Habs Done Like Dinner

On this night in Philadelphia, there would be no Erik Cole scoring three goals, or PK Subban skating like he was on crystal meth. There would also be no power play goals in five tries, no outstanding goaltending from Peter Budaj, and just a tad of toughness when Ryan White decided to be rambunctious and ornery.

And officially, there is now no chance of making the playoffs, as the Habs, in losing 4-1 in Philadelphia, become mathematically eliminated.

It was only a matter of time, of course, we all knew it, and Montreal did it the way they have so many times this season. They came out flat, managed 4 shots on goal in the first period, and played that uninspired game that we’ve come to know and not love. And it came just 24 hours after displaying an excellent and spirited effort against Ottawa.

A big and successful game one night, and thud the next. It harkens back to February 11, when the Canadiens waltzed into Toronto and blew out the home team 5-0, creeping to within four points (I think), of the eighth and final playoff spot. We were feeling that maybe they were actually coming around, and then pffft. The Habs would lose 7 of their next 8 and the season was over for all intents and purposes.

I’m used to this sort of thing now, only I’ve never heard a decent explanation why they can be wonderful on one night, and suck immediately after. And the only thing I can take away from a game like this is that it seems Philadelphia would handle Ottawa if they met in the playoffs, judging by these last two Habs games.

Daniel Briere scored a couple of power play goals for the Flyers, (they would have three odd-man goals in total on this night), and Briere is a fine player, at least whenever I’ve seen him play, which isn’t that often, I’ll admit. He would have been such a nice addition to the Canadiens’ lineup, could”ve been very much a hero in Montreal, a French-Canadian sharpshooter, but he wasn’t interested when the Canadiens wooed him in 2007. Maybe I don’t blame him. Maybe there’s something to be said for peace and tranquillity far from 24 hour a day hockey madness.

Random Notes:

Tomas Plekanec scored Montreal’s lone goal when he deked Ilya Bryzgalov out of his jock strap. Plekanec had another couple of breakaways, but that’s not news. He gets several every game. And once in awhile he scores on one.

Next game – Tuesday, when the Florida Panthers pay a visit.

I suppose now that the Habs are officially done, maybe it’s time to screw around with lines and let some of the young guys like Louis Leblanc move up and enjoy more ice time. Blake Geoffrion seems to have played himself out of a spot right now, and maybe some big minutes might help him turn a corner. Or at least give the coaches a better idea of what to do with the young fellow.

And if I were a coach, I’d be reading the riot act to Rene Bourque. This guy is becoming a bigger version of Scott Gomez, and it’s unacceptable. We’ve had it up to here with underachievers.


24 thoughts on “Habs Done Like Dinner”

  1. It is odd that they look like stanley cup champs one night and #1 draft qualifiers the next. The only thing I can think of is, on the stanley cup nights the high ranking opponent is having an off night and just stink, allowing for illusion of greatness from the high draft pick habs…………

  2. Gonna set a franchise record for losses in a season thanks to The Shoot Out but all season same old story can’t score another game where The Habs score one goal or less for the 20+ time = a Loss…….

  3. I’m sure Cammy has scored some goals in a Flames win but whenever I seem to check a Calgary game with Cammy scoring it is a loss like yesterday 4-1 to Dallas……

  4. Same old same old. We have replaced Gomer & Cammy with Bourque. Less money but longer term. Maybe a new GM and a new Coach can lite a fire under him next year as I think amnesty will only apply to one player and sending him and Kaberle to Hamilton will be expensive for Molson to swallow which I doubt he will do so hopefully our new GM will work magic with draft and trade dead weight. Call me a dreamer but a hab fan is a hab fan eternally optimistic and still looking for 25. On a different note some of your links via good stuff should be updated as they seem to be outdated a little.

  5. Bourque makes Gomez look like the Rocket. (Forgive me Rocket).

    4 more years of that guy if we can’t unload him. Ouch. We’re about to get rid of Gomez and we bring in Gomez 2.0. I would bench him so fast his head would spin. The guy is -20 now I believe? Doesn’t hit, doesn’t do much, and can’t hit an open net if his life depended on it. Funny how on a 2 on 1 Pleks didn’t even bother to pass to him. They’d actually try to pass to Gomez.

    So we’re out. Who is everyone rooting for now? I wouldn’t mind St. Louis winning it, even Ottawa.

  6. dra, thank you. I know I remain eternally optimisticn too. Every year is the year we go all the way. It’s been like that since the get-go and it always will. Also, thanks for the heads-up about udating my links. I took out six that basically had stopped a year or two ago. It’s good to be current, so thanks, I appreciate it. I still think Bourque is better than he’s shown. He’s a good skater, is big, and has a good shot. But he doesn’t appear interested. Maybe the trade sucked the life out of him. But I can’t stand it when I see a player without passion.

  7. Darth, who am I rooting for? Hmm. Hmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Nobody. As long as another team has fans who hate the Habs, then I can’t bring myself to cheer. I just hope when I tune in the playoffs that I see guys like Marchand and Burrows get pounded into oblivion.

  8. Martin, I think because so many guys did nothing on so many occasions, along with a pitiful power play, it was the end of them. When a team isn’t loaded with superstars, everyone needs to go all out every night, which was never the case with our guys. So many underachievers, like Kostitsyn, and we need to see some serious changes as soon a spossible. Otherwise, we’re going to be a pissed off bunch of fans.

  9. I wonder if that suspension Bourque took earlier this season has something to do with his play as the player he hit (Backstrom) has not played since that elbow – Hopefully Sedin will not be out as long as Backstrom……

  10. Hobo, you might be right. We got teams having off nights. Tired and hungover maybe. Maybe it was an illusion. Or maybe, when the stars and planets are properly aligned, the Habs can actually play well. Just not often.

  11. Mike Mckim, I don’t know what I’m going to do if the summer goes by and Pierre and Gomez are still around. Geez, what a bummer that would be. We need change, and if Geoff Molson doesn’t see that and do something, we should piss into his beer vats.

  12. Thanks Danno. I guess a 14% chance of getting number 1 isn’t too bad, but we somehow have to make the Islanders stronger so they don’t grab that number three spot. And I see Toronto moving up with a bullet. We just need to lose honourably, that’s all. All of the games. Maybe put Bourque on the first line. This is what we have to look forward to until the season draws to a close – how the Habs can lose properly. And no more of these loser one points. We need to lose in magnificent fashion.

  13. DK, maybe it’s just me but I saw several closeups of Cole on the bench & he looked mighty pissed off. The guy plays is heart out & then has to watch as the rest just seem to float, I’d be pissed too. I know it’s a downer knowing your out of the *Show* but have some pride, only a handfull showed up last night!!

  14. More good news!

    The Oilers beat the Blue Jackets 6-3 today which means the Habs are now in 29th place.

  15. Danno,

    They have been thinking playoffs most of the season! The Laffs always provide a ray of sunshine, even during a crap season like this.

  16. If I had to pick a team, like if someone was holding a gun to my head, Ottawa or Vancouver (or if Winnipeg squeezes in).

  17. It’s hard, Marjo.It’s because of their fans. They hate the Habs. I think I’m going to go for Ottawa, maybe, I haven’t decided, but even that sickens me because I know guys there who were good, solid Habs fans and changed to the Sens.

  18. Maybe, Hobo. I like Parise, and Robinson is there. But although I like the fact the mafia are tax-paying residents, so is the cast of Jersey Shore,so I don’t know. But then again, Bruce Springsteen is from there. What about St. Louis?

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