Habs Do It!


The Canadiens came through in the shootout to edge the Philadelphia Flyers 3-2 at the Bell Centre, and after the way things ended in Colorado on Wednesday, this two-pointer should have fans kissing strangers in the streets.

It’s always a fine thing when the Habs win a game of course, although it’s too late. But after what we’ve been through, we deserve a win.

It’s like the hockey gods got together and said “They deserve a win.”

And the heart-stopping overtime kind of made up for some of the Dead Men Skating we’ve seen too much of lately. Frantic three-on-three, and those who paid scalpers’ prices at least got a  nice five-minute return on their money.

PK turned the puck over a couple of times, but because of the sensitivity carried over from Wednesday, I don’t dare mention it.

I’d also like to apologize for not talking about Max Pacioretty’s role in my recap after the Wednesday debacle.

I was so blinded by PK losing the puck and the Avs scoring the go-ahead goal with two minutes left, that I didn’t notice how dazed and confused Max was at the other end when he went one way and the player he was covering went the other.

I was also writing the recap, with the TV turned off, when Michel Therrien threw PK under the bus.

Sorry for missing these key events. You can throw me under the bus if you want.

Tonight, Friday, everything’s good. It’s Good Friday! And I have no idea what the coach or players are saying, because my two fingers are tapping away as I bathe in the glory of this big win.

Which is too late. Unless the hockey gods say we deserve the playoffs.

Random Notes:

PK collected two assists.

Dale Weise opened the scoring when he banked the puck off a Flyers rearguard. Unfortunately,  just ten seconds later the Flyers tied it up when a long shot flew past Mike Condon, who must’ve been eyeing female ushers in the corridor at the time.

A Tomas Plekanec turnover in the third period gave the Flyers a 2-1 lead, and although I don’t know for sure, I’m thinking that Michel Therrien will probably tread lightly when asked about this.

Max would tie the game on the power play after letting go a great wrist shot from the right side, and in the shootout, Max, along with Paul Byron, would get it done to the cheers of the faithful.

On this night, kudos to Max. Folks have been hard on him, and he’s deserved much of the criticism, mainly because he’s been quite shitty.

But tonight Max came through and helped the cause in a big way.

The Flyers outshot Montreal 37-31.

Next up – Monday, when the Nashville Predators creep into town.





4 thoughts on “Habs Do It!”

  1. Hey Dennis, I missed the game, got back from Prince George to late. Liked your comments though, tired of the controversy and bullshit. Their chemistry y is gone, the meaning of team is gone, this is all dependant upon your coach, not to bring out in the press but deal with in the dressing room. Au revoir monsieur terrine.

  2. Alright Dennis! I am throwing you under the bus for being human! hahaahha how does it feel under that stinky machine? hahaha
    Glad Habs won, some good hockey and I too sure as hell hope the hockey gods have mercy and they manage to grab a play off spot and it might be possible.

    But the big question then will be: Can they do it without Price?

    I don’t want to ruin the party so let’s say they win some of the way and then gracefully lose to a better team.

    Then the whole notion of getting a better draft chance is more or less skewered.

    And of course Subban deserves kudo after kudo. I can’t begin to imagine what this teams would be like without him.


  3. Been readin’ lots of stuff ’bout our Habs lately. A lot of it seems informative and interesting. I never played hockey, or been in a dressing room enviorment, nor any team sports, for that matter. But this I say with confidence—– Thornbush gotta go!!!!!!! who has #1 picks sit on the bench 1/3 off the season? Who has young talent not given the confidence to “go make it happen”? Who play TOM [tired old men] way to many mimutes when there’s young, capable youth warming the bench. Who has a team dump and chase the puck? Who allows gritty players to stop hitting and become soft like butter? Our hits wouldn’t pop a balloon, but we get bounced around like golf balls in a cement walled room. Who doesn’t develop our youth?Who has favourites on his bench? Yes there may be some ego’s in the room. But a REAL leader would diffuse that and turn it into a winning formula. P.K. is who he is. Image him with a coach who brought out his strengths AND the strengths of his teamates. Thornbush discourages young talent to no end. For the sake of the player involved,I DON”T want an early pick in the draft—– he’ll be wasted on the bench. I don’t want to make the playoffs w/Thornbush as coach–we’ll be embarassed again to an early exit. Was Phil Esposito agile and nimble?? Where did he score most of his goals from?Park John Scott there and INSIST he doesn’t START a fight——but he can defend himself and teamates as req’d. He’d be allowed one instigater fight —on these terms— in front of our bench, where he misses the guys head and momentum brings that mighty fist to explode Thornbush’s noggin. Dat’s bad, but dat’s me.

  4. The icing on the cake… P.K. after being named first star gives a terrific interview and then P.K. yells out “J’adore Montréal!” and blows a kiss to the crowd. And the crowd goes wild…

    P.K. got the last laugh and coach “Empty” can go stuff himself.

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