Habs Done By Ducks

For those of you who went to bed early and missed the Habs-Ducks game in Anaheim…..I hope you had a lovely sleep. You missed so much.

You missed the Habs lose 4-1 to one of the worst teams in the NHL. You missed Montreal fall flat once again on the power play, going a feeble 0 for 7. You missed Montreal take six penalties, several of which were due to laziness, in particular PK Subban’s two tripping penalties because he wasn’t moving his feet and didn’t want to give any extra effort. You missed Montreal give up two goals on these six Ducks chances.

You missed many Habs fans in the stands looking seriously bored. You missed a bunch of Ducks fans looking just as bored.

Aren’t you sorry you missed all that?

I only stayed up to watch this mess so I could write some sort of post about it. Damn.

For me, this is the lowest point in the season, even lower than mid-October when the team dropped six straight. It’s their third straight loss now, this last one against a basement dwellar, the Anaheim Ducks, but it’s so much more than that. There was a reason the game was boring. The Canadiens played once again with absolutely no fire or passion, no fight or drive. No sharpness or edge.

All in all, the whole thing is disgraceful and unacceptable. The players should be ashamed of themselves and Pierre Gauthier needs to quit taking valium and spring into action.

How many times do Habs fan have to shout loud and clear? Change the friggin coach. Bring some life to this lifeless bunch. it’s pitiful what we’re seeing. Our patience has worn thinner than thin. Gauthier, do the right thing and right this listing ship.

Random Notes:

Peter Budaj was in goal tonight and he played fine, I suppose. He didn’t have much to work with.

Shots on goal – Ducks 27 , Habs 20.

Andrei Kostitsyn converted a nice Tomas Plekanec pass to open the scoring and for a few minutes, we thought maybe, just maybe……Then it all came crashing down.

PK Subban is a shell of himself right now. He was reasonably lousy on this night, but then again, most of the team sucked the big one.

Next game – 400 miles north to San Jose, then 400 miles south again to play the Kings which are just 30 miles from where the Canadiens played tonight. Do you find that slightly silly?




30 thoughts on “Habs Done By Ducks”

  1. Did Martin break up the Eller-Kostitsyn-Moen line again? It was working well, bringing out the best in all three of them. I would have thought the easy and most sensible thing to do would have been to put Leblanc in Pacioretty’s place and occasionally double shifting Gionta and Cammellari. In JM world constant confusion about your line mates is the solution to end this slump.

    So now Boudreau is off the market, he was just hired to replace Carlyle in Anaheim who was fired immediately after beating us. What does that say about Martin?

  2. Martin mixes the lines up the moment we go down a goal. Instead of keeping the lines together he always needs to mix it up. Hell, I would have put Leblanc on the first or second line a lot just for the hell of it. At this point what do you have to lose? The team is dead and lifeless anyways so why not try it for laughs? Maybe something moderately called “entertainment” might actually happen.

    I knew when we had all those PPs in row in the first and didn’t score that it was over. This team is really terrible.

  3. carlyle fired after winning, why not jm after losing? boudreau has a french sounding name. too bad, too late, too da loo habs…………..

  4. Why did the Habs not play Price and try to maximize a “must”

    win against a low end team ..Now they have 2 top power teams

    to beat to avoid going 10-13 in the standings….

  5. quebecois have voted for people who don’t speak french, who currently represent them in parliament and people seem to think that is just the cat’s pajamas. who says we can’t hire an anglophone to coach the habs???????????? who? not habs fans……..i know it is redundant to mention the most successful hab coaches by far had english as their first language. it’s just the odds. u can’t beat the odds. it is just not an issue unless some politically correct asshole who probably doesn’t like the violent game of hockey makes it one. if the media has a problem with it, well, it’s not about them either. it’s about winning not whining.

  6. i hate to admit it leaf fan, but u make a good point. by not playing price martin sends the message the ducks are not as important and this team will grab any excuse not to show up. it is obvious the next 2 games are against better teams.

  7. Hobo, I also agree with Leaf Fan. Originally I thought it was right to put Badaj against a weaker team, but I didn’t consider the “what if they lost” part. They needed to put the best team they put out last night and Martin didn’t do it. How long do we have to put up with this guy?

  8. Hobo, the language factor shouldn’t be part of the equation at all. Winning should be the only thing. It’s ridiculous. And you’re right, there’s been a bunch of Habs coaches with English as their first language. But it seems like it can’t happen anymore because it’s not politically correct.

  9. I agree, Leaf Fan. But Habs fans shouldn’t fret too much. Another showing like last night has to spell the end to this coach. Ot maybe not. He seems to have nine lives.

  10. Darth, I don’t think anyone at the Anaheim rink got their money’s worth last night. Even fans of the home team must have been bored. And PK may have played his worst game of the year.

  11. Chris, it’s amazing that Martin is still there. Is he related to Gauthier somehow? It’s at eam with both Gomez and Martin. The Dynamic Duo.

