Habs Didn’t Look Great. But The Woman In The Black Dress Did!

Three good things came from the Canadiens 4-2 loss Sunday night In Vancouver.

Although they weren’t anything to write home about, they played probably their best game of their western swing. But then again, I suppose that’s not saying much. Also, Jordy, who comments often on this site and usually makes great sense, came over to watch it with me and behaved nicely even though his team won. And there was a lovely woman in a low-cut black dress sitting right behind Canucks coach Alain Vigneault that the cameraman paid attention to in the late goings. He was smart, this cameraman. He made it look like he was focussing on Vigneault, the crafty bugger. 

When I say the Canadiens played their best game of the western swing, I mean they didn’t completely stink out the joint like they did in Calgary, Edmonton, and Colorado. Sure they let Vancouver have too many chances. Sure they allowed a last-minute, second period goal by Henrik Sedin to fall behind 3-1 which was the back breaker. Sure many of the guys didn’t step up. But there were some fine chances to score on Roberto Luongo. But that last minute goal just killed them. That was it. Time to grab a good seat in a sports bar before the crowd gets there. For all intents and purpose, that was the game right there. Over and done with in the second period.  

So I find myself not overly upset. It was a little better effort in a losing cause. And ‘effort’ is the key word, something I haven’t been able to use a lot of lately.

I disagree with the choosing of the three stars to be all Canucks. It wasn’t all that one-sided. Not at all. Even Jaroslav Halak, who allowed four goals, played well. Andrei Kostitsyn had a goal and an assist. What about the woman in the low-cut black dress? She should’ve been at least second star.

Game Note:

Guy Carbonneau put Carey Price in with about nine minutes to go in the game, and I’m taking this as a nice move by Carbonneau. Maybe I missed something, but was the coach trying to give the youngster some playing time, and a little more confidence, particularly because so many friends and family were there? Or did Halak give Carbonneau another reason to change things up? I’d like to think it was just a nice gesture by Carbonneau at that stage in the game when it was 4-1. If I’m wrong about this, please let me know. Sometimes I miss things because I don’t understand everything that’s said on RDS.

That’s it for the west. The Habs now head back east to visit Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals on Wednesday night. I feel like the worst is over now. It’s the power of positive thinking rearing its head again.

Jordy brought over a couple of pictures for me, one of our friend Gary Lupul fighting for the puck with Gordie Howe, and another of Gary preparing to take a faceoff against Marcel Dionne. Jordy’s father Darren was probably Gary’s oldest and best friend.

2 thoughts on “Habs Didn’t Look Great. But The Woman In The Black Dress Did!”

  1. ESPN had the following quote in their recap:

    “I knew there was a lot of people here that wanted to see him,” said coach Guy Carbonneau. “At 4-1, it’s not like we were going anywhere.”

    I agree: it was a nice touch by Carbonneau.

  2. I think it was a nice move by Carbo and I don’t want to take anything away from him because he really is a classy guy, but it doesn’t say much for a coach when the only good thing being said about him in weeks is about a goaltending change with his team down 4-1 and a couple of minutes are left. Carbonneau should try scrathing Kovalev for one game just to see if the team plays better without him. Who knows, maybe it will light a fire under Kovy himself.

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