Habs Done In By Sabres

At some point in this season, Carey Price WILL record his 100th win. Should be any week now.

A 3-1 Sabres win when it shouldn’t have been, and that’s one win in five tries so far for the Canadiens. And regardless of how well many of them played tonight, such as Max Pacioretty and David Desharnais and even Lars Eller, the majority of times any team scores just one goal, the team loses. That’s just the way it is. A law of average.

The only way this team is going to be successful, aside from needing great goaltending, is for the scorers to score, and although they had plenty of chances, especially in the first half of the game, it’s worth diddley if only one goal goes in.

Of course the Canadiens stormed out of the gate and dominated for well into the second period. That’s what they do. Really good for awhile and then somehow the tide turns. And after young Raphael Diaz scored his first NHL goal to give the Habs a 1-0 lead, it was predictable that although they were vastly outplaying the Buffalo Sabres, the visitors would find a way to tie it, which they did, and then take advantage of an ill-advised play by a solid, ice cream-loving member of the Habs defensive corps to take the lead .

Josh Gorges icing the puck with just a handful of seconds left in the second wasn’t the best thing he could have come up with at the moment. Because from the following faceoff in the Habs end, Thomas Vanek fired it home with 2.8 seconds left to give his team a 2-1 lead, and give me a sinking feeling in my beer gut. 

Gorges could have just banked it up 20 feet and the period would wind down and the warm and fuzzy feeling would continue. Instead he iced it, the song was sung, and the game seemed over before the third period began.

Just like that, with a snap of a finger, another loss is racked up.

Random Notes:

Scott Gomez and Erik Cole are on track for 16 assists this seasons. Wayne Gretzky had seven assists in one game – three times.

Gomez we know about, but Cole was expected to show more than this, and I don’t care if it is only five games in. This was a guy considered to be some kind of power forward, and I’ve seen nothing remotely close to this description. Not to mention zero goals. Max Pacioretty is the true power forward on the team and is doing the job in a big way.

I just though we had two guys in this role and it’s been just one.

Shots on goal were Montreal 41, Buffalo 23. But the Canadiens didn’t deserve to win because one goal on 41 shots isn’t getting the job done.

Next game, Thursday in Pittsburgh, so things aren’t getting any easier.

22 thoughts on “Habs Done In By Sabres”

  1. cole stunk in edmonton. perhaps the critics are right that he is a one team guy………………….. if the habs can replace al mcneil right after winning the stanley cup, they can replace jm after miller steals a game…………. it’s just hobo logic.

  2. We will need to understand that Cole can’t play with Plek. He just can’t handle those opponents night after night.

    Cole with Gomez and Gionta.This way will we will criticize only one line.
    Or help Gionta and give him a centre (this is half true and half …)

    Emelin is great to look at, remember me Svoboda skating.

    AK and Pacioretty were great last night, they create a lot of chances.
    Pacioretty really is the power foward we needed, maybe Cole can ask him some advices…

  3. All I know is Buffalo did not deserve to win that game. Miller kept Buffalo in the game while the Habs were dominant and of course after the Habs failed to capitalize on about 20 good chances the writing was on the wall.

    Looking ahead, the Penguins shouldn’t be as tough as they normally are – with many of their best players sidelined by injuries (Evgeni Malkin, Sidney Crosby, Brooks Orpik etc.) or suspended (Kris Letang).

    Hopefully, (and in spite of their own injuries) the Habs will find a way to beat the diminished Pittsburgh squad and return home with a nice road victory.

    All I know is I’m tired of watching the Habs invent new ways of losing.

  4. If it hadn’t have been for Miller we WOULD have won this game. He stole it for the Sabres. There are a lot of positives to take from this even though it’s a crummy loss. If we play like this then we will be quite good. We are just missing that one little component and we should be ok.

    My only concern here is that there is something really wrong with the team’s motivation or confidence when they are down a goal. We played damn well for 40 minutes and then let in one bad goal. After that it was like we were scrambling and desperate. Every team lets in one crummy goal and gives up a lead a few times here and there but it shouldn’t be the end of the world.

    Last night made me think this was a game seven of a playoff series. We dominate for 40 minutes (wow) and then the bad goal goes in, then panic hits. I wonder if this is a spot where Kirk Muller could have helped to keep them calm.

    It sucks that we lost but there are some great things happening. The team is much more exciting to watch at the very least.