  12. The Molson have money, but who really can blame them for not wanting to throw 11 millions dollars (just this year) in the bin?
    It’s PG job to find a way, but…

    Everybody in Quebec would have take the non-french Muller, anytime. Instead of non-(everything) Martin.
    Coaches contracts are ridiculous.

  13. it just seems when price, the best goalie in the nhl IMHO, is given the night off the rest of the team thinks it’s permission granted for them to do the same. at this point, there is no point making sure price is rested for the playoffs.

  14. My biggest fear is Markov and campoli return and we move into a s trong playoff position and we’re stuck with jock martin for another few years. please markov don’t come back just yet. come back after martin gets fired.

  15. Vanouse, I really hadn’t paid much attention to Martin’s contract before until I started hearing about this 2 million dollar buy-out clause and such. And you’re right, Muller would’ve been a nice fit and most wanted him behind our bench. I don’t blame him for leaving to progress in his field but it’s a shame. He would’ve been a popular coach for sure. I just want Marrtin gone any which way. Maybe Youppi can coach.

  16. Hobo, Budaj is supposed to be an upgrade over Alex Auld and for that reason we’re supposed to never mind when he goes in the nets. But last night was a must-win, and for that reason, Price should have started.

  17. This non-french speaking coach problem is a bit embarrassing for Quebec in the present world…

    In Europe english is the language for Premier league soccer where a Swedish coach may be hired to coach a German team.
    The language is english that is used in this situation.

    Get over it Quebec and enter the interconnected world where the protocal for communication is English…..

    p.s. Bruins hammered my Leafs again last night … what a

    crapper… Leafs need power wing Bobby Ryan big time …

  18. Some nice news out of last night’s game – Erik Cole asked Louis Leblanc if his parents were going to be at the game & Leblanc said no due to finances etc so Cole said get them out here asap and I will cover the expenses as your parents should be a your first NHL game. A very nice gesture by a veteran for the rookie…

  19. PATHETIC, Carlyle gets fired for winning & Mr. Valium still retains his job for losing whats up with that!!
    PO’d in the East!!!!

  20. Martin, those are good stories to report here. Makes last night’s loss a little less bitter. Poor hockey parents?? Kinda hard to believe though as it is an elite game.

  21. I find it really odd that Shanahan makes a point of mentioning how he did not suspend Brian Gionta after he was pushed into Leafs’ goalie James Reimer as proof he is not “picking on” the Habs.

    That comment defies all logic.

    It also defies all logic that he did nothing to Milan Lucic for his hit on Ryan Miller.

    Shanahan is becoming quite the smooth-talking politician with these damage-control interviews.

  22. I heard that interview live and that comment about Gionta seemed like a bit of a “F U” aimed our way. Malone did play like a lunatic that night and it should have gone against him. But then again what do we know?

    It’s interesting that he claims Pacioretty is wrong. I wonder about that.

    Leafs fan: they have a new commerical campaign on tv now for the Language Police. Naturally it makes English look like it’s the worst thing ever.

    Don’t even get me started on this language issue…what a colossal pain in the ass it is to have to deal with. If you ever get the chance, read “Oh Canada, Oh Quebec” by Mordecai Richler. What an eye-opener it is.

    Because of this language issue it severely limits our coaching prospects. We have three prospects we can choose from: Bob Hartley, Marc Crawford, and Lemaire if we can pull him out of retirement. That’s about it. So we’re stuck with Mr. Personality for even longer. I bet if we didn’t have this language issue we wouldn’t be in this situation. Imagine the freedom of being able to pick anyone.

  23. Hey Dennis,I watched the first period and a bit of the second,I saw the Habs weren’t into the game at all so I grabbed my book and read instead.I picked up “Tough Guy” Bob Proberts biography the other day.It is a good book,lots of funny anecdotes and sad stories as well.I think the Habs need someone to bolster and take charge in their powerplay.aka Andre Markov.I just wish he was here now.

  24. Martin, Cole’s a class guy and has become probably my favourite forward. That was a really nice thing to do and that’s the kind of thing Gionta, as captain, should have thought of.

  25. Thanks Danno. Pierre and his sanctimonious tone in his voice. He said that if the hit had been against Subban we would have been screaming for more. Letang came back and scored the winner gor gawd’s sakes. Anf this Markov thing is really starting to get to me. Pierre says it’s a long flight to San Jose for Markov’s knee. It’s an hour and a half flight. The flight from Montreal was three times that.

  26. The story about Cole buying Leblanc parents plane tickets is another example off why hockey has by far the best most decent people playing of any professional sport.

    But why couldn’t Louis buy the tickets? For one week on the Canadiens he’s going to make over $34K. It’s not the $283K that Gomez will get for sitting on his useless ass in Montreal, but it’s a hell of a lot more than any of us will make this week.

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