Habs Demolish Leafs

Feels great writing that. “Habs Demolish Leafs.” Normally I leave the title for last, but I couldn’t wait tonight. And I could’ve said “Habs Blast Leafs” or “Habs Blank Leafs”, but I prefer Demolish. Even though the Torontonians hit a few posts and outshot the Canadiens 32-18. But forget about that. It’s the scoreboard that tells the tale.

A big 5-0 shutout win for Carey Price and the gang. Four straight wins and seven points from a playoff spot. Things are still a long shot, but how great it feels when Montreal is on a roll and looking good.

It was Mats Sundin Night at the Air Canada Centre, a night when Sundin’s jersey was sent to that special place in the rafters to join other Leaf greats. They do it a little differently in Toronto. They honour the numbers, but future players are still allowed to wear them, unlike Montreal where the number goes up, never to be worn again. Imagine if Mike Komisarek wore number 9 while in Montreal for example? It would just suck.

And it’s this jersey-honouring that pissed off Dave Keon so much that he cut almost all ties with the Leafs, which is a shame. Keon was a legendary Leaf, but now he stays in Florida, sits under palm trees, and tries to pretend the whole thing never happened. But that’s the way it is in Toronto.

The Sundin ceremony was lengthy, his wife Josephine looked quite sensational, and his parents were visibly proud of course. And the first period was as sloppy as a pre-season game because of the wait as Sundin spoke and Josephine smiled and probably wondered if I was somewhere in the crowd.

But Montreal would find their game. They scored four in the second and another in the third, killed five penalties overall like it was a walk in the park, and between the pipes, Carey Price once again played like he’s the best in the game, which I think he is, although I might be slightly biased.

Canadiens scorers on this night were Eric Cole, Rene Bourque, Max Pacioretty on the power play, Lars Eller, who swept around Dion Phaneuf and beat James Reimer in a nifty play that’ll have fans on the streetcars talking about on their way back to the suburbs, and Mathieu Darche, who converted a Tomas Plekanec play started by Price.

The Habs smothered the Leafs often, Tomas Plekanec, Max Pacioretty, Erik Cole, and Mathieu Darche enjoyed fine games, and all concerned -players, coaches, you, me, Lucy, Dave Keon, have to be perfectly content with what unfolded on this night.

The plan is to win most of the time from here on in. Four straight is a beauty start.

Random Notes:

Canadiens host Carolina on Monday. This good stuff needs to continue.


22 thoughts on “Habs Demolish Leafs”

  1. I feel quite lucky to have been at the game in person: the emotion and energy running through the building leading up to the puck drop was truly sensational and I believe Sundin is a class act. It’s great how this city truly loves him, Toronto can be a great place. But I might just feel that way based on the final score.

    Looked great from where I was sitting. First two periods were probably about 30% Red shirts in the crowd. By the third it was closer to 60%. Many of the Leafs Nationals seemed pretty uninterested in what might come in the third.

    Gotta feel for Reimer. His defense let him down tonight, as ours has done to Price in the past. But the Habs jumped on the Leafs mistakes, and once they got the taste for blood (and 2-point in a game) they seemed hell-bent.

    I tell you, it was a great night. Even made it on the jumbotron!

  2. David, good for you. Even on the jumbotron! Did Sundin’s wife look for you after that?
    I noticed it took forever for the seats down low at centre ice to fill up after each period. What, these people couldn’t eat their caviar fast enough?
    I’m very happy for you to be at this great game. it must have been too much fun. You’re bringing them luck so it’s your duty to go to every Habs game from here on in.

  3. I doubt it started with these past four games. This all startedbefore the all-star break. Like the loss to Boston, that was when they started to play well. The losing streak after the ASG was the worse but thats gone now. I beleive more now than I did 5 games ago. our schedule doesn’t look that bad. We play the ruins once and wshington so it hopefully will look good in ten games from now.Who know …?

  4. I have a feeling Leaf Fan is having a stiff drink tonight. Poor guy.

    My only complaint about tonight is that I wish PK would stop the slewfoots. One day someone will take him out if he keeps that up.

    That psychologist they hired deserves an award. I don’t know what he/she has said to them but this is like watching a whole different team. This is the way they should have been playing all year long.

