3 thoughts on “Habs Do It!!!”

  1. Awesome. What a team effort. Whatever happens next, this win and the way the team has played, will make me walk on clouds until the puck drops against the penguins.

  2. Dennis, this is like a dream.

    Savouring this sweet victory by toasting our team with a nice shot of Jagermeister!

    The hard-working lunch-box toting grinders beat out the arrogant collection of talented but classless individuals. And one who likes to throw snow in little kids faces.

    Hockey gods frown on that Ovie.

    Bob Hartley said on L’Antichambre:

    Ovechkin made fun of Halak shaking with his water bottle. But now Halak has the entire province trembling with delight.

    And I’ll be wearing my Habs sweater to work tomorrow.

    Two words – Thank you.

    Two other words – Bob Gainey

    See you at the parade.

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