12 thoughts on “Habs Dog Days”

  1. Hey Dennis,Not too bad for a guy who is 98 years old in human years.Kinda brings back thoughts about Aurele Joliet skating on the Ottawa River with a cigarette in his mouth.

  2. I have one of those sweater very worn in blue and white…..

    Now are you guys going to let the Leafs get by you for that 2nd over all …we need that big Russian centre on the Ramparts

  3. Leaf Fan, there has to be a reason why the Leafs do this every year. They started out well, and now they’re back to the old familiar territory. It’s quite weird.

  4. Hey Derry, I bet he can see the puck far better than Gomez – – – Teds looking pretty spiffy!

  5. Hey Dennis, Yes Mike,he has a sense of smell for the puck and his toy duck and his toy bone.Ted also told me that he could take on Komaserik and Phaneuf at the same time and come out on top,I’ll tell him you said that Mike.

  6. Love it!

    Gary Unger survived with long hair, leave Ted alone! It’s an awesome look…

    My astute wife asked if it was coincidence that Patches wears 67, or is he just taunting?

  7. Hey Dennis,Ted as always enjoyed the game,it seems whenever the Habs play he wants to chase his toys.Chris,Ted doesn’t really worry about his hairdo,especially on the backside where he never gives a shit.I will tell him that you asked though.

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