    If we do make the playoffs that’s one hell of a comeback. I’d be very impressed with them.

    Those empty seats do look bad. Maybe there are really slow concession stands in Toronto?

    When I go to a game I park my behind for the whole game. I ain’t moving anywhere until it’s over. I’d be afraid to miss something.

  5. Boy did we demolish them. Once again we were perfect on the penalty-kill, 5 for 5. We even scored on the power-play and discounting the meaningless one to end the game we were perfect in that regard too. I feel sorry for Mats. I would have been satisfied with a respectable and close 3-2 win. At least his team could have showed up. On the bright side I think it makes it easier for him to be in Sweden far away from the sad-sack Leafs. Having young Josephine by his side helps too. She dressed up much classier than Chris Phillips’ wife in Ottawa earlier in the day. Erin was dressed in tight leather hot pants in the pre-game ceremony celebrating her husband’s 1000 NHL game. She should save them for the lonely nights out when hubby is away on a road trip.

  6. Mayo, they can’t let up. The teams behind them are breathing down their necks and there’s no room to screw around. Win, win, win.

  7. Darth, without trying to let PK off the hook, maybe a little of that is his skating style, his legs wide apart. But then again, maybe not. He’ll grow up. I think he’s about 17 years old some times. Did you see the CBC feature on his family with his two brothers who will be in the NHL very soon?

  8. Chris, I just saw Erin on the news this morning, and I saw the leather pants. I think NHL rinks should have “Women leather pants nights”.

  9. I really really like Eller. He’s getting better all the time now that Martin is gone. His defensive work is pretty good as well. It’s kind of nice how Phaneuf just stands there and lets him score like that.

    I saw the clip on Subban’s family Dennis. Good stuff. I worry about Subban though. I know he will mature but some of the players in the league won’t be too patient with him for much longer. Brown wanted to kill the guy and looked really pissed at him when he wouldn’t drop the gloves (which I thought was a good move by PK). I can see someone giving him a nasty hit one day.

    I loved that clip they showed of him as a kid roaring up the ice like that. What a riot.

  10. I woke last night ..a horrific nightmare I did think

    5-0 5-0 5-0 Na Na Na Na ….hey hey

    Realized it was all to real

    A shot of rye and popped a pill

    At least the Rocket was not near

    Boo Hoo Boo Hoo

    The Habs they maybe real….

  11. Hey Dennis, I have to say I missed the game,I was playing hockey in a benefit game to raise money for the family that lost two little children in a housefire here a couple of weeks ago.I’ve never seen the arena here so full of people,all going to a very good cause.I did however check the score as soon as I got home and was I ever happy to see the score.Yeeehaw,let’s keep it going guys.

  12. Excellent Derry. Good for you. But did you get any goals? And if not, why not? Did you pull a sweater over somebody’s head and pound him?

  13. Leaf, Phaneuf doesn’t seem like a great player but I don’t see him enough to really know. And it wasn’t just because Eller walked around him. He just seems not to be, but maybe I’m full of it. Maybe he’s really good. He doesn’t smile very much.

  14. Hey Dennis,No goals ,no pulling the sweater over someones head,no tits(aka Reggie Dunlop)I did block two shots ..and got in shit over it from a women who hired me here.It was a great cause and hopefully it will help out a grieving couple and their young daughter,I feel very bad for them.I’m just glad that we all live in a small town where folks can come together and show support at times like this.

  15. Re:Phaneuf……

    Phaneuf plays very aggressive and does have his weak areas and getting beat on the outside at times is one…

    But he has an offensive side 8 goals 33 points which projects to a 10 goal plus 40 point season….

    And yes he always has a mad scowl on his face going..

    My Leafs are the youngest team in the league and I think will be lucky to make the playoffs..

    I almost hope they do not because teams like Boston,NYR,Vancouver and yes your Habs with Price will eat them for lunch in those tight greasy board banging playoff hockey..

    My Leafs are one dimensional right now (north south speed) with soft skilled forwards (Grabowski,Kessel,Lupul)..

    With luck the playoffs next year and a top contending team in 3 years…Realism … and thats if there is no typical panic blowup in the organization..

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