  5. Hobo, I’m liking the Hobo logic. I know it’s early but very soon if this keeps up we’ll have dug a hole so deep we’d need something as big as Brad Marchand’s nose to climb out on.

  6. Vanhouse, I was so excited when we got Cole but it’s wearing off fast. He had a decent preseason too. I don’t know, maybe it is the coach. Or maybe he’s just not as good as we’d hoped and thought. I also think that if Gomez goes about 15 or 20 games without a goal and mediocre assists, he needs to pack his bags and go somewhere else. Anywhere. Alaska maybe. Emelin had maybe his best game and we can see him improving and showing more confidence little by little. I’m pulling for him.

  7. Nicely put Danno. The Habs invent new ways to lose. They played well but they found a way to blow it. This is a team of great skaters but lousy finishers.

  8. Darth, our marskmen fire BB guns. They have lots of chances but just aren’t that deadly when it comes to scoring. I’m depressed. I stayed up to 2 am to watch, as Danno said, a new way for the Habs to lose.

  9. Hey Dennis,Well I think it’s been said already,so I wont put you through it once more.I think that given more of a chance,we can get our shit in a pile and start throwing it around.When Cammy and Markov return,this will be two great additions up front and back,Spacek will be back as well,patience folks,the eskimo hunter never got a seal by leaving the breather hole after 5 minutes.

  10. Muller & Carbo co-coaches, JM sent to the minors! Just maybe the first to could relate to the team just whats needed as the game progresses unlike Mr. I don’t know what to do! JM got Muller out of there becuase he knew he was an ever present threat, what a loss!!
    les Canadiens sont la!!!!

  11. Mike, I’m thinking the movement to get rid of Martin is picking up steam. I just don’t know if Gauthier is happy with him or not. Maybe he loves him and thinks he’s doing a fine job. I don’t know.

  12. With carbo coaching, I think you can say bye to Emelin and Diaz. I’m not sure if you guys remember but he never had the knack to make those younger players play well, like Perezhogin and Grabs. And anyone else remember is idiotic line combos? Gorges on the third line? Laraque on the first line with Koivu?

    Think back to not too long ago before asking for Carbo back

  13. Having Carbo back would be a bad idea. I’d love to have Lemaire back though. He actually applied for the job but wanted more money than Martin did so they went with Martin. He wanted 1 million more I believe.

    I doubt he’d do it know but I’d love to see him here. Some suggested Marc Crawford and others Patrick Roy. I think I’d take anyone at this point. Hell, bring Scotty back even!

  14. OK guy’s I give up about Carbo I guess I just loved the way he played for the bleu blanc et rouge. Don’t forget tho he was runner up for coach of the year before he was let go. He had passion becuase of his time with les Canadien & wanted his team to have that same passion & to be proud to wear our fabled sweater. I guess being a grummpy old timer I in my own mind’s eye I harken back to our Glory years.
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  15. i’m reluctant to bring back former hab stars to coach. we loved them as players and i hate to see them dissed, which is surely to happen as a coach……. i always thought guy boucher was the guy. how ’bout darth?

  16. Hobo, I thank you for that vote of confidence but I’d probably run the team into the ground. Although you can bet your buns that I would have them practice offensive drills like they were going out of style. I’d also hire Gretzky, Hull, Lafleur, and a few others as my “shot coaches”. Their job would be to instruct our guys on when to shoot, how to shoot, and when to shoot. I’d have them turn all our guys into snipers.

    (Ah one can dream..sigh).

  17. Leaf Fan, all of our small guys with the exception of Gomez know how to put the puck in the net. But it doesn’t happen very often. No, they don’t have hands like Kessel but 20,30 or more from each of them isn’t asking too much.

  18. The Habs cannot go without Cammalleri…A big hole that is at the core

    of the Habs trouble plus Cole’s bad start.. As far is Gomez, with the exception

    of that big 2005-6 season (33 goals) he had 8 seasons in his prime with

    between 10-16 goals a year. His first year with the Canadians was on the

    level (12g 47a = 59 points) with much of his prime years with powerhouse

    Devils. What line did he center (2 or 3rd) last year when he dropped 20 points

    from his average?

  19. Leaf Fan, Gomez isn’t a scorer. It took us a while to come to grips with it. He’s a passer who gets about $500,000 for each assist.

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