when things don’t go their way. Pick a game, go hard and go very dirty. Put down the marker. It’s no good when say the Bruins come to the Bell, it’s too soon and they’ll be keyed up. Better do it in Bean Town or some other hole when it wont be expected. Teams have to do it when they play the All Blacks and particularly the South Africans in rugby. Sometimes you have to fight for the right to play.

    There’ll always going to be bad tempered games but the sort of intimidation that some clubs are resorting to as a matter of course needs stopping. It seems that instigator rules and throwing players out of games doesn’t apply to some outfits. So you have to do it yourself.

    There seem to be enough Habs who don’t want to be beaten down. It’s a question of organisation and having a plan.

    I’m not in favour of this generally but I think this season with Philly, the Bruins and the Sabres in particular a statement needs to be made somehwere down the line.

    But the management and players have to sign up to it and back each other. I know it’s not a big team or a fighting team but this requires a one off response.

    And revenge is a dish best taken cold.

  24. Moey, it would’ve been so much better. Damn. And also, it seems to me Gionta’s not the captain Koivu was but I suppose we must give him a chance.

  25. And a brief note in the “No sh*t Sherlock that’s helping me feel better” column

    As I’m about to ascend the wooden hill, I note that the Islanders are 3 up on the Pens after one, no doubt causing great excitement to the four spectators and 23 disinterested peanut sellers crammed in to the home rink. And helping us to not feel so bad.

    And Detroit 2-1 up on the “Woodsh*tters”. One hopes they can stay in front.

    Life wont seem so bad.

    Toodle Pip from all here in Blighty

  26. Hey Blue Bayou, I was wondering about the Middle-East thing. Are you sure you weren’t in….? Anyway, about the fighting. The reason I’m in favour of it is the buzz it brings. My wife and I were glued to the TV. So was probably everyone else. When the camera panned the Bosotn rink, the fans looked like they’d just seen the Beatles. This kind of thing was around for almost all of hockey’s history except for the past decade or so. It’s almost vanished completely. But sometimes, when playing an aggressive game surrounded by boards and cheapshots and rivalry, the fuse gets lit. In the course of an 82 game schedule, I like to see it from time to time. And when two old foes goes at it, it keeps a sacred rivalry in tact. The goalie fight was nonsense though. And Montreal, although a small team, showed that they’ll step to the plate if called upon. I liked that. Pouliot and Moen got in some good licks while others didn’t fare so well
    One thing’s for sure. No one left their seat when it was going on, and everyone was talking about the next day. You don’t usually get that during these Bettman years and I liked it just for old time’s sake.

  27. Dennis,

    I have no issue with Gionta at all. He gives 100% like Koivu. And I’m positive that Koivu would have no issues with wearing an “A” like he does in Anaheim. Anyway, there’s no point in dreaming, we have what we have. Just have to support the troops as they are.

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