Habs Do It / Don’t Do It

Coming up – Habs in Edmonton for a 9:35 EST puck drop. How am I going to retain my rugged good looks if I don’t sleep? So I need to write the game report ahead of time.

The Habs were good/bad/ugly/excellent in tonight’s win/loss in Edmonton. Peter Budaj was good/okay/scary/somewhat lucky/really bad/outstanding in nets for the Canadiens as he stood on his head/let in some soft ones/didn’t get the job done/got the job done.

The Egg line was sensational/quiet/ fantastic/ordinary tonight, while David Desharnais quieted/didn’t quiet his critics with his lacklustre/spirited play. Max, Pleks, Briere, Gionta, Bourque, Prust, and Subban were excellent/lousy/ on fire/asleep, while red-hot Lars Eller continued/ended his scoring ways.

P.K. took/didn’t take stupid penalties to hurt/help his team, and in the fact the entire team looked smart/dumb in this department. Must have been a good/bad practice today.

A great/terrible, disappointing/uplifting game for the Habs tonight, putting them back in the thick of things/at the back of the pack.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Habs had some and so did the Oilers.

Next up – Vancouver Saturday night.

2 thoughts on “Habs Do It / Don’t Do It”

  1. A great and accurate summary, Dennis! I would add that the Canadiens’ win/loss was well-deserved, and that David Desharnais played/didn’t play a great game, giving ammunition to/silencing for the time being his critics!

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