Habs Dominate Against A Young And Outmatched Islanders Team

Montreal was supposed to win the game. That’s about as big an understatement as I’ve ever come up with. And the reasons are obvious: They’re trying to leave the Florida Panthers in their dust and stay solid in the playoff hunt. And they’re a better team than the young and injury-ridden New York Islanders. As simple as that.

And win they did, a big, old-fashioned, lopsided 5-1 spanking of the Islanders on Long Island. And as an extra bonus, the New York Averys lost 4-2 to Carolina, which means Montreal jumps ahead of these Averys and into seventh spot. Seventh seems like first at this stage of the game.

Montreal’s big line of Tanguay, Koivu, and Kovalev tallied six points and continues to make me feel warm and fuzzy all over. TSN has labelled them the AKA line, but I much prefer ‘The Big Line’ to this initialized handle they came up with. Maybe I could get a job at NHL headquarters naming lines!

The Kovalevian One notched three assists, played well, and easily could have had five or six points if Koivu would’ve finished some close-in chances. But it wasn’t only Kovy who sparkled. Most on the team did. And TSN announcers Chris Cuthbert and Pierre McGuire were absolutely right when they said that if Chris Higgins, Andrei Kostitsyn, and Tomas Plekanec could get it going, then the Habs would be firing on all cylinders, which makes me all aglow when I think about this.

It’s also interesting that the fuss over Guy Carbonneau being fired and Bob Gainey taking over has now quieted down. Although probably the biggest reason Gainey is having success is ‘The Big Line,’ which began when Alex Tanguay returned from his seven week shoulder injury. That and Carey Price finding his game which went into hiding for awhile, although it was Jaroslav Halak who earned the win tonight because Price hasn’t been eating his vegetables and is in bed with the flu.

Now it’s off to Toronto, the team that humiliated the Habs on March 21. It’s payback time, boys. Show these Torontonians that they’re not even on the same planet as you.

Random Notes:

George Laraque once again had one of his staged fights. If George is going to fight, just once I’d like to see him absolutely furious. These things he gets into now seem just silly.

TSN cameramen did a very poor job of finding women in the stands with cleavage. RDS is much more proficient in this area.

7 thoughts on “Habs Dominate Against A Young And Outmatched Islanders Team”

  1. How would you like to be the guy looking over his fists and there’s Big George smiling and waving you over? Like it or not the Islanders out “physicalled” us the last time and come on do you really want to see Tom K get beat up again? The presence of George kept an over matched Islander team from going all “Hanson” on us. I also liked how George kept the puck during a lengthy cycle in the Isles zone.

  2. I appreciate Georges’ presence out there. I just want to see fury like John Ferguson had. He struck the fear of God in people as smoke rose from the top of his head. But that’s a good point about how the Islanders did it to us previously in the muscle department. I’d forgotten about that. So, good comments.

  3. Last night’s game was a bit sad for the Islanders, because really they were no match. On the other hand, it helped them in their Quest for Tavares, which I guess is good for their franchise.

    However it was a great game from a Canadiens perspective and not really because of the win in itself. Of course the win is important, as are the 2 points and moving up to 7th seed in the East. These are important things, but to me there’s something even more crucial that happened last night.

    The Habs showed they had the Killer Instinct. After they closed the 1st period 2-0, they came back on started the second even MORE hungry and made it 4-0 in short order. They didn’t take their collective foot off the pedal until there was only 5 minutes left in the game, up 5-1. They pushed and attacked and pressured the Islanders even though the game was already theirs, and I think that’s a huge change in attitude for this team.

    And the fact that they eased off towards the end is also a good sign, in my opinion.
    They didn’t abandon puck control and fall into this frantic headless chicken type of ‘lead protection’ we’ve seen lately. No, they kept control of the puck but eased off on the scoring chances out of respect for the other team, as there really was no need to embarrass them further in their own building.

    And really, they scored enough to get us free wings at the Cage, so what more can we ask?

  4. Last nights game was a complete joke. The Islanders are terrible. 5 on 5 against the islanders is like a powerplay against any other team. And a powerplay against the islanders is like a 5 on 3 against any other team. Komisarek scored, they gotta be embarrassed.

    Listening to Richard Park being interviewed at intermission got me thinking about how tough it must be to be stuck on a team that is rebuilding. I mean, they know they suck. The only reason they are there is because they are young talent are they are crappy players that were brought in to make the team worst, only to be shipped off as soon as more young talent arrives. In my opinion the only people worth keeping on that team are DiPietro (obviously) and the young Kyle Okposo. After two or three top three draft choices they should be good to go. (how many draft choices do they have in this years draft? I heard they have a lot)

  5. Dennis, I would have probably cried all night.

    I forgot to mention Streit in the “to keep” section. Tambellini too, maybe.

    I think that the bulldogs could have beaten the team that we saw last night.

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